50 Ways to Hex Your Lover (Hex #1)



Jazz is a witch living in the Human realm, in relative peace. But, when her one again off again lover of 300 years shows up on her doorstep to ask for her help in tracking down a serial killer who is currently focused on Vampires. Though Jazz doesn’t  want to help Nick, she does agree that the missing vampires are a threat to the supernatural community as a whole, so she reluctantly agrees.

Ok so I had fun reading this book. We get to see a not so nice reunion between 2 immortals who have been in an on again off again relationship for centuries. Jazz is really feisty but the again she has to be after being banished to the human realm for so long. Given their history together I can understand why Nikola went looking for her to help him with the case of the missing vampires. However, given Jazz’s personality, I’m kinda surprised she held her grudge for so long and then suddenly forgot about it.

I love the two characters together, the chemistry is excellent. The only thing that really bothers me is Jazz’s wishy-washy attitude towards her grudge. Regardless, I think I will be continuing this series.


Coffee Treacle Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #24) + Choc Churro Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #25)



After Geoff’s PI teacher was found dead. Murdered by blunt force trauma caused by on of Geoff’s fudge balls. He is now the prime suspect in the murder investigation, however, he is missing and no one can find him. Heather is brought into the investigation to find out who could have murdered the victim and where the hell is Geoff?

Geoff didn’t make an appearance, however, he was the centre of this story. Finally, He’s being used for a productive reason. I enjoyed them looking into a mystery involving him without him present. I’m certain that he will be in the centre of the next book as well. I feel like Gillard is playing with the idea of having overarching story lines through the novels, and given how quickly they come out, it would be a good idea.

I am having an issue keeping up with the timeline, but each book seems to be a week and so some of the events seem to happen a little too quickly. Like the little talk, they have about Lilly.

I enjoyed this book though, and it was a good continuation of the story.


When Heather gets called to another crime scene at the Kenny’s household. After the death of his wife, and the imprisonment of his daughter, Mr Kenny is found dead inside his residence. Heather pushes past the sadness to track down the killer and find closure for the town.

Geoff finally got used, and I finally like him. Now that I get to see what overarching story that he is part of I can finally enjoy his character in this book. I kind of feel bad for Geoff in this book, which makes me feel bad about hating him.

Heather’s past gets to be fleshed out a little bit in this book with the aid of Kate. Knowing Heather in the series it seems hard to believe that she would hang around with someone like her, but then again it was mentioned that she was a different person.

I enjoyed but also disliked that the Kenny was the victim in this book when his wife was a victim only 2 books prior. I have no love loss for the Kelly family, but it was a little odd.

Overall I enjoyed the book.

Tree’s Hollow Witches



After her life as a gossip writer in the city wears Lenny out, she’s high tails it to her aunt bed and breakfast in Tree Hollows. When the local handyman is murdered right after she becomes the papers investigative reporter she takes a look into it. After meeting the hot forest ranger, her life seems to be on the right path. Also, she only finds out that she’s a witch when she arrives in Tree Hollow, talk about a whole new life.

I was really liking the book, until I actually stopped and thought about it a little more.

As a mystery book it is a fun quick story with lovable though eccentric characters. The cat was worked in seamlessly as an interesting character with out any assistance from other characters. Being new at something makes everything harder, especially being the new girl in town. Lenny has the odds stacked against her as the new girl in town. Nathan is the sweet and protective guy in this story, however, I feel like  he might want to put his foot down a little more about the situations that Lenny gets herself in.

Now for the part that threw me for a loop. How  is it that Lenny just accepts the fact that she has a talking cat and is suddenly a witch? I had to go back and make sure that I didn’t miss anything. It’s a really good thing that I’m a speed reader when I have to be. Needless to say that I really didn’t like that aspect of the book. I’m still going to read the other 2 books because I like the characters so much.


When Aunt Kara decides to rename the bed and breakfast, she didn’t expect the winner to turn up dead. Nathan and Lenny decide to look into it, and when a Russian ghost won’t leave her alone, she decides that there is probably something there. However, Lenny also has to figure out how to tell Nathan about her witchy persuasion.

