This drama is based on a manga series by the same name. I sadly couldn’t really find anything else out about the series given that it ran from 1983 – 1990. If I can get my hands on it I would totally read it. It’s also a nice short drama with only 9 episodes.

So we’re following Shinigami #413 (Ono Satoshi) while he’s doing jobs. It is unclear if he’s new at being a shinigami or just a rule breaker as he keeps breaking very basic rules. Given the personality that he portrays, we assume he’s new. While out looking for his notebook, on his monitor’s (Kiritani Mirei) orders a devil, Akuma (Suda Masaki) escapes  into the world. Given the mistake, Shinigami-kun’s boss (Matsushige Yutaka) sends them to clean it up. Shinigami has to continue his regular duties while doing so.

This is a really fun show. I have never seen Ono before but he does an excellent job in this  role. You really feel for his character while he struggles with doing his job and having an attachment to humans.  The gates to the underworld is an excellent set and it makes me wish I had watched this during Halloween. Kiritani acts beautifully in this role, however, she mainly goes around and yells at Ono’s character. The outfits in this drama were great as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this drama.

Diabolik Lovers II: More, Blood



Yes, we’re talking about Diabolik Lovers again. Again, I’m also going to discuss how much I dislike it. First, however, I’m going to talk about the story first.

So this season introduces 4 more vampires. However, unlike the Sakamaki brothers, the Mukami brothers were turned into vampires and rather than being pure blood. They abduct Yui in order to get her blood in hopes that one of them will be awaken as Adam. Throughout the entire anime, we never find out why they are trying to become Adam or what powers that it would bring to the vampire. This anime closes off with the promise of a 3rd season.

I am not a fan of this anime. Though the characters are well fleshed out and the men all have different characteristics. However, no matter what house she lives in, she’s a captive and abused, both psychologically and physically. You can make your own decision but this isn’t the anime for me.

Diabolik Lovers
Otaku Talks Anime – Diabolik Lovers More Blood Podcast

Goblin : The Lonely and Great God Episode 2 Recap



The last few minutes are played again where Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) tells Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) that she loves him while in Quebec city.  (IT’s really hard to not take a bunch of screenshots just because it’s Quebec.) She teases him of never hearing those words before and when he doesn’t retort she continues to tease him.

Kim Shin follows Eun Tak all around the city because she starts acting like a kid in a candy store. When she gets into the Christmas store, she’s wished Merry Christmas by the owner but she gets all shy. She asks Kim Shin to take her picture but he doesn’t take a proper one.

Eun Tak continues to take in the scenery while Kim Shin gets more and more annoyed. She tells him that she feels like the falling maple leaves are like a red carpet just for her. She notices a blue sign with two gnomes on it. She asks him what it means and he tells her that it signifies that there are fairies there. She teases him about being tinker bell but he just walks off. She follows him and starts to try to catch a falling maple leaf so that an old wives tale comes true. She tells him that if you successfully catch a leaf while it’s falling it said to make the person you’re walking with fall in love with you. He accuses her of  lying but she likens it to catching a cherry blossom petal to make your first love go well. She tricks him by telling him that she actually wants it to work with the handsome man behind him and when he turns to look she takes the leaf. She runs towards the Canadian man but quickly returns telling him that it’s a Canadian ghost.

They arrive at a hotel and Eun Tak complains about being scared of the ghost. Kim Shin reminds her that she sees ghosts regularly and can’t understand why she’s scared. She tells him that the ghost was talking to her in English (Not likely.) and it scared her more than normal. She finally notices that they are in a hotel and call him out on it. He mentions that she wanted to marry him, but she tells him that it’s a little shady bringing a high schooler to a hotel. He tells her to go up and rest but she inquires to where he is going. He tells her that he has business to attend to and when she asks to go with him because she’s scared being abroad, he reminds her that she had no problem earlier with her fear. She tells him that it’s because she’s with him. She tries to get him to take her with him or lend her 10 dollars but he simply leaves with her yelling at his back.

Screenshot 2016-12-03 18.16.35.png

Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) meets another grim reaper at a coffee shop. He gets a document about a special case which the younger reaper had never seen before. Wang Yeo explains to him that what humans would call miracles, they would call special cases. The other reaper starts to tell him about the problem with his landlady and how it’s unfair that if they don’t eat or sleep they feel the effects. Just then a couple walks in screaming .The woman can’t believe that he walked away after he hit someone and she accuses him of drinking. The younger reaper wishes Wang Yeo good luck and he’s off to work.

