Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap



Ha Won (Park So Dam) is packing when she comes across the little box that Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo) gave her. She thinks back on the times she had with Ji Woon and cries. She manages to stop crying long enough to answer the phone.

Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) is signing his CDs when he thinks of Ha Won and the meal they shared as well as the advice he gave her. He goes back to signing when he cant’s a phone call.

Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) is standing alone in the park thinking about his proposal from 10 years ago. He pulls out a box with the exact same ring. He leaves it on the see-saw before walking away. He gets a phone call to which he is shocked.

Ji Woon gets a call from Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and he tells him he needs to speak with the CEO and asks if he’s at the company. Yoon Sung tells him that he’s not and that he passed out.

Ha Won is the first to arrive and she meets with Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri). Ha Won assumes responsibility for making CEO Kang (Kim Young Geon) so mad that he passed out. Hwa Ja takes it as fact when it was actually her fault. She asks what happened and Ha Won tells her. When Hwa Ja inquires about what Kang had told her, she admits that she was given the option to choose between payment or Ji Woon. Hwa Ja sends her off before everyone else arrives under the threat of telling everyone about her fault in the matter.

Ji Woon arrives and goes to talk with Yoon Sung. He’s told about his grandfather collapsing and inquiries about what’s going on. He’s told of the liver cancer and that the other two will be arriving and he can wait outside. Ji Woon asks about Ha Won and Yoon Sung admits that she said that she’d come.

Hwa Ja follows Ji Woon out and tells him that Ha Won can’t answer the phone. She tells him that his grandfather knew of his relationship with Ha Won. She talks badly about her, but Ji Woon is quick to defend Ha Won. Hwa Ja tells him that his grandfather forced Ha Won to pick between love and money. Hwa Ja admits that Ha Won is being wise because his grandfather would never let him date someone like her. She surmises that he must have been harsh to her if she left so late at night. Ji Woon excuses himself and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 18.47.32.png

Seo Woo and Hyun Min arrives and are brought up to date. Hyun Min takes it personally that their grandfather never told him about his liver cancer. Seo Woo mentions that they are his own blood relatives, which Yoon Sung explains is that reason that they are having difficulty finding a match. Hyun Min leaves to see the doctor with Seo Woo on his heels. Yoon Sung tries to call Ji Woon with no success.

Hye Ji goes to see her friend who admits that she was so worried about her. She offers her the storage room since there is no room at home. Hye Ji thanks her and apologises for the inconvenience.

Hyun Min and Seo Woo talk with the doctor about the transplant and are warned of the difficulty. Seo Woo acknowledges it and Hyun Min asks for him to run the tests as quickly as possible. Once outside, Hyun Min admits that he left his car somewhere and took a cab all the way there because his hands were shaking so bad. Seo Woo was surprised that he lost his cool. Hyun Min admits that since his father’s death at 10 years old, the chairman is all he had.

Ha Won leaves her room and comes face-to-face with Ji Woon. He asks where she’s going and she tells him that she doesn’t belong there. She puts the blame on her misunderstanding him and believing she could be like Cinderella but she’s only a part-time worker. She asks him sadly to let her go and starts to walk off. Ji Woon warns her that if she leaves he’ll never see her again. It takes all the will she as to leave him.

She’s walking aimlessly while crying. She thinks back to all the good times that she had with Ji Woon which just makes her cry harder. She looks back once before continuing to walk.

Ji Woon goes to storage and thinks back to the conversation that he just had with Ha Won.

Ms Belgyo is carrying Hye Ji’s things unsure what to do with them. Hyun Min asks what’s going on and Ms Belgyo admits that Hye Ji left her things there and she didn’t want to throw them out because it would be a waste. Hyun Min takes the items to his room and while going through them he reminisces of the time spent with Hye Ji. He tells himself that he’s an asshole.

Hye Ji is sitting in the storage room looking at the picture of herself, her brother and Hyun Min from 10 years prior. She remembers his confessions and thinks back to all the times she confronted him about his feelings for her.

Hwa Ja asks Yoon Sung s anyone knows that they were there when the CEO passed out. He asks if that is really something they should be worrying about. She admits that she spoke with the doctor and they don’t know when the CEO will wake up so they’ll need a leader and she will make the judgment call if needed.

Ha Won goes to see her mother and tells her that CEO Kang is in a hard spot because of her and because of that everyone is having a hard time. She tells her that everyone is so important to her and asks what to do while crying.

Yoon Sung gets given the news that neither Seo Woo or Hyun Min are matches to the CEO. The doctor asks if there are any other relatives.

Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) and Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) go to try and pawn off their old bags but the sales rep tells them that she doesn’t believe them to be authentic and tells them why. Needless to say, they are not happy.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 19.21.33.png

Ji Woon goes to a little café that he saw in a picture taken by his father. When he goes in he finds a little rustique feel with posts on the walls. An older gentleman welcomes him and leaves him to look around.

Hye Ji helps her friend out around the store and goes to put an outfit on display after seeing her friend out. Hyun Min pulls up across the street and watches her. He makes a phone call and arranges to meet with someone.

Ji Woon gets his coffee and the owner asks him if he’s recently broken up with someone. He tells him that it’s not the case but the owner can tell. Ji Woon tells him that he’s not there for himself and the owner notices the picture. He asks who’s in the picture and he tells him that it’s his mother. He takes a look and the date and asks him to wait for a second. He comes back with the notes for 1995. after finding a few notes he asks for the other boxes. He finds out what happened to his mother through the notes. He finds out how much she loves his father and why she hid him away. She wanted to make it so that Ji Won could love the woman he wanted to without ever having to worry about social status. By the end, Ji Won is crying and can’t believe his grandfather did that to his mother.

Seo Woo sits with grandfather all day. Later in the evening Hyun Min comes in and tell Seo Woo that he can’t sleep. He tells his grandfather that he’s been disobedient so he can’t ask him to wake up but he should. Once he sits back down Seo Woo shakes his head and Hyun Min sags.

Yoon Sung is at the company and he strokes the Chairman’s name plaque. He thinks back to how abusive his father was to his mother and him. We then see how hard he worked with his fighting so he could protect his mother.

Hyun Min meets with a fashion designer buddy and apologises for not making his show. He tells him it doesn’t matter so long as he wears his clothes happily and Hyun Min promises to do so. Hyun Min asks his friend a favour and he places his hand on Hye Ji’s drawing pads.

Ji Woon is driving with tears in his eyes when he gets a call. He looks at the caller display and chucks his phone out the window.

Hyun Min gets called into sees the doctor who tells him that he can’t contact Eun Ha Won. He’s informed that she came in to be a donor if she can but she’s not a match. Hyun Min is sitting with his grandfather when the nurse comes in to do some tests. Before leaving, she tells him that they received a call from a restaurant who has some of the CEO’s things.

Hyun Min finds out that the chairman’s cell was dropped but when the manager went to look for the secretary he was gone. Hyun Min finds out that Yoon Sung was with Hwa JA at the restaurant before the chairman came in and fainted. Hyun Min goes to the office to find out that Yoon Sung didn’t come to work and said he was going to the hospital. Hyun Min calls Yoon Sung and asks where he is. Yoon Sung claims he’s at the company and asked if it was anything important. Hyun Min tells him to not worry about it as he just wanted to inquire as t when he’d be at the hospital.

