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This is a show that had an interesting concept and I enjoyed it. As of writing this it’s rating on Viki¬†is at 9.8/10 so I’m not alone.

This drama follows Kang Chul (Lee Jung Suk), a character in Oh Sung Moon’s (Kim Eui Sung) graphic novel. After trying to kill Kang Chul off, both Sung Moon and Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) get pulled into the world of the graphic novel. ¬†Sung Moon continues to try and kill Kang Chul off while Yeon Joo simply wants him to be happy. This struggle added on to the graphic novel’s story line of Kang Chul trying to figure out who killed his family makes for an interesting ride.

This drama was a slow start for me I will admit that. Around 4 or 5 episodes in I really started to get into it. Lee Jung Suk is super cute in this drama and it took a while for me to see him as an action lead, but he delivered. I enjoyed it completely and would suggest that you watch it.

Crunchyroll Fall Anime Lineup 2016 part 3




Ever just watched something and then wondered what you watched. That was this show for me, but it’s intrigued me. Before the anime starts, we find out that there was a disease that was keeping people awake for¬†over a week and they created a drug to cure them, but it turned the sufferers into vampires.¬†Bloodivores still exist but there is a stigma around them. The first episode has the leading characters sentenced to death. I don’t understand what’s¬†going on and I’m hoping the rest of the anime makes it clear.


Izetta : The Last Witch

I will admit¬†that I don’t normally like historical fictions. But this anime brings in just enough fantasy to spike my interest. We follow Princess Fin√©, the princess of¬†Eylstadt, through her adventure to save her country. When she was a child, she befriended the last witch in the world and the friendship pays off in the end. I’m not sure where this is going but I might actually keep up with this one. The art design is on point, though.


Aooni The Blue Monster

If you guys could see the¬†WTF expression I have on my face after watching Aooni you would be laughing. This anime is 3 minutes and filled with WTF. ¬†A group of classmates must find their way out of a haunted house, but the door won’t let them leave. Um… Yeah, watch this for yourself.


Show by Rock!!

I’m not sure what to think of this show. It’s an idol anime mixed with supernatural powers. An alien queen wants to take the sound away from the world. The Idols of the world must unite¬†together to save music. I’m not sure what to think but I don’t think I’ll be watching this again.

My Love Story!!



Another Live action shoujo movie and another movie that I love. I’m surprised that they managed to find an actor that they could make look like Takeo.

This movie follows Goda Takeo (Suzuki Ryohei)¬†through the meeting and courting for his relationship with Yamato (Nagano Mei). Unlike the anime and manga, it ends with the confessing of their feelings. I kind of want a 2nd movie but I also want it to stay where it is. There are some difference between this movie and the source material, so if you’re a stickler for details you might not want to watch this. I like the change and thought that it added to the characters.

The acting was perfect and it was an excellent rendition of My Love Story. It gets 2 thumbs up in my books for  a good watch.

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MY love STORY!!

Let’s Drink Episode 11 Recap



This episode¬†opens with Gong ¬†Myung at home eating, drinking sake and listening to Ha Na’s lecture.

Ha Na can’t sleep and thinks about what happened between Jung Suk and herself. She comes to the conclusion that Jung Suk said what he did because he was drunk.

The next morning, Jung Suk has acknowledged his feelings for Ha Na and wonders if Ha Na is feeling uncomfortable because she thinks he was drunk. He is certain that it’s not the case and calls her. She picks up and wonders what he wants. He starts talking about last night and she promises to act like he didn’t say anything because he was intoxicated He is surprised and expected her to react differently.

Ha Na wonders if he might have actually meant it and thinks about it. She tells herself no to think too hard into it. She decided to work on questions then realise that she needs to get something on her work computers. She decided to go to work before Jung Suk gets there. While going to work she notices Gong Myung who’s studying and not really paying attention. She watches him get hit by a scooter.

Won Hae tells Jin Wong to take his time and that he’s already told his students and can schedule a makeup¬†class at another time. When they walk in, Jung Suk asks about Ha Na. He’s told she doesn’t have class and then Won Hae inquiries to his date. Jung Suk tells him that he doesn’t need to report his reasoning to him.

Jung Suk wonders why Ha Na isn’t there and then wonders if she’s trying to play hard to get. He decides to plan a fancy date for her to make her feel better. He’s all gung-ho about it.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 23.18.14.png

Ha Na is told that Gong Myung will be fine after a days rest and she’s relieved. She admits how worried she was and he tells her that he’s fine. She suggests he call his family and he tells her that he doesn’t have to call his mother since he’s not living with her and the guy who ¬†caused the accident is paying the hospital bill anyways. She asks about his brother and he reminds her that he’s a bit of a bastard. She goes to leave and he tries to trick her into staying but she sees through so he just asks her to stay.

Dong Young is in the bathroom when notices that there is toilet paper. He wonders what to do when someone comes in. Jung Suk tells him that is no toilet paper in the other stall or paper towel as he needs them. He refuses to go get tissues as he needs to go to class. Dong Young flips out.