Wang Yeo brings that couple back to his tea shop and tells the woman to drink the tea to help her forget. She asks if she must and he strongly suggests that she drinks it. The man inquires as to why he doesn’t get a cup of tea as well, however, Wang Yeo tells him that he must remember his sins as it’s not the first time that he’s killed someone with his car. He explains to him the details of what he’ll go through due to his sins and the woman seems content to drink her tea. The man starts to beg forgiveness but Wang Yeo tells him that he’s superiors would not be happy. He tells that man that he’s sure he knows another man who would beg for forgiveness, however, it’s not good because he’s already in hell.

We switch over to Kim Shin standing in front of a grave holding a bouquet of flowers. He tells his 1st servant that he left Korea with that he’s buried most of his family there. He admits he once thought that his long life was a gift, but he soon realised that it was a punishment as he can’t forget any of the deaths he has been forced to witness. We the 1st young boy grow up to a young adult than an elderly man. We then see Kim Shin trying to remove his sword from his chest. and failing.

Screenshot 2016-12-03 18.44.32.png

He lays the flowers on the grave and asks them if they’ve been well. He admits that he’s still alive and hasn’t yet been able to rest in peace.

Eun Tak starts looking around the hotel but quickly gets bored and starts to wander the streets. She stumbles on to a park and finds Kim Shin standing there among the graves. She sits to wait for him. She blows on a dandilionnnn to disperse the seeds and they float towards him in order to get his attention. However, he is so lost in thoughts that she lets him be.

Finally, as dusk begins to fall, Kim Shin stands up and turns to head back. He is surprised to see Eun Tak and mentions that he told her to stay at the hotel quietly. She teases him about getting the quiet part down. She asks him how many times he’s come to see the graves and he admits that he can’t remember. She introduces herself to the deceased. She tells them that she is Kim Shin’s Bride, but he assures her that she’s not. She talks to them about how cool Kim Shin still is and then bids them farewell.

They head off and asks Kim Shin how long he’s lived in Canada for. He admits that he came and left many times. He admits that it was the first place that he went after he left his hometown. She tells him that he should have bought a cottage there so that hotel would be his. Suddenly realisation hits her that he owns the hotel. She offers him a lollipop and he wonders how she got it. She first jokes that she stole it but then she tells him that someone gave it to her. He asks if she isn’t late and then mentions that it’s 10 am in Korea. She contemplates moving illegally to Canada rather than being late for school. He hands her back the lollipop and doesn’t say anything.

Eun Tak thanks him for the day, claiming that it feels very much like she woke up from a dream. She asks him to let her off the hook even if she was annoying because she had a lot of fun with him. She runs off to school leaving a very confuses Kim Shin behind her.

Eun Tak gets yelled at for arriving late at school, she apologises but the teacher just assumes she’s slacking. She tells her that even if she doesn’t want to go to college she can’t be a hindrance. She advises her that she wants to go to college and the teacher acts like she didn’t say she couldn’t while she assumes what Eun Tak

Eun Tak sits in a bus shelter waiting for the rain to stop. She takes out the Quebec tourist guide and picks up the leaf inside. She is listening to a radio show who that starts listing of sentence for people in love. Her mind fills with thoughts of Kim Shin and she smiles.

Screenshot 2016-12-04 16.31.00.png

Kim Shin arrives home and asks Wang Yeo if he was busy. He tells that he is, but Kim Shin tells him to follow him and not to asks questions because he wants to confirm something. Kim Shin walks through the door and goes to the field where he likes to sit and looks behind him. Wang Yeo wonders what could be so important. He follows him out but he simply walks out the door. Kim Shin comes back and wonders how she could do something that not even a god of death could do.  Wang Yeo asks who did what and his competitive streak is lite. Kim Shin tells him to go away and head in.

Wang Yeo is about to go in when Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) comes to see Wang Yeo and asks if h’s having any problems living in the house. He tells Duk Hwa he simply wants Kim Shin to leave. Duk Hwa agrees and then advises Wang Yeo that if a man asks after him to lie because he didn’t tell his grandfather that he rented the place.

Eun Tak goes back to the library and tries the bathroom door again in hopes that it will lead to Canada. It sadly does not and she is left to stand awkwardly in front of a woman. The woman guesses correctly that she’s a high school senior. She gives her a bag of spinach since she got it from a guy. She tells her to go and eat it with her family.

Eun Tak gets home and her aunt starts to yell at her about being late. Eun Tak reminds her that she’s always home at this hour. Her Aunt sends her to make supper while warning her about talking back. While making kimbap her cousin comes out with her Quebec brochure and telling her mother to look at it. They claim that she wants to run away with the insurance money to Canada.Eun Tak gets mad and tells them to give her book back. Her aunt starts hitting her with the book and finally when he cousin cuts her finger she stops. Eun Tak takes the book and a Kimbap roll before leaving the house.

She sits on some stairs while eating her kimbap. She looks through the Quebec brochure to find that the leaf is missing. She starts to cry.