Yoon Sung hangs up with Hyun Min and Hwa Ja hands him an envelope containing a transfer of stock document. She tells him that if he signs it all of her stocks will become his. He asks if she really means to go through with her plan. She reminds him of the first time they met again and she told him that she wanted him to play dumb so she could live the life of a lady. She admits that it wasn’t the case but rather she wanted to live the life o a mother and take care of him if only once. She asks if he’ll let her but she’ll leave the decision up to him. Once alone the orphanage’s headmistress’s words played through his head.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 20.07.41.png

Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) is looking at her phone and asks Ha Won if she knew about Seo Woo’s grandfather. She tells her that she did and when Ja Young asks why she didn’t tell her, Ha won reminds her that she’ll just worry. Ja Young is convinced that Ha Won is not ok even though she’s smiling but Ha Won tries to assure her to the contrary. Ha Won turns around and sees her father.

He inquires to why she’s there and she tells him that she’s working 2 jobs. He worried of her living at the sky house and tells her that’s the reason that people like Young Jin came after her. She tells him she’s ok and not to worry. Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) asks if she still has her mother’s ring. He tells her that the ring was actually the neighbours who wanted her son to have it. He admits that his misunderstanding with her mother was because of the ring. He wanted to return it to the rightful owner and she agrees.

Hyun Min’s friend called Hye Ji to meet. He tells her that he’s seen her designs and wants to be her mentor. He admits that he suggests 1 student every year for a full scholarship for a fashion school in Paris. He tells her that he wants to recommend her. She asks how he saw her designs and he tells her that he’s always on the look out for the up and coming designers. He admits that her work got quite a bit of attention while in school.

Hyun Min is staring at the chairman’s phone when Seo Woo comes out. Hyun Min tells him that it’s their grandfather’s phone and inquires to who passed by the hospital and Seo Woo told him no one. Hyun Min tries to open his phone but can’t. Seo Woo tries and it’s the same pass that he uses.

Ja Young goes to see Seo Woo and gives him  a meal. She tells him that you can to take care of the people in the hospital as well as the people around them. She goes on about how her father was in the hospital for cancer as well but he’s fine now. He listens to her talk and takes a mouth full. Seo Woo gets up to get water and she checks her compatibility with Seo Woo. When he returns she lies about his phone having a smudge and he asks if she knows where Ha Won is.

Seo Woo goes to see Ha Won at work and tells her he’ll wait. He can’t believe that she stopped after the phone after getting tested. She asks about the results and finds out that she isn’t a match either. He tells her that there is only Ji Woon to be tested but he’s vanished. He hands her the chairman’s cell phone and tells her that there is something that she needs to show Ji Woon. He admits that she’s the only one who can bring Ji Woon back. She’s shocked that he thinks so. He admits to knowing about their relationship and tells her that it’s the reason he’s there to ask for this favour. It hurts him that even though he’s been living with Ji Woon for a year he knows nothing about him.

Ha Won goes to see Ji Woon at the shop he used to work at. He comes out and tells her to leave after drinking. She shows him the chairman’s phone and tells him that there is something that he needs to see on it. He tells her that he doesn’t want to but finally caves when she tells him that it’s related to his father. She tells him to go inside and read the texts. She tells him that the CEO has been sending a text to his father every day since he’s found him. She tells him about everyone waiting for him. He tries to deny it but he informs her that he’s the CEO’s only chance. He doesn’t want to hear about it but she tells him that no matter how hard he hates him he shouldn’t run away. She asks if he can’t hear what the CEO wants to tell him with the texts. She tells him to go save his grandfather and then yell at him, get angry and face the problems they have head on.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 20.44.06.png

Ji Woon thinks long and hard while Ha Won waits outside.

Hwa Ja introduces Yoon Sung as the new majority shareholder of the company.

The doctor comes and tells Hyun Min that the Chairman’s liver has failed completely and they need to do a transplant soon. Ji Woon comes in with Ha Won on his heels.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13 Recap
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Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 13 Recap



We get to re-watch the kiss between Ji Won (Jung Il Woo) and Ha Won (Park So Dam). On the way back, Ha Won and happily holding hands until Ja Young (Cho Hye Jung) calls and asks her how she could be dating Seo Woo (Lee Jung Shin) behinds her back. They pull of to the side or the road to check out the articles.

Back home, Ji Woon gets out of the car and Ha Won is soon to follow. She re-enforces that it’s not true but tells him that he can’t tell anyone that they are dating. He reminds him that the dating scandal isn’t between him and her, she and Seo Woo look really close and she’s not explaining it to him. She tells him that there is nothing to explain and asks him to keep it a secret.

They arrive home to find. Seo Woo, Yoon Sung (Choi Min) and chairman Kang (Kim Yong Geon) waiting for them. Kang automatically is assuming that she’s actually dating Seo Woo, to which Seo Woo denies. They are both deny the accusation and Ji Woon doesn’t tells him that nothing is going on. Yoon Sung confirms that nothing has happened on the premises and Kang finds that good. He tells Seo Woo to think carefully because what he says might make it the last time they see Ha Won. He starts to deny again and then asks what he means. The chairman tells them that the agreement he has with Ha Won is that she can live there so long as she doesn’t date anyone. If she does, she’ll have to leave the house and never speak to anyone at the Sky House again. Ji Woon and Seo Woo are shocked.

Hyun Min (Ahn Jae Hyeon) and Hye Ji (Son Na Eun) finally arrive home. She tells him that he’s acted the way he wanted to but he shouldn’t do that again. She walks away.

Ji Woon and Seo Woo are shown the contract he has with Ha Won. Seo Woo finds it unfair that she’s off limit to date. The chairman reminds him that she is not there to be dated and to not forget that just because she lives with them doesn’t make her of their level. Seo Woo tells him he’s being rude but Ji Woon stands up and tells Seo Woo that the chairman is acting as he normally would. He tacts on that he sees family and business tools and it would be inappropriate if they dated someone he didn’t see fit.

Ja young goes to see Seo Woo and tells him about how people might oppose him dating someone but she doesn’t. She tells him about Ha Won and who she can be. He asks if she accepted the article as truth and she nodded. He tells her nothing is going on between Ha Won and he and an article refuting the claim should be out soon. He tells Ja Young that he’ll be going and she’s happy that it was a mistake.

Ha Won goes to see Ji Woon in the shop. She asks if he’s mad and he can’t believe she signed a contract like that. She told him that she didn’t know that things were going to end up like that. He asks if she’s confident that she could go with not seeing him ever again and tells her to get the contract annulled.  She reminds him that Hyun Min and he both drove her crazy and she couldn’t have predicted that she could end up dating him. He asks if that’s why she was leaning on Seo Woo. She confirms that Seo Woo was the only one who treated her like a human being. He asks if it’s his fault and she brings up how much time he’s been spending with Hye Ji and if he ever thought about how she felt. He asks if she’s picking a fight, but she only replied with asking if he thinks she can’t. Ha Won leaves an irritated Ji Woon who ends up smiling to himself.

Yoon Sung is still following Hwa Ja (Kim Hye Ri) around. She stops at a children’s clothing store first and buys a ton of clothes that she brings to an orphanage. Yoon Sung goes into the orphanage and talks about how to sponsor. He finds out about Hwa Ja coming often. The story is that she lost her son at a young age and wants to give the children the love she could never give him. He gets told that she finds herself a terrible mother who could never provide for her son and the headmistress tells him that she’s certain that hearing all those children call her mother isn’t the same as if she heard it once from her own son.