Chae Yeon text Gong Myung¬†and before going to class she puts on lip gloss.¬†He texts her back and apologises¬†for not being able to make it that day. She goes to Ki Bum whose on the phone with his mother and asks about Gong Myung. He makes up some odd reason for¬†Gong Myung to not come and about how it would make sense he’s worn out. Ki Bum asks if she put lipstick on and she refutes the claim and heads into class after Jung Suk. Ki Bum finds her pretty with lipstick on.

Dong Young arrives late much to Jung Suk’s¬†annoyance. He sets up the camera and Ki Bum asks what happened to his other shock. He admits he used it to¬†wipe himself and tells a brief explanation of what happened.

Ha Na brings in Gong Myung’s food and he offers to share. She tells him that she’s nursing him and he should rest.¬†She yawns and he admits he wants to eat something else.

When she returns with ginseng chicken soup he tells her that she needs to eat something nutritious if she’s going to keep her energy up. She tells¬†reminds him that he’s the one who needs energy, but¬†he tells her that he’s working hard in hopes of¬†being her boyfriend. She starts to worry but he tells her not to worry and that he knows that she only made the¬†promise in hopes he’d study more. He tells her that he’s studying for himself and it’s the only way he can show her that he’s serious about her.

Screenshot 2016-10-15 23.47.22.png

Kwon, an old friend of trio arrives¬†and is greeted by ¬†Ki Bum. They are what he’s studying and is told that everyone is studying for the same civil servant exam. Kwon thought it was odd, but Dong Young tells him that more people go into admin and there is a 128.3 to 1 chance of passing. This seems to take the wind out of Kwon’s sails.

Jin Yi, Won Hae and Jung Suk¬†meet to discuss the schedule for ¬†the following month. Jung Suk isn’t happy with his time slots and has them moved. Jin Yi asks¬†if he’s so picky why he doesn’t plan it next time. Jung Suk thinks it’s an excellent idea. He goes into his office and they start complaining about him. He comes out and they are worried that he’s heard.

Gong Myung comes back with some drinks to find Ha Na asleep. He finds it cute that she’s fallen asleep. He watches her sleep and lays his head next to her.¬†He goes to kiss her but stops before sitting up. He tells himself that it’s cheating and that he’ll work hard to pass for her sake.

Screenshot 2016-10-16 00.07.39.png

Ki Bum goes to buy some books and bumps into Kwon. He is surprised that he didn’t as him for his exercise after 3 years of studies.¬†He mentions that Kwon never liked competition which Kwon agrees. He goes to help him pick out a book but a bunch of books fall on him and he claims to be hurt and asks Kwon to help him back to the hostel. When they arrive Kwon complains about helping him and then Ki Bum reminds him what a social worker does.

Ha Na wakes up in bed to find Gong Myung working. She wonders how she got there and he mentioned that she must have been tired so he put her there. She goes to get water and across her cheeks are scrawled Super Radiant Super Teacher. As soon as she’s out of the room Gong Myung breaks out laughing.

Screenshot 2016-10-17 11.53.29.png

Kwon meets up with Dong Young and Ki Bum. Dong Young tells him that he heard that he switched to social work. but Kwon switched again to real estate because all he has to do is show clients around here and there. He is super excited to go to the hostel to study. He ends up back at the hostel with police officers and Ki Bum as if he was in trouble. He admits that he got lost and suddenly all the memories of him getting lost came back to the 2 men. Kwon decided to switch to being a police officer. Ki Bum pushes him and takes him for a jog but he gets winded and he asks if he can really make it as a police officer. Finally, they sit down and try to figure out something he can go. He thanks them but leaves for the hostel. While thinking over Kwon, Dong Young gets a call from Gong Myung asking for his notes. Only then does he find out Gong Myung was in the hospital.

Gong Myung tells his friend not to come visit and hangs up just as Ha Na comes in with the humidifier. Gong Myung tells her to rest while he’s in the washroom but when his mother calls she picks up.

Jin Yi wonders if Min Ho is actually thinking about breaking up with her as he hasn’t called her. Jung Suk sees her leaves and mimics her asks who would like a man like that. He reminds himself that Ha Na does, then wonders why she hasn’t called him back. He texts her and when he puts¬†his phone and is surprised by a call. He expects Ha Na but when his mother calls, he’s told that¬†Gong Myung is in the hospital she reminds him to be mindful of the people around him. He promises to talk with him.

Ha Na is happy that Gong Myung’s brother is coming and he admits that he rather not see him. She admits that she’s curious as to how her brother is. They get into the elevator and Gong Myung walks her out. She tells him to¬†go in and she can’t believe that he’s walking her out. He thanks her for being there with her and she admits she feels embarrassed that he took care of her all day. She goes to leave and he runs over to¬†her and pulls her into a hug. He thanks her and admits that¬†he was happy with her. He goes inside and she tells herself that she could be happy with someone like him because he’s nothing like Jung Suk.

Screenshot 2016-10-17 12.16.01.png

Gong Myung¬†gets back to the room to find Jung Suk there. Jung Suk acts the way he always in, telling him to rest and he can’t believe that he got into an accident. He was studying so well but then he had to cause trouble. Gong Myung tells him that they’re parents named him well and runs around to the other side of the bed. He tells Jung Suk that if he can’t be nice to the patient he should pay his allowance and leave. He goes to grab hi bag but Jung Suk pulls it away. Just then Ki Bum comes in.