Kim Shin is laying in bed trying to figure out who Eun Tak is. He tries to piece together everything that he knows. He knows that she can touch him and can follow him throw a portal, but she can not see the sword. He finally sits up and decides to go and ask her.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 20.29.22.png

Kim Shin goes to see her, only to find her pacing. He pretends that she summoned him but she promises she didn’t. He asks if she was thinking of him and she wonders if she can summon him with a simple thought. He asks why she’s pacing at that late hour and she tells him that she’s waiting for everyone at her aunts to fall asleep. She assures him that it’s normally around midnight, and Kim Shin asks if she’s going to be a weirdo until then.

They go for a walk, however, Kim Shin assures her that he’s only going to digest his supper. She tells him he knows and that he’s told her 3 times and she assures him that he can leave. He tells her that he knows because she’s told him 3 times. One of her classmates sees her and sends a message that she’s prostituting herself. They want pictures, but before she can snap it the car door she was leaning on opens by itself and knocks her down.

Eun Tak notices a sign in a restaurant’s window looking for help. She goes in and comes face to face with Kim Sun (Yoon In Na) and asks for the owner. She is quickly hired if only because Kim Sun is lonely and hasn’t had any customers for a while.

Eun Tak is walking home and tries to summon Kim Shin with her thoughts but it doesn’t work, so she lights a match and makes him appear before her. He is in the middle of eating a steak and when she starts to tell him what happens he sighs. He asks if she wants to exchange phone number so that they can talk like normal people but she tells him she’s fine with the arrangement. He assures her he’s not. She tells him she loves him before he leaves.

When he arrives he walks right by Wang Yeo with a grunt and Wang Yeo thinks he’s crazy. A little later when Wang Yeo is about to go to bed, Kim Shin comes in and asks him if his outfit is better. Wang Yeo agrees with him just for him to let him go to sleep. However, Kim Shin has other plans and the next morning Wang Yeo promises to kill Kim Shin.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 21.07.02.png

Kim Shin is putzing around the kitchen happily and then until Wang Yeo comes out. He starts to mess with his underwear and this gets on Kim Shin nerves. He yells at him to stop but Wang Yeo just continues to bug him until Kim Shin yells at him.

Duk Hwa comes into Kim Shin’s room and asks him what wrong as it’s currently raining. Kim Shin tells him that he wants to tell him something but he can’t be surprised. He starts to tell him that he’s a goblin but Duk Hwa tells him he already knows. Kim Shin turns around and asks him when he figured it out and Duk Hwa confirms that it was since he was 8 but he had his suspicions when he was 6 as he would make gold bars appear in front of him when he was drunk and would accidently levitate. Kim Shin gets really mad that he knew what he was but he still spoke informally to him.

Eun Tak is at work cleaning while Kim Sun lazes around. Kim Sun mentions how it’s so nice that it’s raining and Eun Tak mentions that they won’t have any customers if it rains. She mentions that they don’t get any customers anyways. Eun Tak mentions about not having an umbrella but Kim Sun offers her one of hers. When she gets tired of eating the chips she goes to head out and tells Eun Tak to laze around while she’s not there as she won’t know if she does.

Kim Sun goes to see a fortune teller who tells her that she has horrible luck. She agrees and asks if she has any talisman for it. The woman tells her that with her having no blood relations her life has been difficult. She tells her that she should beware of a man with a black hat.

Eun Tak sits with her friend and laminates the leaf. He friend asks if she isn’t supposed to iron it but Eun Tak tells her that’s what they did a long time ago and what she’s doing is fine. She tells her that she’s doing it for a rather old fashioned man and her friend assumes she has a boyfriend.

Eun Tak summons Kim Shin but when she turns around, she’s face-to-face with Wang Yeo. She turns back around and mumbles about forgetting her scarf and wondering if her boss locked the door. However, Wang Yeo is not surprised about the attempt and tells her that he’s been looking for her. She asks if she’s supposed to die when she barely turned 19. He tells her that people die when they’re 8 and 9 as that is how death is. She asks her who she’s with and looks up to see Kim Shin. She hides his eyes as so that he doesn’t look at him but he tells her that they’re acquainted. He mentions that he’s in the middle of work and Wang Yeo wonders why he’s there and he tells him that he’s interfering in a human’s life. Wang Yeo suggests he’s making a grave decision.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 21.41.26.png

Eun Tak suggests that they run away as he has been looking for her for 10 years. Kim Shin tells her that it doesn’t matter if he’s been looking for 10 or 100 years as he can’t take someone so willing to marry a goblin in front of the goblin himself. Wang Yeo realises that she’s the Goblin’s bride and suggests that he’s been made out like the bad guy. He goes to attend to his business leaving the couple alone.