Hyun Min notices Hye Ji walking and he follows behind her with a smile. When he sees her go to Ji Woon’s workspace his smile falters.

Ha Won is pacing her room thinking about her fight with Ji Woon. She wonders if she was too mean and why she brought up Hye Ji. She tells herself that it’s his fault for starting it and complains that she can’t stop thinking about it.

Ji Woon goes to his workspace and finds Hye Ji there. She tells him she’s packing and he tells her that she can keep it there is she’d like because it’s not like there is any other place for it. She tells him that she should stop getting help from him. She asks if he managed to meet with Ha Won and he tells her he did and their a couple. He informs her that no one else knows but he felt the need to tell her. He tells her that Hyun Min is actually the person who got her things back for her, but he gave him the key and told him to take her there. He admits that Hyun Min worries about her a lot.

Ha Won is walking when she notices Ji Woon and Hye Ji. She complains about him being so nice to Hye Ji and wonders if they aren’t compatible. She tries an app to see how compatible they are and it comes out at 90%. While she’s smiling at her phone, Ji Woon comes up and asks what she’s smiling about. She tells him that it’s none of his business. He admits that there is some thing he forgot to say about him being mean to her when she moved in. He apologises and tells her that his relationship with Hye Ji is nothing like his relationship with her. She starts to tell him about her relationship with Seo Woo but he tells her to forget about it since he over reacted. He takes her hand and she smiles. Ha Won’s stomach growls and he tells her to come with him.

Ji Woon brings her to the kitchen and starts to cook. Ha Na asks if he likes to cooking to which he replies that he’s going to try and like cooking because his girlfriend likes to eat. She tells him that it’s not the only thing that she likes to do and gets him to step aside. They end up cooking together and he makes a chicken for them. As they sit at the table, Ha Won compliments his cooing. She notices Seo Woo coming out and tells him to hide. He’s under the table when Seo Woo tucks in to eat with her.

Gi Sang (Seo Hyun Chul) gets a call from the informant and asks when he’s going to pay him. He explains what happened with Soo Kyung (Choi Eun Kyeong) and Gi Sang takes down the information again. He goes to talk with Young Jin and is told what happened. Young Jin admits to being followed by debt collectors and he sold the dojo. That is the reason why his wife was there, to confront him. He tells him that He had been running home to hide from the debt collectors but the house was already on fire. His wife was inside trying to saving one of his  neighbours, she just didn’t get out in time. She was asked to give the neighbours son the ring that she was clutching when she died. Gi Sang takes this very hard and can’t believe that he hated Ha Won for no reason.

Ha Won sees Ji Woon and clears her throat to get his attention. Mrs Belgyo asks if she has a sore throat but she assures him she doesn’t. Ha Won texts Ji Woon and tells him to meet her in the storage unit.

Ji Woon arrives and she asks what took him so long and why  he didn’t get the cue. He mentions that the sound she made isn’t an actual noise but she tells him it means see me right now. He can’t believe that  they have to sneak around because of his grandfather. She asks why he doesn’t like his grandfather and he admits that he only came there to get answers about his mother. Since she never talked about his father he can only assume the parted on bad terms. She tells him to just ask his grandfather. He mentions that the only glimpse of his father that he has is the old camera he found. Ha Won insists on taking a picture with him. Right after that, she receives a phone call from her father.

Ha Won goes to meet with Gi Sang. He admits that everything was a huge misunderstanding on his part and she tells him not to worry about it. She tells that she trusted her mother. He tells her that she’s a better person than him and admits that he feels sorry for her and her mother. Ha Won tells him not to worry and that they should go home. He admits that he didn’t know about Soo Kyung and Yoo Na (Ko Bo Gyeol) harassment. He admits that it would be difficult if she is to come back now. He asks that she give him some time to make sure their family is a proper family. She tells him that she still has some work to do and can wait.

Screenshot 2016-09-23 23.15.02.png

Gi Sang goes home and asks Soo Kyung about her visit with Young Jin. He tells her that Ha Won is his daughter not Young Jin. He also inquires as to how they’ve treat Ha Won and they both apologise. They get kicked out to the porch where Ha Won would sleep. Yoo Na wonders how she managed to sleep and Soo Kyung chalked it up to her having more fat than them.

Hye Ji is sitting in Ha Won’s bedroom looking at her brother’s birthday. Meanwhile Hyun Min is in his bed room looking at the same day but marked as Hye Ji’s birthday. He thinks back to when he found out that she was his friends fraternal twin and he promises to give her a present every year without fail. He can’t believe it’s already the following day.

The next day he is outside waiting when Hye Ji comes out. Hyun Min asks where she’s going, but she simply tells him that she has a lot of plan.

Yoon Sung picks up Hwa Ja and she asks the the chairman asked him to keep an eye on him. She wonders what she did wrong to have him doubt her. Yoon Sung admits that he doesn’t know nor is at the liberty of guessing. When they arrive he asks her to get out and she asks if they can have a meal together. He apologises and she understands. She pushes a box to him and asks for him to accept it as she had always wanted to buy him a tie when he got his first job and this is long overdue.

Hye Ji goes looking for a rooms at a dealer and after looking at one she gets a call from Hyun Min. He asks her what she’s going because it’s her birthday. She tells him that she’s meeting with friends and hangs up the phone. We pull out and we see Hyun Min sitting across the street in is car.

Chairman is coming back from somewhere and notices a couple on the side of the road. He smiles thinking what a good ge they are. When The man crosses he sees Ha Won, he turns to look at the man to find out that it’s Ji Woon. Chairman Kang is obviously pissed.

Screenshot 2016-09-23 23.47.39.png

Ji Woon and Ha Won return home and he sends her in first. She starts to walk ahead and sends him a little heart. He laughs and she shushes him. He pulls her into a hug and tells her that it feel nice and she readily agrees. Seo Woo is walking and notices them and also notices Yoon Sung. He hides them from sight complaining about a stiff after he bugs him for a message to which Yoon Sung agrees.

Seo Woo is trying to write but he can’t seem to gt it flowing so he goes to make himself a cup of coffee. Ha Won comes in and mentions that it smells good, so he offers to make her one. She agrees and asks him about a present for a boyfriend of her friend’s friend. He tells her that men don’t need gifts and all she needs to do is to be with them and smile like she is. After leaving Seo woo, Ha Won gets a call from the chairman to meet with her.

Hyun Min goes to check in Ha Won’s room to find a note from Hye Ji. He figures out that she left and goes searching for her.

The Chairman tells Ha Won that he’s disappointed in her and tells her that he’ll give her the options. Leave the skyhouse and he’ll support her like promised or see Ji Woon and have a romance that is uncertain.She doesn’t say anything but leaves. He thinks back to when he kicked Ji Woon’s mother out of the house and we see the ring that Ha Won keeps on his mother’s fingers. Ji Woon’s father is appalled that he kicked Ji Woon’s mother’s family out. He tells the chairman he looks Jung Soo and the chairman tells him that he obviously doesn’t agree. We see his son’s wedding ring. Kang pulls out the ring from his desk.