Ok so I’m just sure how to feel about this. Nathan’s reaction to Lenny being a witch seems to be completely blase about it and it mimics her reaction to finding out. It’s like everyone is just going around half believing that witches actually exist. I will say that the ending was just mean, but that’s all I’ll say about it.

I do love the book the mystery line of the book is interesting. How Lenny’s magic helps her in the investigation is a fun little twist to the other books that I’ve read in the mystery genre. The characters are just so adorable especially Esme and Brad when they are together.

This is still a really cute book even if the characters aren’t realistic.


After a hit and run, Nathan is fighting for his life, while Lenny watches helplessly. When his psycho ex-girlfriend comes back into the situation, things get a whole lot weirder. With amnesia and demons haunting the neighborhood, Lenny has a lot to deal with.

I really wanted to like the end of this trilogy more than I did. The writing style is fantastic and the characters are quaint. However, the story just made very little sense to me and I felt like it needed more explanations. Multiple different plot points were just dropped into the story with no explanation or continual use. Some characters were just kind of put into a scene and then went no where. I don’t mind having a few holes but there were too many in this one that I just couldn’t figure out.

I feel that if the book was longer or maybe edited in a different way I could have enjoyed it a lot more that I did. It’s still a quaint little story though.

Apple Turnover Murder (Hannah Swensen #13)



The charity event is set up and Mayor Bascomb’s wife has the cookie jar in her sight to help her. Lisa and Hannah think fast and agree to sell Apple turnovers with the preface of giving 1/2 of the proceeds to the charity. Meanwhile, Hannah also agreed to be Herbert’s assistant for the talent show. Much to Hannah’s chagrin, Bradford Ramsey is the announcer for said talent show, the same PA that she had relations with in college. When he’s found dead back stage, Hannah decides to find out who did it.

I have this love hate relationship with book. I love Hannah’s relationship with Michelle and it’s in the forefront of this book, but I hate the fact that I knew who was going to die, why and who did it early on in the book. I believe my above issue made it very difficult for me to enjoy. It followed the normal formula that they books tend to takes. Cuddles and Moishe was really do make a cute couple, which makes me want to route for Norman. (Even though I know who she marries.) My friend blames it on my reading far too many mystery books. I’m hoping that I can get into the next book.

Oreo Sprinkled Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #22) + Spooky Choc Orange Glazed Murder (Donut Hole Mystery #23)



After the museum opened in Hillside, the curator is found dead in his office. With the golden egg missing and the curator dead, it seems that the murder was the result of the theft. With one greedy murder, Heather has even more on her plate when her new assistant happens to be in the middle.

This is a slightly more depressing book then the others. We get to meet Emily who will be now working at Donut delight and though she has a tough background, I feel like the character will fit in well with the rest of the staff. We almost got through the full book without Lawless, I really dislike that guy. I wish that he would either get used more and better or just disappear. He is a useless that should just be forgotten.

I enjoyed the 2 simulations that happened in parallel, however, the ending is a little sad. This book shows that there isn’t always happy endings when you find out who is the murderer. Like in life, this book wasn’t black and white, but I enjoyed it.


When dropping off doughnuts at the Kenny estate. They didn’t expect that at her departure Amy and she would stumble upon Mrs Kenny dead on the bad patio. Heather is determined to find out who killed her, though she finds out that she wasn’t exactly the most loved person in Hillside.

Ok… this book was a little far reaching, but the plot made sense. This series would have made more sense though if it was different cities because with the increase in the murder rate everyone is going to run away from Hillside. A socialite as the victim should have had more suspects in the case than it did, but with such a short book it would have been difficult to add more. I found that the murderer was a little easy to figure out, however, it was an interesting little twist.

I still enjoyed this book, however, Hannah better hire more people for the store to keep it running.

Ouna Bay Cozy Mystery (Ouna Bay #1-4)


So I read an Omnibus of this series, so instead of writing 4 posts because each story is only about 65 pgs long. I’m only going to write one. Sorry but this is going to be long. Also I’ve noticed that my mystery of choice recently seems to always involve sweets… I sweat I’m on a diet.