Kim Shin urges Eun Tak to talk as she must have questions. She asks him why he lied to her about not being a Goblin. He admits that he didn’t know if he was going to see her again and didn’t think that she would be able to follow him through his doors. She asks why he’s telling her now and he tells her that it’s due to the same reason as he lied. He didn’t want her to have any false hopes. She accuses him of thinking that she’s not pretty but he assures her that she is pretty. He tells her that he’s not looking for someone pretty, he’s looking for someone to see something about him that she can’t see. She tells him that she never wanted to be a goblin’s bride and tells him that she’ll never summon him again. She walks away and with one last look he vanishes. She turns around only to find him gone and walks away crying.

Kim Shin arrives home and Wang Yeo asks if he’s going to die as the rumours have it. Kim Shin tells him that she can’t see the sword so it’s unlikely that he’s going to be dying anytime soon. Wang Yeo suggests that she just may not be able to see it yet as she is quite young. Kim Shin reminds him that she is young and he should not go anywhere near her. Wang Yeo tells him to go somewhere else as he can’t live with a goblin that intrudes in his life. Kim Shin suggests he use the door if he can’t handle it.

Kim Shin goes to his bedroom and lays on the bed, meanwhile, Eun Tak is at the library being all solemnly.

Eun Tak starts reading the children’s’ books about goblin’s as to try and figure out about Kim Shin’s past. A little girl asks why she’s reading the books and she suggests that she is trying to find out about her boyfriend and the girl assumes that he’s a prince. Eun Tak agrees that it would be easier if he was a prince. The young girl gives are another book about goblins and runs along. Eun Tak thinks back about her interaction with Kim Shin and decides to give up. She puts the leaf in a book and walks away.

Kim Shin is sitting outside when he sees smoke. At first, he thinks that he’s being summoned but it turns out to just be Duk Hwa. Duk Hwa tries to claim that Kim Shin smoked but Kim Shin reminds him he quite 350 years prior.

Wang Yeo comes out and asks what’s wrong with Kim Shin. Duk Hwa tells him that he’s been like that for hours and the humidity is killing him. Duk Hwa notices a shower cap on his head and Wang Yeo gets mad. He stomps over to Kim Shin, however, his flames flare up and thunder strikes and Wang Yeo backs off. Kim Shin sighs and more clouds come rolling in but Duk Hwa tells him that he can’t make it rain in the house. Wang Yeo suggests that Kim Shin is like that because he hurt Euk Tak and their lover’s spat didn’t turn out so well. Duk Hwa is focused on the fact that Kim Shin has a girlfriend and asks if she’s pretty. Kim Shin suggests that a god of death should not be spouting nonsense in front of a kid. Duk Hwa suggests that he apologises but Kim Shin silences him.

Screenshot 2016-12-05 22.11.30.png

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin both head out at the same time. Kim Shin claims he’s going to the supermarket and Wang Yeo says he’s going to the dry cleaners. They both head out and arrive at Eun Tak’s house. Kim Shin inquires if Wang Yeo has killed her, and Wang Yeo claims he told her to move. Kim Shin reminds him that Eun Tak moved the last time he came to look for her some it’s only an obvious thing to do. Kim Shin walks away while Wang Yeo asks him if he knows where she is.

Eun Tak sets up to sleep at the restaurant. She feels uneasy about leaving her aunts. She tries to convince herself that it was never her home, however, it still doesn’t sit well with her. She suddenly sits up with the thought of an idea and she runs out of the restaurant.

She goes looking for the ghost and when she finds her the ghost disappears. She’s told that she’s acting scary since she normally ignores her. Eun Tak tries to ask the ghost about why she’s called the Goblin’s bride. The ghost tells her that she was called that by another ghost.

Eun Tak goes to see the other ghosts and she’s told the story of her mother. The ghost tells her that he mother was hit by a car and Kim Shin saves her. Eun Tak finds it hard to believe that he did that.  The ghost is pretty sure that she should have died because of a little while after that the God of death came to that very spot but left empty handed. Eun Tak suddenly realises that Kim Shin is right and that she has no rite to be angry at him. If it wasn’t for him than she would not be alive and not have any memories of her mother. She wonders what she should do, but the older ghost tells her that she must marry the Goblin.Kim Shin watches Eun Tak talk with the ghosts.

Eun Tak’s aunt goes to see Kim Sun and requests to speak to her boss. Sun tells her that she s the boss and the aunt wonders how she could hire someone else precious niece. Sun mentions that she doesn’t seem to treasure her due to her personality. The aunt tries to intimidate her, however, Sun justs walk away. She calls someone and pretends to be calling for some muscle to beat up the aunt. This makes the aunt leave and the other person on the other line is hella confused about what just happened.