Hyun Min finds Hye Ji in the park. He tells her to go back to the sky house and she tells him that she’s going to live with her uncle. He admits to knowing that she was looking at student housing. She tells him how she felt every time he pushed her away. He admits to her his feeling for her and how he’s treasured her and lovers her so much. He also tells her what happened 10 years prior. He admits to have been with her brother the day he died. He was so scared and didn’t know what to do that he ran away. He tells her that he;s such a coward that they can’t be together. She tells him that she never wants to be in the same place as him and walks away crying.

Screenshot 2016-09-24 00.21.26.png

Ji Woon is freaking out because Ha Won isn’t answering her phone. He drops his phone and notices that it fell behind the padlocked gate.

Yoon Sung comes back and reports that there is nothing interesting and when the chair man turns around he sees the tie. He is suddenly suspicious of Yoon Sung. Yoon Sung asks if he should escort him home but the chairman says he’ll call driver Park.

Yoon Sung goes to meet with Hwa Ja.

Ji Woong gets into the other side of the storage and finds a photo album. He finds pictures of his mother and finds out that she lives at the sky house.

Hwa Ja thanks Yoon Sung for coming. She smiles sweetly at him and he smiles back. CEO Kang sees them and suddenly faints from shock. (It’s not what you think!)

Hye Ji is walking away sadly while Hyun Min is standing still in shock.

Ji Woong suddenly understands what happened to his mother.

Ha Won is packing.

Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 12 Recap
Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 RecapCinderella and Four Knights Episode 14 Recap
Cinderella and Four Knights Table of Content

The Lost Village



I’ll start off by saying that this anime had a great concept that took a left turn somewhere and ended poorly. There is only 12 episode of this anime.

The base story is that there is a group of people who take a tour to get away from society and so they go to the lost village of Nanakimura. While there, however, they each start witnessing a horrible monster that appears different for each person. They must decide to try and leave the village to get to safety or to stay where they are.

I loved the concept of the anime but the ending had much to be desired. It was handled very poorly in the end. It’s not an anime that I will be able to recommend in the end which saddens me.


Jealousy Incarnate Episode 10 Recap



Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) walks away in the rain and Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) ushers Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) into the car. Jung Won apologises for making her day hard. She tries to tell him it wasn’t a hard day but then admits that it was a little hard. Jung Won tells her that the look on her face when she got out of the car, gave him some relief. She admits that she hadn’t planned on come back and wouldn’t have had the courage if not for Hwa Shin. Jung Won tells her that they should be nice to him and she agrees. Suddenly she wonders where Hwa Shin is since his car is still there.

Hwa Shin is walking aimlessly in the rain not caring how wet he gets. Na Ri checks in the car while Jung Won tries to call him. She mentions that he should be going to the hospital and that she’s free now.

Tae Ra comes to Rak’s (Lee Sung Jae) restaurant and gives him a bottle of natural supplements for erectile dysfunction that she got in Paris.  She tells him that her goal is to have him with kids before marrying Jung Won off. He tells her to stop and that his issue is a punishment for dating and sleeping with women so easily. He tells her not to look down on the people in his villa. She tries to convince him to take them but he tells her that his problem is mental rather than physical. She tries to sell it to him but he tells her that there could be a naked woman in front of him and he wouldn’t feel anything.

Red (Mun Ka Young) is at home listening to her 2 mother’s broadcasts and cries for her father.

Hwa Shin arrives at the station, apparently plastered and asks the women he sees if they would date him. Eventually, he makes his way to Hye Won (Seo Ji Hye). He asks her and she goes off about working for the audition together. She asks him if he knows who she is and he says he doesn’t. She tears into him about drinking and tells him that he shouldn’t come to the news floor and spout nonsense. She cusses him out and he tells her that she’s good at swearing. He leaves and we can tell that he wasn’t as drunk as he pretended to be.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 19.33.15.png

Jung Won goes to see Soo Jung (Park Hwan Hee) and tells her that he can’t marry her. He tells her that they should marry someone they like. When she asks if he has someone he likes because she doesn’t, Jung Won tells her that he’s in love with Na Ri. He tells her that he met her after they were set up. Soo Jung tells him that she’ll talk with her parents and that she’s ok with it. Though she had no real feeling for him she was ok marrying if it was with him. He thanks her for understanding.

Na Ri is putting her evaluation card away when Hwa Shin comes in. She complains about how much grief he caused her. She asks if he knows how long she and Jung Won looked for him and he went to drink. He laughs at the idea of him giving her grief. He asks her to date him and she reminds him that she’s dating Jung Won and he tells her that he’ll do anything to have her date him. She finds it funny that he use to hate if she so much as looked at him. She asks him to sing her wrongful encounters and he tells her anything but that. She complains that she didn’t hear it and tells him never mind. He gets up and sings it to her. The rest of the night he just entertains her until he gets serious. he asks about her feelings about her one sided love and if she ever thinks about it. She tells him that she doesn’t, he wonders how love can change. He falls asleep in the chair and Na Ri watches him fondly.

Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) and Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) go into the kitchen and find his supplements. While Chi Yeol gets the ramen Dae Goo opens the pack and throws a pill into Chi Yeol mouth.

Na Ri is reporting the news and Jung Won watches it fondly.

Red comes out of her room and Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) tells her to take and umbrella. Ja Young (Park Ji Young) tells her to head off so she’s not late. Sung Sook tells her that she saw her report card and she should stop hanging out with the boys since she’s ranked 200th. Ja Young tells her to continue hanging out with them because they are 1st and 2nd respectively and probably the only reason she’s not 300th. Red tells them that there are only 200 seniors in her school

Sung Sook starts yelling at Red about being dumb and how she was always first. Ja Young can’t believe she’s calling her own daughter dumb. Red tells her that she is dumb and when Ja Young mentions that her nails aren’t nails of a high schooler and she should cut them she finally breaks. She tells them that they have no right to be called mother and tells them how much her father sacrificed for her. She breaks down crying and Rak mentions she’ll be late for school. He gets the two boys into the car with Red.

Hwa Shin wakes up and remembers everything from the night before. Na Ri offers him a cup of coffee and he heads out. She follows and he comes face to face with an elevator full of the women he asks out. They ask who he’s going to date and Na Ri mentions he should stop drinking. He claims he’ll date Hye Won and they all fall silent.

Red is in the bathroom at school and complains that her mother’s slap hurt. She smiles to herself.

Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) comes over to Hwa Shin and asks if he’s really dating Na Ri. He tells Dong Gi he’s not dating anyone, grabs a coffee and walks away. He thinks about the night before as he walks to his car. When driving off Na Ri stops him. He asks if she’s crazy but she has something important to tell him. She asks him to not tell Jung Won that she had one-sided feelings from him for 3 years and to go to the hospital with her. He tells her to move and drives off. He tells himself he;s crazy and that he needs to forget her. Na Ri wonders if he thought she would like him forever because it’s not like he likes her.