Gong Myung tells him that Jung Suk is his brother and Ki Bum asks why he kept it a secret and he tells him that his brother didn’t want anyone finding out. Ki Bum agrees and tells him that it’s unfair that his brother got all the studying genes.

They are sitting in the waiting¬†room when Dong Young comes. He complains about seeing premium trash.¬†Ki Bum tries to shut Dong Young up but he doesn’t listen and tells Gong Myung all about Jung Suk. finally Ki Bum tells Dong Young that Jung Suk is Gong Myung’s brother and that shuts him up. Gong Myung tells him not to worry.

They got and bid farewell to Jung Suk. Jung Suk asks him not to call him brother and to not tells anyone about his being his brother they agree and when Ki Bum starts being rude he’s ushered out by Gong Myung. Jung Suk notices Ha Na’s watch and when Gong Myung comes back he asks about it. Gong Myung mentions that it’s his girlfriends and Jung Suk can’t believe it.¬†He reminds him that he should be studying and it makes him pathetic. Gong Myung retorts that he’s certain that he’s never liked anyone and that’s why everyone calls him premium trash. He explains the idea behind it and it cuts Jung Suk hard. He tells him that since he’s premium trash then he should leave and not care about his brother. His brother agrees and Jung Suk leaves in a daze.

Chae Yeon continues thinking about Gong Myung all evening. Finally,¬†she calls him and tells him that she’s going to stop tutoring him. She gives him a poor reason but once she’s hung up Ki Bum gets mad. Dong Young tells him not to tell her, Ki Bum doesn’t know what it would hurt. He tells¬†her that Gong Myung got into a car accident because he was studying ¬†while ¬†walking.

Chae Yeon is¬†on the roof thinking when Gong Myung calls her. He asks if she’s mad and she admits she heard everything. She blames herself for him getting hurt, but he tells her¬†not to worry and he’s fine. He tells her that he’s studying and she makes sure that he’s ok and agrees to meet with him the following day. Once she hangs up she breaks down crying and apologises to Gong Myung.

Dong Young¬†notices and wonders why she’s crying. He heads downstairs and bumps into Ki Bum. He asks if Chae Yeon was on the terrace because he heard she might be. Dong Young tells him no and ushers her away.

Gong Myung is studying when he notices Ha Na’s watch. He takes a moment to stare at it.

Ha Na is working hard but she keeps getting distracted . Gong Myung ends up¬†texting Ha Na about the watch and promises to take care of it. He asks if she managed to remove the ring and she admits that she hadn’t been able too. He takes a picture and shows her his copy of the ring and tells her that it’s their couple ring. Ha Na gets up and goes to grab a beer. She smiles at the picture. When she backs out of her messages she notices Jung Suk contacted her.

Jung Suk is irritated that she didn’t contact him again and she texts him that she hasn’t heard his confession and to not contact her.

The next morning Jung Suk goes to fly his drone but Gong Myung’s words run through his head. He’s determined to not care what people think about him but once he lands his drone he thinks of Ha Na. He re-reads that¬†texts and comes to the conclusion that he used to be ok being alone but now he wants to be with Ha Na. He wonders what he did to cause her to go cold and then he remembers everything. He suddenly is determined to win her back.

Ha Na is ready to start her day like nothing happened however Jung Suk is waiting for her.

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Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim #1)



Would you like some blood guts and revenge? If the answer is yes then this book is probably for you. Enter inside and you will meet Stark, also known as Sandman Slim by the supernatural. After surviving 11 years in hell, Stark is back with a vengeance and as the goal or killing the group of people who sent him down there.

Now, having the main character as an anti-hero is the toughest thing to master, but Kadrey did it right. Even though Stark is going around doing horrible things, he’s so well fleshed out as a character that you can’t help but feel for him. You end up rooting for him, because though he’s the bad guy he’s taking out bigger nasties. I liked this book and I think I will be continuing to read the series. in the future.

Apologies and Talk of the Future!!


As most have noticed, my recaps have been lagging the last few weeks.¬†I have sadly been fighting multiple allergic reactions as well as a cold. I have been pushing myself to write the recaps but I can’t get motivated. So I’ve come to a tough decision. I am going to be putting recaps on hiatus until the new¬†year to give myself chance to want to do them again. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop working on the ones¬†I currently have. I will finish Let’s Drink and Jealousy Incarnate, but after that, there will be no new ones until January.

I know about 75% of you like my blog for my recaps, but as I run this myself while working a full-time job I have to think about my strain on myself.¬†This will not stop the base of what I do. I will still have my reviews up, as well as my podcasts. I will continue expanding into different areas and¬†look into different things that I can continue talking about. This break doesn’t mean my¬†blog will fall silent, just that I need to step back a focus on other things.

I am very grateful to everyone and I know that this means my states will drop for the next few months. I’m ok with that so ¬†can come back full tilt and ready to go. Thank you¬†to everyone for your patience and I will do my best to come back full tilt in the new year.