The aunt arrives home to find her loan sharks waiting on her. He wants to take a drive with her as she’s not paying them back. They tell she’s been going on about the insurance money for months. She assures them that it exists, however, her bank book keeps going missing and she’s sure that it’s Eun Tak’s fault. They inquire as to what school she goes to.

Eun Tak leaves with her cousin sending her a text message. She takes a different route from school and gets cornered by the loan sharks and forced into their SUV.

Wang Yeo and Kim Shin are sitting at the table eating supper when Kim Shin asks how he got the money to pay 20 years of rent in advance. Wang Yeo reminds him that families tend to leave their loved ones money to pay for the taxi to the underworld and he’s been saving for 300 years. Kim Shin reminds him that he’s rich as well. When Wang Yeo tries the pepper trick again Kim Shin catches it. Instead, Wang Yeo throws his plate out of the window and Kim Shin tells him that it was from Louis XV’s era. At first, he laughs but he quickly gets mad.

Eun Tak sits quietly while the loan sharks look through her back for the bank book. She notices the man in the driver seat lighting a lighter but when she tries to blow out the flame she fails. the loan shark in the back tells her about the bank book but she assures him that she doesn’t have it. He tells her that her aunt claims that she has it so someone must be lying. He goes to hit her but her she hides her mark flash.  Kim Shin and Wang Yeo are playing with each other when Kim Shin drops his power and senses something is off.

The loanshark warns her that where she’s going no one comes back from and tries to threaten her into giving them the bank book. She tells them to go to her auntès house and looks. Suddenly, the driver stops and they watch as the lights down the street start blowing out. 2 figures are walking towards the car. Sure enough, Wang Yeo and Kim Shin some into view. Eun Tak calms down and Kim Shin looks furious.

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 1 Recap

Heroine Disqualified




This is another manga remake filled with actors and actresses that I love.

We follow Matsuzaki Hatori  (Kiritani Mirei) who is a high school girl who has been in love with her childhood friend, Torasaka Rita (Yamazaki Kento), for the last  10 years. She has planned to have him fall in love with her when another girl, Adachi Miho (Wagatsuma Miwako), confesses her feeling to him and they begin to date. Meanwhile, Hiromitsu Kosuke (Sakaguchi Kentaro), the school’s bad boy, has begun to fall in love with her and tries to win her over.

This is an excellent movie. The series itself is very short so there is not much of a story to go on. It is an excellent movie. The 4 leads are fantastic in this and their chemistry is excellent. This is the first time that I’ve watched Wagatsuma Miwako but she pulls off Adachi Miho perfectly. The other 3 are more seasoned actors than her but she was not overwhelmed. Another excellent movie starring Yamazaki Kento.

Otaku Talks Movies – Heroine Disqualified Podcast

Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3)



After the werewolves were thrust into the spotlight, after their coming out, it forced the Marrok to tighten his rule on them. This means more executions and Charles is being sent out more and more. Anna tries to show the Marrok that it’s taking a toll on him. When he finally gives in, the Marrok sends Anna and Charles to help the FBI solve a serial killer case. While helping the FBI, Anna tries to get Charles to open up to about what is bothering him so much. This might be their biggest obstacle yet.

This is an excellent continuation of the book series. This book has expanded Charles as a character and makes him feel more rounded. I’m not saying that he wasn’t a good character before, but he seems more human. Anna has grown since the last book and that is probably because 1 year has passed since then. I love the introduction of the new Boston-based werewolves and the expansion of the world. It’s a strong book and interesting plot to continue the world’s narrative.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 1 Recap



We start off the series with a legend. It tells us that everything contains a spirit and energy, including a sword with so much on it. Only the Goblin’s wife can pull the sword turning him back to nothing and allowing him to rest. (I’m not sure what this will have to do with the story but I’m sure we’re going to find out.)

We pan out to an older woman telling a woman (Park Hee Von) the story and how it was a cruel deal for the Goblin to find himself immortal. He is everywhere in the world and not where all at once. She begins to laugh, telling the old lady that she doesn’t believe that the Goblin is still around, let alone that she is his wife. The old woman teases her about once being pretty. She goes to leave after wish the woman goodbye, however, the woman grabs her hand. She warns her that at a time when her life is flashing before her eyes, she should pray for mercy to a God because a God with a soft spot might hear her.

We rewind to 1968 in Paris, and we find Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) walking down the street. A young boy comes out and he stops him, recommending him not to run away from home as his future would be worst if he did. He suggests a few options on what to do but the boy can’t believe what he’s saying. Kim Shin warns him about slitting his wrist which gets his attention. As he asks if he’ll take responsibility if he’s beaten to death. Kim Shin tells him that’s why he broke his father’s ribs for him and just then the man comes out and trips over the potted plant that he previously moved. The boy asks him who he really is but he simply hands him a sandwich and leaves a very puzzled boy in his wake. (I’d be confused too.)