Tae Ra comes to the store and Jung Won tells her that he has a meeting. He goes to leave and she tells him that his father called her and told her that if she could get Jung Won to marry So Jung he wouldn’t divorce her. She calls Na Ri a liar for giving false reports of the weather. Jung Won tells her that it’s not the weather girls fault if it rains or not. He tells his mother that he wants her to be happy but he knows she wants him to be happy. He walks away and she follows him. She tries to tell him that Na Ri is only using him for his money, unlike Soo Jung who has her own money and doesn’t need his. She tries to tell him that Soo Jung likes him so much and he goes to the driver’s side and tells his mother that he doesn’t think it’s Na Ri who’s the liar but Soo Jung. He drives off.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 21.00.17.png

Jung Won is driving and thinks of Soo Jung’s words. He doesn’t like people who play him but if that’s how she wants to play it he will

Hwa Shin goes to the bank to find his account was wiped clean and they believe he answered a phishing call. He calls to get his stocks in China taken care of. (Oh I deal with these every day with my clients. Not fun.)

Na Ri is filming her introduction when Ja Young and a few announcers come by. She shortens her selfie stick and acts like she was caught doing something wrong. Ja Young asks the other 2 to leave and asks Na Ri if she can keep her keychain. Na Ri tells her she can and then calls to her. She tells her that she’s a fair person and she wants to be recognises by her.

Hwa Shin goes to a sauna and follows the procedure to get in and take video. He gets beat up on the way out but makes it back to make sure it’s on the news. Jung Won comes in and Na Ri sees him. She asks if he put ointment on his face and he assures her he did. He gets off the set and is told to take it easy. He heads to the couple and Jung Won asks if he’s alright, but Hwa Shin won’t let him touch his face and tells him he’s fine. Hwa Shin asks why they aren’t on a date and Jung Won admits that he wants them all to go together. Hwa Shin tells him he has plans but Jung Won doesn’t believe it. He takes Hwa Shin and Na Ri by the shoulders and leads them out while Hye Won watches.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 21.17.30.png

Once he’s lead out he gets out of Jung Won’s arm and tells them to go on because he actually has plans. Jung Won tries to fight for him to come out to eat with him but he refuses. HE finally screams at him and tells him to leave. Hye Won comes out reminds him of the plans they made and they leave. Na Ri tells Jung Won that they’re dating and she heard it from Hwa Shin.

While out in the parking lot, Jung Won mentions that Hye Won isn’t Hwa Shin’s type. When she asks what his type is Jung Won mentions that it’s similar to his. Na Ri doesn’t believe that but Jung Woon assures her it’s true. When she mentions that Hwa Shin doesn’t like her, Jung Won pinchers her cheeks and tells her that the only way he would suggest her is if he did like her. Jung Won gets her in the car and finds it odd that she still calls him president. Hye Won mentions that Soo Jung and Hwa Shin were made of fools and Hwa Shin wonders aloud what they’re going to eat.

Sung Sook comes back and Rak takes the groceries from her. She thanks him and he asks what everything is for. She admits that she wanted to cook for Red. He winks and then smacks himself. He apologises and it happens again. Sung Sook goes upstairs and can’t believe that he held out for so long. She looks in the fridge and finds dumplings that Red loves and a not threatening to stab anyone who eats them other that Red.

Ja Young goes to pick up the kids and Chi Yeol winks at Ja Young. He’s shocked and mentions that he had thought that it would be nice if his mother was there. Ja Young was surprised that he didn’t have a mother and offers to be his mother if he doesn’t expect a good mother. She ushers them in the car and calls to Red.

Rak goes into the restaurant and remembers his sister’s explanation of the pill and takes another one.

Hwa Shin and Hye Won arrives at his new place to find that it’s the building right next to the villa. Hye Won mentions that it’s really close and H admits that it’s a little close then he would have liked. Hye Won mentions that he can see everything that happens on the roof.

Jung Won drops her off and complains about her being so formal and calling him president. She admits that she’s not used to receiving love or even giving it for that matter. He tells her that if she remains polite she’ll have to do anything he wants. He tries to get her to drop the formal speech but she fails and he starts laughing. He tells her he’s going and gets into the car. She goes to his window and kisses his cheek. Thisembarrassess Na Ri but surprises Jung Won. He jokes about her being bold and she smiles and waves him off.

Jung Won notices Hwa Sing car and investigates. Hye Won asks why Hwa Shin asks her to come and he asks her for some money. She asks if he’ll date her even if she doesn’t give it and he tells her that he won’t date her even if she does give it to him. She laughs and tells him that he should tell Na Ri he likes her and he tells her he can’t because she’s dating his best friend. Hye Won believes that Na Ri can be won over easily because she had a 3 year one-side love for him and she may be waiting. He contemplates it and she mentions he will become a son of a bitch. We pan out and see Jung Won listening.

Na Ri returns home and and goes to wave but Hye Won tells her to stay quiet. She offers to date him and work to being an anchor with him but he refuses and tells her that he might have to become the son of a bitch. Jung Won seems mad and Na Ri is confused.

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Let’s Drink Episode 2 Recap



The show starts with Jung Suk (Ha Seok Jin) having a beer and some crab meat at a bar. We get to hear his 3 rules again. Meanwhile, at home Ha Na (Park Ha Sun) sees his Instagram feed and notices that he’s stuffing his face and wonders if it’s something to brag about. She decides to have crab meat with her beer too. She sits down with crab flavour chips and enjoys them with her beer.

The next day, Ha Na is in the washroom when she has to go to the stall for toilet paper to draw her hands. She overhears two students talking about the post about Jung Suk’s academic background. Jin Yi (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) shows up and the students scatter. Jin Yi comes out and greets her hello. She asks if she heard what the girls were talking abut. Jin Yi tells her to ignore it because there are always rumours floating around when you become successful. Jin Yi then mentions that she looks haggard and touches up her makeup.

They go out to find Won Hae (Kim Won Hae) fawning over Jung Suk because 1000 students signed up for his classes. When Won Hae goes in for a hug, Jung Suk ducks and walks away. Jin Yi asks about her classes and finds out that 150 signed up for hers. When Ji Woong (Min Ji Woong) asks about his class, everyone turns to find him in army fatigues. (2nd reference to Descendent’s of Sun maybe?) Won Hae chastises him but tells him that he broke even.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 12.38.29.png

In the teacher’s lounge, Ha Na is reeling that she only got 10 students, which barely breaks even for her. Jin Yi tells her that 10 students isn’t bad since it’s her 1st month and didn’t get any promotions. Jung Suk tells her that 10 students isn’t bad since she’s No Geu Rae. Jung Suk has to explain it to everyone but Won Hae links it to Jang Geu Rae from Misaeng and everyone starts to laugh. (I feel like I missed something…)

Dong Young (Kim Dong Young) gets a text telling him that his sister deposited 50,000 won into his bank account. He wonders how long he’s going to need the support of his family to study the way he is. He tells himself that he will pass the next exam for his family and for Joo Yeon.

Dong Young goes into Ki Bum’s room (Key) to wake up but to find him in the shower. He jumps and asks Dong Young why he’s there. Dong Young admits it’s to wake him up but he’s already awake. Ki Bum tells him that he’s obviously awake and tells Dong Young to get out of his room. Dong Young mentions that it’s not like he has something he doesn’t and leaves the room.

Ha Na is walking to her class when she notices Jung Suk’s is in session. She looks in and is amazed by how many students are in the room. She tells herself that one day her room with be full like that and he can just watch and see.

