Protecting His Priestess (Looking For Group Book 2)



Rissa and Ajax have been friends for years. While Rissa sees them as just friends, Ajax wants something more. When a person from Rissa’s past comes back to haunt her, Ajax comes to take care of her and to make sure she’s taken care of.

This is an exciting mix between 2 genres, we had a lovely blooming romance that the geek in me loved. As a gamer, having a real relationship between 2 video game loving characters was interesting. The main characters, Ajax and Rissa, were brilliant and worked well together. We really got to know them throughout this book, and even though they both had their struggles, they worked well together.

Their pasts make everything more realistic and authentic to the book’s writing style. The idea of cybernetic limbs is exciting and fun. It’s the next step in prosthetic technology, and I found it interesting to have the main characters in a new field of research. I also enjoyed that out of the two characters the one that is the leading expert in cybernetics is Rissa. I’ve seen so many romance books, the female is really just there for the romance, but Rissa is so much more in this book which is very interesting and fun.

The overarching story in this book, over and above the romance, was fascinating. It was so ingrained in her past, which allows Ajax to really get to know Rissa. We find out a lot about her fairly early on in the book, and Ajax really does step up to the plate.

Overall, this is a delightful book.

Exposed Fury



Annie is finally getting her feet back under her with her new PI business. She’s finally settling into her new life while still getting over her injured from the last job with the police. However, when she finds a dead body, she is dragged back into the world of murder and bloodshed with her old partner. This was not the way she wanted to start her retirement.

This book is written like a hybrid between a Cozy Mystery and Cop procedural. I will say that the main character being a PI made the mystery a little more digestible. There was also the link that she only started looking into the murder on her client’s insistence. This mak more sense than most mystery books because she needs to get paid. I find that a lot of cozy mysteries have the flaw that the main character shouldn’t get involved with the mystery and they usually get in the way. With Anni’s past as a police detective before a shooting that forced her off the force, she already has the know how to handle a crime scene. It also allows her to have an in the department to get more information than an average citizen.

I really enjoyed about learning about Annie and her past as a police detective, however, it kinda wanted me to know more and read more about her history with Gunnar. This is a good jumping off point to that story. I feel like there is so much more to her relationship with Gunnar that we haven’t even touched yet. I really did enjoy the chemistry between them. I could see them being more than just friends if Annie wasn’t taken. I did enjoy finding out more about Annie’s past through her relationship with Ford. Annie and the reader can tell that Ford and Annie are on 2 different wavelengths throughout the book, which happens throughout life with a partner. Annie’s father managed to help her see through some of the issues that she was having, which shows how strong her relationship with Ford really is. I also enjoyed the Family dynamic that was shown throughout the book.

Overall, it was an excellent book.


I got a free ARC from, Hidden Gems.

Last Minute (The Janet Black Mystery Series Book 2)



I don’t usually just into the second book of a series. However, I was given a copy of this book through Hidden Gems, and I just had to read it. I will probably be picking up the first book in this series.

Janet is a bar owner, and she loves her job. However, ever since finding a body in her freezer, life hasn’t been the same. Now no matter how hard she tries to stay away from investigations, she has them drop into her lap. When a regular client’s daughter is found dead in her house, her client is certain that it wasn’t an accident. While Janet is trying to get out of legal issues due to the last investigation, she gets pulled into a new one.

This book is an entertaining read. It takes the trope of a restaurant owner looking into murders and makes it make sense, or at least more sense. She starts getting her PI license to get her out of trouble with the law. Though the plot point is to expand the world and the characters in the book, it is fascinating. They also don’t introduce the idea of being a PI lightly either. She thinks it over and contemplates the positives and negatives before going headlong into the project. With how she treated the little investigating aspects of this book, I think this character is well written to be a PI later in the series. I also enjoyed the character of the PI that has come into the storyline thank to the PI in training aspect.

I feel like certain character’s development was interesting. The relationship between Janet and Jason fell flat. They were always at odds with each other throughout the book, and I know that when you were in a relationship, there will be hard times. However, I felt like this entire book was a hard time. The book was playing up Janet and O’Dell together, but the love triangle felt very one-sided due to the lack of a relationship between Janet and Jason. I wanted to love the characters. However, their relationship was just placed merely in almost just to be there. They are already an established relationship, but that didn’t help the plot at all. The chemistry between Janet and O’Dell was palpable, and even though it’s a forbidden romance, it was still an interesting topic. I don’t typically like there being a guy on the side. However, I related more to O’Dell than Jason throughout this entire book.

Overall, it was a fun book.

I got a free ARC from the Hidden Gem.

Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse (Charlotte Denver #1)



Charlotte runs a little restaurant in the beautiful port city of Ste Eves, in England. Nothing exciting ever happens in the town. It is a quiet town, and the crime is almost unheard of, so when a murder occurs in town, everyone is shocked. Charlotte’s friend, Chief Inspector Nathan Costello, is quickly on the case. However, since she owns the local watering hole, Nathan turns to her to keep her ears open, in case she happens to hear anything. Everyone in town is on edge and wants the murderer to be found so everything can go back to normal.

This was a great little introduction to the series, as well as the main character. Charlotte is an interesting character. Though she always seems to be busy, she is still willing to help her friends. Nather and Charlotte have an excellent relationship that you can tell spans years. I know that the trope of the restaurant owner/amateur sleuth gets with the police officer. However, these two are sweet together.

The mystery was interesting. We see the background of the people involved, and we get the back story. I am still not sure why the murderer murdered in the first place. However, the followup made a lot more sense. I always enjoyed getting to know and understanding the couple whose boat the murder occurred on. Through the mystery, we also got to know a few of the town’s occupants, and it expanded the city and made it feel real.

This was an interesting book, and I’m thinking of reading the rest of the series.

Girl Desecrated: Vampires, Asylums and Highlanders 1984



There has always been something a little off about Rachel, and she’s known it since she was a little kid. However, with her mother in the psych ward, she thought that she had merely inherited a mental disorder. However, on her 18 birthday, she meets a man that will change her life. She doesn’t realize how deeply her life will be impacted until it’s too late.

This book was not what I expected by reading the synopsis. It sounded like an epic adventure. However, it ended up being more of a coming of age book. There was a little more action in the last 1/4 of the book. Though I say, it’s a coming of age story… but like in a superhero origin store kind of way. This book is a really long build-up to her coming into her destiny.

The character of Rachel has a lot of potential, however, I didn’t really feel connected to the characters. Though she was placed into the situation through birth, she never really paid any attention to it. I find that a little hard to believe. The characters throughout this book were a bit hard to like, and I felt like there needed to be a little more character development for the rest of the characters.

I will say there was one huge pet peeve in this book. The author spells out the phonetics of the Scottish accent. That makes it really hard for the reader to read. I like reading my books quickly understand the dialogue the first time that I read it. This spelling does not lend well to understanding the text quickly.

It is a really slow book, so don’t go in expecting a lot of action.

I received a review copy from Hidden Gem.

Wedding Waffle Murder (Wicked Waffle Mystery #6)



Sonja and Frank’s wedding is finally on, and everyone in the town is super excited. However, the morning of a wedding, a younger couple has been missing for the entire weekend. The couple agrees to postpone the wedding until the couple is found. When Sonja meets with a young ghost, she is worried about the wellbeing of the couple, and so is Frank.

This was a cute little book. I always enjoy books that include a marriage. Though Frank and Sonja still have a lot of issues that they have to resolve, they are an adorable couple. I really do enjoy reading about their love story. I will say that in this book they really do work well together. Their teamwork has been getting better throughout the series. However, I feel like Frank needs to get used to Sonja’s powers a little more especially if he is going to continue to rely on them.

The mystery was actually fascinating. Though I will admit, I didn’t really see the plot twist coming until really late into the story. I actually really enjoyed that part of the book. The way that Sonja’s powers were used in this book. I feel like there is a lot more than we need to explore with her powers. However, I enjoy that she is still not overpowered.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It is an excellent book that’s added in the series.

Death In Vermilion



When Leila is in full paint mode nothing can distract her. When she hears her upstairs neighbour getting noisy she just turns up the volume on her radio. However, when she later goes to check up on Iris, she finds that she is in fact dead. Shocked she calls the police, however, she can’t let it go. She is determined to find out what happened to the unlikable artist.

This was my first time reading anything from this author, and I will say that this is an excellent first book. This book is a fascinating murder mystery that allowed us to get to know all the characters around the lead. With the main character finding the murder victim within the first chapter of the book, it allowed the story to get on the way quickly.

I always enjoy books that allow the readers to get to know the murder victim and this book gave us that. Though Iris is painted with an unlikable brush through most of the book, her past started to develop throughout the book. Her motivations, as well as her history, were brought to light, and even though the people around her didn’t find her agreeable, she became a fleshed out characters.

The way that Leila handles the murder was a little brazen, as are most leads in murder mysteries. She does manage to get a lot of information out of the police by just being able to read people. I’m not sure how effective her husband’s character was throughout the book, as he just seemed to blend into the background.

I was a little uncomfortable with the relationship between Leila and her husband as well as the cop. I am not sure that her relationship with her husband will be maintained if this series continues. They are on the edge of divorce as it is. Also, I know that the trope in cozy mysteries is that the main female protagonist falls in love with the cop… however, she is a married woman.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.

I got a free reviewer’s copy from the website Hidden Gem.