The question is asked again, who is he. He is all of the elements, both light and darkness, however, at one time he was human. We see Kim Shin on the battlefield. He was a military leader whose nickname was God. He was a renown warrior who could beat all of his adversaries on the battlefield. We then see a very well choreographed battle scene.

Screenshot 2016-12-02 19.28.11.png

He arrives back to the palace and they welcome him as a hero. However, once at the palace gates, he’s told to remove his armour and is called a criminal. His army disagrees with the statement. He agrees to remove his armour but does not let go of his sword. He steps forward, telling them that he will see the king and archers fire. They kill some of his men and his lieutenant is  appalled because they fought for them. The doors open which grants Kim Shin entrance. He goes in alone as to protect his men.

He comes face to face with a woman dress in white and behind her was the king. He’s told of Kim Shin’s status by his advisor and the threat that he poses. The king is suggested to give him the harshest punishment allowed under their law. When the general arrives next to the queen he’s told that if he come’s any closer the people in front of him will die. The queen tells him to walk forward as he must reach the king. Kim Shin is reluctant but she tells him that if it is her fate to die there, then so be it, but he must reach the king. He goes to tell her something but she admits that she’s always known (Probably that he loves her) and he sets his eyes on the king and pushes forward again. She’s shot through the heart but Kim Shin doesn’t look back.  He steps forward and 1/2 of the people are sliced down. He pauses slightly and a guard comes forward to slice his back. Kim Shin’slieutenantt comes running can’t believe they have killed the princess. A guard comes forward to kill Kim Shin , but though he is injured he protects himself. He tells the guard that it has nothing to do with him, and his lieutenant comes to his side. He asks for one last favour and hands his sword to his lieutenant. Though he begs for forgiveness, he stabs Kim Shin through the heart and cries as he dies. HIs friend is killed before him. Kim Shin is to be sent to the fields to be eaten by animals. Before he loses consciousness he looks towards the queen and their eyes meet one last time before she falls still.

Kim Shin lies in the field with his sword sticking out of his chest, as nearby men pray for him to be spared.  He believed that the prayers would do no good because no god was listening. That afternoon he died in the field and the sword was never moved.

Fast forward to Seoul in 1998, Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) is walking the streets one foggy morning. He crosses the street and a car comes out of nowhere. It hits him, but instead of anything happening to him, the car is as damaged as it would be if he had hit a tree. He tells the driver that he hit a wild boar and walks off. A van pulls up and the man breaks out of the trance and tells the driver the same information. People start to notice the dead body in the trunk, as does the dead woman. Wang Yeo comes up to her and informs her about the information he received is accurate and if she is the woman he was looking for.

Screenshot 2016-12-02 20.22.19.png

Wang Yeo takes her to a tea shop and serves her tea. He tells her that it will make her forget everything that happened in the previous life. She asked what would happen if she doesn’t drink it. He tells her that she’ll regret it and he hopes she can leave her regrets in the past life. Wang Yeo is suddenly alone doing dishes and he puts away the tea cup in a huge room. When he comes out Kim Shin walks past his shopping. They notice each other, but Kim Shin walks on.

Kim Shin arrives because to the house and is greeted by his butler and his butler’s grandson. We find out that it’s been 20 years since they’d last saw each other. The grandson is a little insulant, but Kim shin seems to enjoy that. After closer inspection, he tells the young boy that he looks like his ancestors.

Back to the past, we see an old man visiting Kim Shin’s sword. He apologises for not looking out for him but he’s been sick. He introduces his grandson, who can’t believe he’s grandfather’s lordship is a sword. At that moment, the sword shifts and he’is told that  his servants have saved his soul, however, as punishment for killing so many of God’s creations he will be immortal and watch as all his loved ones die. Only the goblin’s bride can remove the sword and let him rest. His servant is surprised that he returned from the grave. He tells them that he has a place to go.

He goes to the palace to find the king. He stumbles upon his advisors and killed them. He finds himself too late to kill the king as he’s already dead. Kim Shin arrives back to his friend to find him dead and his grandson crying over his grave. He accepts it as his first punishment and the young boy asks him to accept him. Though shocked, as he doesn’t like his own reaction to coming back to like, he agrees to let the boy stay with him.

Kim Shin and the boy board a boat and the boy forgets himself as he enjoys the view. He tries to acts like a servant but Kim Shin just wants him to enjoy himself. When he notices that the boy is hungry he offers him his food. He refuses and when Kim Shin finally gets him to take the food some thugs pick the boy up. He suggests that they let the boy go and they start suggesting that they’ll sell them as slaves. When they drop the ocean, Kim Shin asks if they know what happens when humans act like the lesser animals and he tells them that they’ll meet with the God of Wrath. The waters become rough and one of the men notices him as the goblin that he is. He sinks their boat out of sheer anger and when they beg to be saved he tells them that it’s too late. He pulls out his mystical sword and splits the boat into pieces. (The visuals in this are fantastic!)