While walking to class Dong Young and Ki Bum witness a boy trying to get Chae Yeon’s (Jung Chae Yeon) number. She refuses and when he insists she takes his and throws it in the trash. She chastises him for not studying. Dong Young mentions that people find even girls like that attractive because all that matters is looks. Ki Bum tells him that there is no way people find her pretty just the most hated.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 13.18.59.png

Once in class Ki Bum tells Dong Young that a real beauty is more like the teacher of that class and anyone who isn’t like her isn’t a beauty. Chae Yeon mentions that it should like he’s at an idol concert. He tells her that even if he is she can mind her own business. hHa Na comes in and Ki Bum’s hopes are shattered.

Ha Na comes out and gives the mic back to Dong Young, Jung Suk comes by and asks what she needs a mic for as she only has 10 students. She tells him that even though it’s 10 now, he can just watch and see her fill her lecture hall. She walks away and he wonders why she’s talking so big.

While walking away Ha Na tells herself that she was the favourite teacher at the academy that she taught at and no one dropped her class. Just then she hears someone wanting to drop her class. Ki Bum wants a refund because he was expecting a beauty and if he wanted to look at someone who wasn’t pretty he would have taken professor Lee’s class since she’s the best Korean teacher. Won Hae overhears him and chastises Ki Bum before leaving with professor Lee. Ki Bum returns to asking for a refund. Ha Na comes to him and apologises to Ki Bum and pulls him aside.

She takes Ki Bum and Dong Young out to eat and asks him what is wrong with her. He tells her that nothing is wrong but the photoshopped her. She tells him that she just wasn’t prepared that day and is normally prettier. He doesn’t believe that she can be. Dong Young leaves and Ha Na goes to get more pickles and notices Jung Suk.

Ha Na hides and wonders if Jung Suk heard everything and now he thinks that she’s going to raise up through flattery. The misunderstanding now looks like reality. Her phone start talking back and she can’t believe her phone is talking back to her.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 15.41.04.png

Dong Young gets a call from Gong Myung and he leaves the library. Dong Gong can’t come out but Gong Myung complains about having a fight with his mother and left his home. Nong Young mentions that tells him that he needs to take into consideration his situation. He’s struggling to pass the exam while his family struggles to support him. He hangs up and goes back to studying.

Gong Myung can’t believe that Dong Young won’t come out. He debates calling again but Ki Bum tells him that Dong Young is really determined and is pretty sure that he will pass this time. Gong Myung asks Ki Bum if he has given up and Ki Bum blames him for calling him out when he was going to study. Gong Myung tells Ki Bum that he doesn’t have the resolve to study because his parents pay for everything that’s why Dong Young’s desperate resolve is a good thing. Suddenly, Ki Bum thinks of something and drags him off.

A student information about the school and is suggested to the joint class. Jin Yi and Ha Na overhears this recommendation and Jin Yi is jealous of the teachers in the joint class. Ha Na asks why and Jin Yi tells her that lesser known students start flocking to the teachers in the same joint class as the well-known teacher. Hae Won mentions that it’s not something to be jealous of.

Back in the office, they’re told that they will be making a group lecture with Jung Suk. Jin Yi is so happy about the opportunity but Ha Na isn’t so much. They are sent to the conference room to wait for Jung Suk.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 16.25.04.png

Ki Bum wants to deplete his allowance so that he’s as desperate as Dong Young. He explains that you can tell how long someone has been at Noryangjin and shows it off.

Jung Suk tells Won Hae he refuses to do a joint class with these professors. Though it may be in his contract he doesn’t want other teachers who will cling onto his success. Jung Suk tells Won Hae that he’ll do a joint class with teachers that he approves of.

Jin Woong, Jin Yi and Ha Na are outside complaining about Jung Suk. Ha Na stays quiet while the other two complain and Jin Yi asks if she’s not mad. Ha Na tells her that she’s new so she can see what he’s saying. Jin Yi tells her that joint classes are to help the lesser known teachers up as a noble sacrifice. Ji Woong wants to get back at him but can only come up with a stupid idea. When he suggests that bad comments, Jin Yi mentions that he could back trace the ip address. Jin Yi suddenly gets a thought how it’s odd that he’s not doing it for the people who claims he forged his background. Jin Yi remembers that Ha Na has a cousin who graduated from Seoul University.

Another post pops up about his academic past and Jung Suk deletes it.

Ha Na logs in and doesn’t a search. Everyone is shocked to find that there is no one by the name of Jin Jung Suk that graduated from Seoul University. Jin Yi wants to tell the director but Ha Na tries to stop them. They understand that she feels under pressure seeing as she’s new and they promise to take care of it.

Ha Na goes and sits in the stairwell and doesn’t know why people care so much about his background. She asks her phone if she’s a coward and the worst. The phone reads of definitions and Ha Na agrees that she is doing something shameless. She goes to back up the teachers.

Yin Ji and Ji Woon come in to talk with Won Hae and get told that Jung Suk has agreed to do a joint class with them. Jin Yi tells him that it’s not the problem at the current time. Won Hae asks if he’ll incorporate Ha Na but he refuses citing her schooling as the reason. She accuses him of lying about his school and shows them that there is no one by that name graduation from Seoul university. He takes the computer and types in his legal name Jin Sang and shows them his card. He explains that he changed it for his last boss because they were worried people were going to laugh at him. Ha Na apologises and Jung Suk mentions that it solidifies them never working together. Jin Yi and Jin Woong claim to have not known and throws Ha Na under the bus.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 16.53.57.png

Ki Bum and Gong Myung going to eat and Ki Bum suggests getting Dong Young to come out since he needs to eat. Dong Young refuses stating that he’s seeing Joo Yeon that weekend and needs to study. Ki Bum is surprised at his determination. Gong Myung tells him that with someone like Joo Yeon who took such good care of Dong Young it’s only right that he wants to get out to make her happy. Ki Bum tells him that maybe the reason that he don’t want to study because he has no one to be pleased if he passes. Gong Myung just thinks he’s nuts. Gong Myung has to apologise for Ki Bum.

Dong Young gets a message to go out and meet Joo Yeon. He goes to meet and they have soup. She tells him to slow down and he apologises wanting to get back to studying. She asks if he doesn’t remember what day it was, she tells him that it’s their 5th anniversary and he apologises. He does agree to stay with her longer.

Jung Suk suggests going by his legal name with the students since he doesn’t like rumours going around. Won Hae tells him that Jung Suk has become a brand name and he can’t change that because it would confuse the students and he’s worried he’ll lose his students. Jung Suk tells him that there could be some transitional pains and Won Hae explodes at him. Ji Woong makes light of the situation with Jin Yi when Won Hae comes out and yells at him. When Ha Na comes in she gets yelled at too and she apologises.

When Jung Suk comes leaves Ha Na runs after him and apologises about what happened. He tells her that it’s fine and she offers to have a drink with him. He asks if it’s so she can do the same sales pitch that she gave her student. He tells her that she should change careers and tells her to stop kissing up to save her own ass.

When Ha Na returns to the office Jin Yi and Jin Woong both apologises for throwing her under the bus and take her out to drink.

Dong Young and Joo Yeon spend some time relaxing together and reminisce. Joo Yeon goes to the bathroom telling him she’ll be right back. Before they go their separate ways Joo Yeon hands him a new shirt. She knows that he doesn’t have any fall clothes. He apologises for always accepting gifts. She tells him to go in and when he does she looks back sadly at him.