After repeatedly refusing offers from the Heyes company to buy out her Café, odd things start happening. The odd coincidence it that it starts the day her new man comes into town. As he is the nephew of the owner of the Heyes company she is a little suspicious that he could be the one behind it.

This is a fun little short story, or maybe it’s a novelette. Though the story is set up as a mystery, I wouldn’t call it a mystery myself. There isn’t really a who done it, and you never meet the culprit until the end of the book. There is no plot for you to follow, so it’s more of a light romance with a hint of mystery. You become more invested in the characters’ relationships rather than the ‘mystery’.

Houston and Becky have great chemistry together. Though I do have to admit that the reason that Houston claims that he came to Ouna Bay for is a little creepy. All and all it’s a cute little quick read.


Rosalie has finally quit her job at the bank and has decided to come work for Becky. However, when they go to pick up Rosalie’s last pay check, they find the bank director dead with Rosalie’s check in his hand. Now with her best friend as a murder suspect and Houston out of town, Becky starts snooping around to find out who killed the Bank Director.

Ok, so this is the type of story that I like. Though again, we don’t have any hints of who could have done it, it was really fun. Also, through out the book we start to get a feel about the other people in town other than those directly involved with Becky on a regular basis. There is an undisclosed amount of time since the first book, but we can assume that it hasn’t been long because Becky doesn’t comment that she hasn’t been dating Houston for very long.

Becky and Rosalie do get to play a bit more of amateur detectives in this book, and the romance does take a back seat. However, I must say Becky and Houston are very cute together.

I much prefer this book over the first as it expands the city more.


When Ada was murderer in cold blood at the baking contest, the entire town is ho

Man I really, like this book. Though it was death at a food fair and that isn’t exactly the newest idea. However, the way that it was incorporated into the murder was an interesting spin. The characters have been growing and the chemistry is excellent.

Though Becky is reluctant when investing most if the cases, she goes all in when Rosalie starts investigating. Houston is the first male partner that isn’t out right trying to stop using his girlfriend from investigating. However, its not a bad idea when you’re looking into a murder case.

Overall, I really enjoyed the novella.


After one of her peanut butter cupcakes is used to kill a local at a charity event. Suddenly, Becky is under the microscope and is worried about how it’s going to affect business. Suddenly, Rosalie is on the case to track down the killer and clear Becky’s name.

Ok, so this is a fun little book to finish off the series. I kinda wish there were more books, but alas that is it. But I can hope.

In this book, Becky and her relationship with Houston is in the forefront as he has a relatively hot assistant working with him at the company. She gets pushed to her limits in order to ignore the jealousy of the working conditions. Also, once one of the blue bay cafe’s cupcakes were used as a murder weapon, Becky is a little on edge the entire time. Rosalie is a little more adventurous than Becky and does push her quite a bit more in this book.

I do like how they some how got a dog in this book, but I find it very cute, and enjoyed how they used his in the story. It’s a really good book.

One Week Girlfriend (One Week Girlfriend #1)

When Draw needs a fake girlfriend to bring home from his father’s house for spring break so her turns to Fable. Fable works in a bar just to make ends meet and take care of her little brother. When Drew offers her a job to be his fake girlfriend the money is too good to pass up. Though she knows that it’s only her history that drew him too her, but who is she to say no to money that could help her take care of her brother. Little did they know that these two broken people would help heal each other.
This book was a little odd but enjoyable. The two main characters are imperfect in just the right ways, and both come from very different but equally screwed up backgrounds. The chemistry between the two main characters is quick and a little rocky. Mind you, throw anyone into the life that Drew’s grown up in and anyone will have issues with some social interactions.
I feel like Fable managed to do what anyone in her situation would do for Drew. The end was a little annoying and I almost felt like the 2nd book could have simply been added on to the end of this book instead.

Regardless, this was a nice quick read but be warned that this book is not for all audiences.