Screenshot 2016-12-02 20.59.23.png

Back to 1998, Kim Shin is sitting alone, atop a sign. He is happy that he is back in Seoul at his leisure. He listens to the noise around him and hears a crash. A woman lays in the snow after the hit-and-run coughing up blood. She begs for anyone to save her. Kim Shin comes to her rescue and she asks him who he is. He tells her just anyone. She begs for him to save her, but he informs her that he doesn’t get involved in human lives. He realises that it’s not her own life that she wants saved, but rather that of her child. He grants her wish to live claiming that he doesn’t want to see anyone die that night.

Wang Yeo comes to the accident scene but the woman is not there. He looks at his cards again and wonders why there is snow, rain and flowers. Eun Tak is born healthy and safe. Outside the window of the hospital room a group of ghost group together and whisper about the goblin’s bride making a return.

We fast forward to 2006, Eun Tak is 8 , soon to be 9 years old. She is waiting for her mother to finish work. They talk about getting a cake for her birthday. Eun Tak runs over to a puppy and starts to play, but we see that the puppy is a spirit. After school, Eun Tak arrives home and her mother invites her to light the candles. After a moment, Eun Tak realises that her mother is dead, and she talking to her spirit. Her mother warns her that she’ll be getting a phone call and will need to go to the hospital. Her aunt will arrive after her and she’s to as the woman at the supermarket to go with her. Euk Tak promises to follow her instructions. Her mother warns her to never talk with a spirit again but is grateful that they can see each other one last time. Eun Tak wishes her a farewell and cries at the loss of her mother.

Eun Tak leaves and comes face-to -face with Wang Yeo. She asks who he is. He’s surprised that she can see him. She remembers what he mother says and she turns to head in. He mentions that she has her scarf on. The old woman comes to her rescue and reminds him that 9 years prior she had no name, and since she now has a name he must have a certificate with her name on it. He leaves them and the old woman warns her that she must move as to hide from him. She is left alone to head to the funeral.

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Fast forward 10 years, Yoo Duk Hwa (Yook Sun Jae) passes Kim Sun (Yoo In Na) on the street and invites her out for drinks.

Kim Shin is sitting at home reading when he gets a phone call from  Duk Hwa about his card not working and he ignores the call.

Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is sitting in the cafeteria alone, while the girls of her age talk poorly about her and her abilities and wonders why she acts as if she can’t hear them. She’s walking home when a ghost is bothering her about not paying attention to her. Finally, she screams which scares Eun Tak. She tells her that she knew she could see her but when she looks ahead she apologises and runs away. This leaves a very  confuses Eun Tak.

She starts to walks again and Kim Shin is walking towards her. The cross paths and though their eyes meet Eun Tak just walks on by. Kim Shin has a few glances of memories and looks back at her after a quick thought.

Kim Shin sits at home and his butler gives him the file. It contains his new identity. He is advised that he has pulled strings so that he could leave at the end of the month. He asks if it’s really that last time that he’ll see him in his lifetime. Kim Shin thanks him for all the time that he’s spent with him. Just then Duk Hwa comes in. He starts yelling at Kim Shin and his grandfather tells him that he’s the one who cancelled his card. Duk Hwa notices the file on the table and inquires as to when he was leaving. Kim Shin stays silent during the ideal.

Eun Tak wakes up in the morning and makes breakfast for her aunt and family. They wonder why there is seaweed soup and it turns out to be her birthday. She heads out to school and her auth tells her that she should come to the bank with her bank book. Eun Tak reminds her that she has no bank book. He aunt throws a rice bowl at her and asks about the insurance money. Eun Tak reminds her that she has no idea what happened to the money because she took it all for herself. Her aunt accuses her of taking the bank book whenever she needs to go to the bank. Her cousin says that it’s probably possessed and Right before leaving Eun Tak tells her cousin that there is a ghost behind her.

Eun Tak sits alone at the ocean’s edge with a cake. Meanwhile, Kim Shin is sitting alone in the field of flowers where he died.

His butler asks if he’s going to be travelling alone, and Kim Shin admits that it looks that way. Though the butler wants Kim Shin to find his bride soon, he also doesn’t want him to leave. He puts it up to human greed. Kim Shin tells him that, at least for that day, he wants to live and enjoy his company.