Ha Na is with Jin Yi and Jin Woong. She tells them that they should be happy and celebrating. Jin Yi tells her that they are there to make her happy and Ji Woong agrees. Ha Na excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Ji Woong and Jin Yi have a celebratory drink.

Ha Na notices that Kung Sul didn’t look at her message and write him a second one. Jung Suk is out drinking and enjoying his food when he sees her message. He acknowledges that she’s not smart but uses her brain to get far in other ways.

We get to see his past where even though he’s the one putting in all the work, his colleague just kisses up to their professor and got further than him. He accuses him of plagiarising his thesis. He refutes and said he only quoted it. Jung Sung mentions that he never quoted his work and tells him that it’s not alright. His senior tells him that he got the position thanks to him and will never forget that. Jung Sung refuses to accept help from someone like him.

While Ha Na is worried about Jung Suk not reading her texts, Ji Woong and Jin Yi are having a good time. When she comes back Ji Woong has to leave because of his curfew and Jin Yi gets a booty call.

Dong Youn is studying when he gets tired. He looks at the shirt that Joo Yeon gave him and pushes himself to continue studying. He gets a text from Joo Yeon telling him that she feels like they should call it quits. He send her back a message apologising for making her tell someone like him sorry. He thinks back to the message he saw on her phone about the breakup. He apologises for not letting her go sooner. Joo Yeon starts to cry on the train platform. Dong Young goes to a restaurant he frequents and gets given a plate of pork. Heès told that Joo Yeon came buy and bought it before. He breaks down crying at the table.

We see Ha Na having a beer and her voiceover tells us that she drinks alone because no one can comfort her after a bad day.

Screenshot 2016-09-22 18.27.57.png

She gets to the bus stop and falls asleep. Gong Myung notices and wakes her. She nearly misses her bus but manages to get on. He notices her shoes and manages to toss one of them to her but misses the other. Ki Bum comes out and asks him what that was about. Gong Myung tells him that it was the girl who works at the sushi place. Ki Bum asks what he’s talking about because Ha Na is a Korean teacher at his school. Gong Myung mother call and tells him something he’s not happy about.

Jung Suk wonders who is coming to his house at that hour. He sees his mother and she asks him for a favour. She asks him to let his brother stay with him until he passes his exams. Gong Myung gets pulls into the apartment.

Let’s Drink Episode 1 Recap
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Sensory Couple



I watched this after recording my last recap with Natalia from Soju Nights. We follow a couple of young adults whose lives were changed after the barcode killer took away their families. After the incident, Oh Cho Rim (Shin Se Kyung) gains the ability to see smells with her left eye and Choi Moo Gak (Park Yoo Chun) loses all of his senses. They come together due to an investigation to try and track down the person responsible for changing their lives.

I will say, though I was hesitant, I enjoyed this drama. I love the effects that were provided for the smells. I will say, I enjoyed seeing Namgoog Min playing such an opposite role to Ahn Dan Tae in Beautiful Gong Shim. The chemistry was good, the jokes were ridiculous and it was worth the watch. *thumbs up*

Jealousy Incarnate Episode 9 Recap



After putting Na Ri (Kong Hyo Jin) to bed Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok) thinks about everything she told him before falling asleep.

Once the director and Dong Gi (Jung Sang Hoon) leave the anchors starts talking about when Hwa Shin and Na Ri got together. Someone mentions that they had snuck out earlier that day. This catches Hye Won’s (Seo Ji Hye) attention. Hye Won returns back to the station.

Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) picks up Soo Jung (Park Hwan Hee) at the station. She thanks him for coming but he tells her to get in the car. He tells her to put on her seatbelt and she asks if he’s made at her for calling him. He admits that he came to talk to her about something but they’ll talk about it in the morning. She asks if he knew that Hwa Shin was dating  Na Ri because it’s all over the station. Jung Won stays quiet and she assumes he already knew. During this entire scene, someone was taking pictures of them.

Sung Sook (Lee Mi Sook) and Ja Young (Park Ji Young) arrive home at the same time just after Dae Goo (An Woo Yeon) left to buy some food.  Ja Young bumps into Rak’s (Lee Sung Jae) car and apologises. She goes into Rak’s open door, that Dae Goo forgot to close and gets ready for bed. (This is probably by accident) Sung Sook, on the other hand, crawls into bed with her daughter (Mun Ka Young).

Hwa Shin wakes up to find Hye Won looking at him and he tries to pretend to sleep. He tells her to be quiet and she mentions that it’s quite a scene and he pulls her out of the room. When they get to the end of the hall Jung Won comes around the corner. Hye Won accuses him of liking Na Ri, but he tells her that she’s crazy. She comes behind him and hugs him from behind and at that point Jung Won smiles and walks away. Hye Won tells him that he held her like that and doesn’t think she knew he did that. She believes that Hwa Shin has a one-sided love for Na Ri. He tells her that she’s crazy and then tells her to trim her nails because she nearly poked his eye out.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 21.05.23.png

Jung Won checks on Na Ri and tells her sleeping form that she reeks of alcohol. She shifts and he quickly gets out the way. He turns her back in and takes up the chair. He doesn’t believe that Na Ri will be able to wake up by 3 am. He calls Hwa Shin and asks where he is.

Hwa Shin is beating up with punching back and Hye Won’s words played through his head. Jung Won shows up and asks if he’s back to coming there and admits that he still has his keep too. Hwa Shin tells Jung Won that they should spare because he needs his ass to be handed to him to sober up. Jung Won agrees so long as he doesn’t pull his punches. He asks if they’re going to bet, but Hwa Shin tells him that he’s going to win. During the fight, we can tell that the side where Hwa Shin had his surgery is still bothering him. They end up going full out and Hwa Shin takes a hit. They end up both lying on the mat exhausted. (I think we now know why they don’t fight.)


Na Ri wakes up worried that she overslept to find it to be 2 am. She is still really cold.

Jung Won asks who he drank with and he tells him that it was a work dinner. When asked why he came, Hwa Shin admitted that he wanted to exercise a little too sober up before waking Na Ri up. Jung Won tells him not to worry about Na Ri and that he’ll wake her. He calls Secretary Cha and gets him to bring the dress he made for Na Ri. He mentions that Na Ri has big feet for a woman. Because she doesn’t have a car and can’t sleep at home during the weekdays he wants her to have a good pair of shoes. He mentions the rumour of Hwa Shin and Na Ri dating and asks if it’s false. Hwa Shin tells him it is and Jung Won wonders how it started.

Jung Won gets the stuff out of the trunk while Secretary Cha naps. He goes into Na Ri’s room and though she wakes up she doesn’t let him know. She watches him get a pot of coffee ready for her. He sits down and wonders aloud when he’ll get to hear her tell him she likes him. He gets a phone call and he heads out. She sits up and takes a long drink off the coffee smiling.

He comes and gives Na Ri the dress and mentions that it’s not a sponsor but a gift. Once he leaves the news announcer tells her to give it to her. She tells her no. When she’s told that it was sponsored to be on the news, Na Ri asks if she didn’t hear her. She mentions that it’s also made to fit.

Rak wakes up to find Ja Young in his bed. He sighs and notices that she reeks of alcohol. When his alarm goes off he shuts it off quickly as to not wake her. Her alarm goes off and she cuddles back into him. She suddenly notices something is wrong and opens her eyes. She jumps back and apologises, muttering that she’s too old for this and apologises, he tells her that it’s simply a mistake and covers her up. He tells her that he’s heading down and should come down for breakfast. He leaves and Ja Young is soon to follow. Dea Goo sees her and is in shock. She tells him that it’s not what he thinks a leaves.

Screenshot 2016-09-21 22.00.30.png

Sung Sook is apologising to red and promises to never crawl into bed again. She gets kicked out and that’s just as Ja Young arrives. Sung Sook asks about what happened and Ja Young doesn’t answer. Sung Sook can’t believe Rak is so easy.

Na Ri is in the dress telling the news when Dong Gi is calling the anchors to be on stand by he asks Park Jin (Park Eun Ji) what the pout is about. Everyone is mentioning how good Na Ri looks. When they switch back to Park Jin she announces the rumour on air.

At the restaurant, everyone is gathered and Rak hands Ja Young a bowl of soup for her hangover. She thanks him and Dae Goo gets pissed and leaves. Chi Yeol (Kim Jung Hyun) wonder what’s up and Rak just shrugs it off. Red leaves a comment about them living a proper life. Sung Sook covers the little boy’s ears and tells Rak they can’t treat them like children because they’re already in a love triangle. She rambles and finally Rak explodes and tells him that she should learn to close her mouth and that starting the following day she will not be welcome in the kitchen.

Park Ji gets torn out by the director for talking about the personal lives of the staff on set. He asks if Hwa Shin and Na Ri are dating and both Hwa Shin and Na Ri deny the accusations.

When Na Ri goes back into the changing room both Joo Hee (Kim Ye Woon) and Park Jin tease her. She finally breaks and screams at them. She tells them that it’s not true and Joo Hee tells her that the only reason she got the dress is because she got in tight with Jung Won through Hwa Shin. When it turns into a full out brawl Hwa Shin walks in and pulls Na Ri out.

Once outside, he tears into her getting into a fight and she asks if he’s busy. She brings him to the mall and tries lipstick as well. She teases him about  wearing some and he asks her why she’s so happy. She tells him that she feels better because everyone would tease her for her one sided love but now the rumours of them dating is a big deal. He ends up buying the lipstick for her.

They are walking back and she sneezes and he hands her a tissue. He asks if she’s comfortable with him and she admits that she is. He accuses her of not seeing him as a man and walks ahead. He blames the breast cancer but when she catches up she hand him his lanyard. She tells him that so long as they know that they aren’t dating then it’s fine and the rumour will go away. She tells him that she just doesn’t want Jung Won to find out. He wonders if she only thinks about  Jung Won. She asks if it wouldn’t be awkward between them since he’s the one who set them up.

Ja Young and Sung Sook comes in to find their mother-in-law on the floor. They welcome her and step over her. When they come out they tell her the scheduling and tells her that she can cook and clean all she wants and they are off to work.

Jung Won’s mother calls him and tells her that it’s her wedding anniversary and he’s father will come so he doesn’t have to. He tells her that he’s already there and she should have breakfast with him. He hands her an envelope and she tells him to open it since it’s probably a plane ticket. He opens it to find divorce papers. He lies and tells her that it’s tickets to a cruise and she complains that he should at least have a meal with her. Jung Won sits with her and tells her to have a meal with an even handsomer man. She whips away some tears.

Na Ri changes and makes sure that no one is in the office before applying for the announcer test.

A group of girls go and talk about Soo Jung(Park Hwan Hee) and mentions that she’s so lucky she’s dating a rich man like Jung Won. Hwa Shin overhears this and pulls out the article.

Jung Won leaves the restaurant and calls his father. He screams at the assistant to get his father on the phone. He asks his father to meet with his mother 3 times and not let her wither away. If he’s insistent in divorcing her that’s fine but she’s still his mother. He asks what she did so wrong because she’s forgiven him for everything that he ever did. His father hangs up on him and this pisses him off, so much so that he kicks a trash can. When he’s finally under control he’s shown the article about him and Joo Hee. We can see the rage simmering under his blank face. He tells Cha that they’re reading to the station and asks how much it’ll cost to get the article taken down because Na Ri can’t see it.

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Na Ri goes to the announcer room and hears all the congratulations for Soo Jung. Na Ri is confused but sees the article on an announcer’s screen. Hwa Shin warns her to confirm with Jung Won first. She tells Hwa Shin that it only took hours for their rumour to be swept away. She briefly wonders if the rumours are false until a bouquet of flowers arrives for Soo Jung. Na Ri walks away and gets her things. While in the lobby, she hears more about the story and remembers every time she comes in second. Hwa Shin looks for her but she manages to get away. While walking outside she thinks Jung Won wondering when she’d like him. She has her head turned just so to make him not able to recognise her as she walks in front of his car.

Hwa Shin continues to look for her and as soon as Jung Won arrives he does the same. Jung Won asks Hwa Shin if he’s found Na Ri. Hwa Shin tells him that he’s the reason she’s hiding. Jung Won tells him that it’s nothing big. He tells him that if it’s nothing big but Hwa Shin tells him that Na Ri is getting hurt  because of him. He tells him that he doesn’t care if it’s the end, middle or start if he hurts her again Hwa Shin will take back setting him up with her. He warns him to make sure that he finds her and to keep her safe this time.

Na Ri gets mistake for Soo Jung when she goes into the store. She asks to speak with Jung Won to find him out of the office. She asks them to give him the bag and leaves. His mother looks at her interested and asks if she’s an announcer or a weather forecaster. She’s told she does the weather.

Jung Won leaves the station without saying a word. He gets into the car and sags under the exhaustion of it all. He arrives at the shop and heads straight to his mother. She tells him that she’s found out that Na Ri is a weather girl. He can lend her clothes but that’s it. He admits that at times like this he can understand his father. He tells her to stop meddling in her own son’s life. She asks if he wants her to divorce his father. She grabs the casts of Na Ri’s feet and throws them at him, shattering them and a cut appearing on his face.

Na Ri’s phone goes off reminding her that they have an appointment for radiation. He gets in his car and prays that she’s not there. He doesn’t know what he’ll do if she’s waiting for him. He pulls up to find her waiting. He tells himself that he can’t let her go to another man. He can’t believe that she’s there and she tells him they agreed to meet. He asks what she was doing all this time and she told him eating ramyun alone. He spins the car around and she asks where they’re going. He goes on Jung Won’s defence and likens it to their dating rumour. HE reveals everything to Na Ri about Jung Won and ends it with the fact that Jung Won called her over 100 times.

Jung Won gets given the bag that Na Ri left him and is told that the reporters are gone.

Hwa Shin and Na Ri pulls up to Jung Won’s store and he tells her to go in. She doesn’t want to so Hwa Shin gets out of the car and opens her door. She gets out and just the Jung Won comes out. Na Ri walks to Jung Won as Hwa Shin watches.

Jung Won mentions that she moves fast and asks her about the dress. He accuses her of not trusting him and then asks if she does. She tells him that it may be too late but she tells him that she like him. He lets her know that it’s not too late and drops the bag. He pulls her into a kiss while Hwa Shin’s heart breaks. (I have never cheered so hard for a kiss!) Hwa Shin walks away instead of getting into his car.

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