Kim Shin is holding a bouquet of buckwheat flowers in his hand. Eun Tak wishes on her birthday candles for a job, for someone to do something about her family and to help her get a boyfriend. She blows out the candles and complains about the weather. Kim Shin calls to her and she spins around. She believes that he’s a ghost at first but he tries to tell her that he’s not. She assures him that everyone says that. She asks why he’s holding a bouquet of flowers, she tells him that they don’t suit him. He hands them to her and she asks what the meaning of barley flowers are and he tells her lover. He tells her to say goodbye to her family since she won’t see her for a while, she should continue looking for a job in a chicken place because she’ll find something soon. He disappears and she asks about a boyfriend.

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Kim Shin comes back home smiling but it quickly fades when he notices Wang Yeo. They both mentions that they haven’t met, but Wang Yeo mentions that he’s heard about him. Kim Shin admits that there are a lot of stories about him. Duk Hwa comes in and mentions that they could make some money if they rented the house out while he’s gone. Kim Shin wants Wang Yeo gone because he’s the grim reaper. Wang Yeo mentions that he’s already paid and signed the contract. Kim Shin welcomes him to stay after a threat to take Duk Hwa instead. Kim Shin bids him good luck of being able to kick him off f his territory.

That evening they have a not so nice dinner. Wang Yeo throws pepper into Kim Shin’s water, and Kim Shin throws chilly powder into his soup. Meanwhile, Eun Tak is working on her homework and she thinks about the meaning of the flowers.

Eun Tak goes around town and continues to search for a job at chicken places like Kim Shin tells her to with no avail. She gets frustrated and goes to drink some water. A passerby throws a cigarette in the trash and she blows it out. This summons Kim Shin again and he’s confused. She remains adamant that she didn’t call him not putting 1 and 1 together. She asks if he’s really a guardian angel and he stays quiet. She asks for more information but he stays quiet. She asks about what he sees and he admits that she’s pretty but plays it off as it being the uniform that’s pretty. When she starts joking around about being a fairy he vanishes again.

Eun Tak is in church when she has an idea and she lights a candle. When she blows it out Kim Shin is summoned. She tells him that she’s figured it out. He asks if she couldn’t have brought him to a nicer place. When he starts to walk towards the door. She asks why he’s not disappearing and he tells her that the church is a dead zone to him. He tells her not to follow but she keeps asking about her wishes not coming true and he tells her to wait.

Eun Tak is sitting in the library and blows out a candle on her phone. He appears but she didn’t think that it would work. He turns to leave but she grasps his arm and her hands are encased with blue flames. He can’t believe that she’s latched on to him but she soon has to let go because his flame is too hot.

He reminds her that blue flame is the hottest flame in contrary to her cold flame theory. He tells her to go back to studying and she tries to attest that she’s at the top of her class. She asks if he can give her money but he tells her that he’s busy. She only then notices that his clothes are quite fancy. He tells her that it’s a friend’s death anniversary the following day and when she asks a tonne of question about when he’s returning, he tells her to simply asks her question. She asks if he’s a Goblin. He asks who she is and she admits that it sounds really odd but she’s the Goblin’s bride. She tells him about her ability to see spirits and shows him the birthmark on her neck. He places her as the woman’s daughter. He asks her to prove it and she doesn’t know how. He asks what she sees when she looks at him. She starts to describe him but she can’t see the sword. He tells her that he’s not a goblin and she’s not the goblin’s bride.

Kim Shin opens a door and she follows him through it. This stuns her and him at the same time. He doesn’t know how she did it and she tells him that she simply followed him. She asks where they are and when he tells her Canada, she freaks out. (This was shot in Quebec City, the capital city of the Quebec Province. A.K.A where I’m from… well I’m 2 hrs south of there.) She runs down the street and up so stairs. She asks if he has the power to travel and he tells her that she apparently does too. She tells him that she’s made up her mind. When he asks her about what, she tells him that she’s going to marry him because she’s certain he’s a goblin. She tells him that he loves her and he looks shocked.

I hope next episode we get to see more in Quebec, but I may be a little bias.

Goblin : The Lonely and Great God Episode 2 Recap




This anime is based on a short running manga but the same name. The manga series and the anime series is complete so we can’t go hoping for more. This anime does deal with death, suicide and suicidal thoughts, so if these things trigger you I would suggest not watching this anime. This is also a slice-of-life romance comedy and it does it well while incorporating a little time travel.

So in the anime Takamiya Naho, a high school girl who gets a mysterious letter on the first day of school but brushes it off as a joke. When things happening she starts to believe it and starts to work hard on saving Naruse Kakeru’s life. The letter tells Naho that Kakeru died in an accident but they find out later that he had actually committed suicide. Naho makes it her life’s mission to save Kakeru, all the while falling in love with him.

This is a really good manga series. I will warn you if you’ve read the manga this anime is such a recreation that you will experience Déja-vu while watching this. It’s animation is perfect for the anime, even though there isn’t anything fancy about it. I would say it is worth a watch.

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