Like for Likes



This has been popping up on my dramafever lately and I felt like I should watch it. I’m so happy that I did.

We follow 3 couples, that are all looking for love. Some have to overcome their own personal feeling about themselves, while others are simply looking for love in the wrong places. Recently out of the military, Jin Woo (Yoo Ah In), a famous actor , turns down a role in Gyung A’s (Lee Mi Yeon) latest drama. After having gone into the military right after a one night stand, Jin Woo is unaware of Gyung A’s child until after a wedding. He is certain at that point that the child is his but Gyung A refuses to comment on it.

Meanwhile, Sung Chan (Kim Ju Hyeok), a Japanese restaurant owner, starts a lease a new apartment right before his wedding. However, his finacé leaves him and he has the apartment to himself. The person he leased it from, Joo Ran (Choi Ji Woo), was swindled out of her money and now has no place to stay. Sung Chan offers to share the apartment with her, he even goes as far to introduce her to a friend who is looking for a romantic partner. What could be better?

A regular at Sung Chan’s restaurant, Soo Ho (Kang Ha Neul) is a songwriter, but after being in a car accident in high school, he looses his ability to hear. After meeting Na Yeon (Esom) at the restaurant and having a good time, he falls in love but can never admit that he’s deaf to her. This leads to them exchanging messages on facebook, waiting a long time before meeting again.

This is a really cute movie that I enjoyed. The character development was subtle but there through out. I found myself rooting a bit more for one couple over others, but that’s normal when it comes to stories involving multiple couples. The pairings’ chemistry were perfect and believable. If you want a nice light hearted movie you should give this movie a try.


Strawberry Shortcake Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery #2)



Hannah Swensen is back and there are more murders a foot. In the small town of Lake Eden, there are more people being murdered. In the middle of the bake off being held in Eden Lake, one of the judges, Boyd Watson, local football coach and wife beater, is found dead in his garage. Unsure who else to call, Danielle calls Hannah right after she finds the body. Unsure what else to do, he calls in Mike and Bill to do the police work. Though she claims to not want any part in the case, Hannah starts poking around and quickly finds out that someone doesn’t want her to figure out whose killed Coach Watson.

This is as cute as the first and because we already have the basis of the characters this time of round, it’s real easy just to jump right into the book. Though Hannah’s thought process was easy to follow, the killer came out from left field. I loved the book, don’t get me wrong, but I just didn’t see it coming. I loved the character relationships in the book, I just wish were more scene containing Hannah and her 2 men because I really would love to see a little more romance in this series.

The recipes look awesome as alway  I really wish that I wasn’t on a diet so I could check them out a little bit more.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Mystery #1)

Wolves of East Anglia Part 1



After a mild fender bender, Raedwald had an irrefutable desire to ask Lexi out while she’s on vacation in England. Their mutual attracts hits them both like a brick. Ever since Raed was given the power by the Anglo-saxon god, Tiw, to protect the human race from werewolves sired by Fenris, he’s never had such a pull before. After he notices that he’s starting to care for her more than he should, he struggles to keep her safe while keeping his word to Tiw.

This is an excellent book. Chenery, is really good at world-building. Lexi and Raed are thrown together awfully quickly, but as I said with other series if you have a tell-tell sign you’re destined more people would get together quickly. As this is the first book in the series, we get a lot of background of the group of werewolves as well as the lore behind them. The characters that are shown in this book are well developed, which is really impressive with how short this novella is. This is a really good book and a good start of the series.


On her first day in England, Kamryn runs head on into Algar. After being helped up and dusting herself off, she is certain that she will never see that gorgeous man again. Having lost the wolf that he was looking for, Algar’s mind drifts back to Kamryn. He’s determined to find his mate again. He follows her scent to the hotel she’s staying at in an attempt to woe her. While trying to balance love and his job, he is the 2nd person of the pack to find his mate. They all have a lot of learning to go through.

I love how Algar learns from Raed’s mistakes. The bond between the wolves is strengthened in this book. We get also a deeper understanding of the differences between the 2 types of werewolves. I sadly don’t remember much else about this book, and this is why I shouldn’t have waited so long to review it. I will say though, that the ending is a close call and Twi really manages to save Kamryn’s life.


After her English boyfriend left her owning a bar that is just paying the bills. Nika has sworn herself off men for the rest of her life. Well, that was until Garrick walked into her bar looking at her like she was food. Garrick was absolutely certain that Nika is his mate, but now he just has to warm her up to the idea of having a boyfriend again. Though his presence around her brings her into danger’s path.

This might be the hardest book to write a synopsis for. This book doesn’t have much of a storyline past the love story. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, it’s just there is more substance in the other book of the series. You do still get some background to the other wolves, but they are almost in hiatus in this book. Obviously, the plot still advances but I feel like in the earlier and the later books there is more world building that happens. It’s it’s a good book, just wish there was a little more substance.

The Glass Mask Year 3 Class D



This is a very odd anime with a slightly odd animation style. To begin, it is done with the 3d ish animation style and all of the characters look like dolls. But other than that, the storyline is odd as well.

We have 5 students that were brought into the school who are steeped in passion. Their hope was to increase the overall passion in the school and reignite the passion in their hearts. They try and help people in the weirdest ways and to try and understand the populace around them. They also have the odd habit of rolling back their eyes and showing the whites of them.

Though some of the episodes were entertaining, I would say this wasn’t my type of anime. Though with each episode being 4 minutes long it’s easy to simply watch the entire series. There doesn’t look like there will be a second season to expand on the characters at all, but I don’t really think there needs to be. I will say though that Masumi Hayami was my favourite character even though he was a prick.

Psycho-Pass Season 1



Ok so the poster is actually for season 2 but, Shhh, don’t tell anyone. This anime is one of my favourites. Because season 1 and 2 are not direct continuations I’m going to review them separately.

In the not so distant future, if you so much as think of a crime you can be convicted. That is the society that our characters live in. If you are working in the police force and do not meet the quota for the psycho-pass then you are handed over to another enforcer until you can obtain a passing score or fall so deep that you are incarcerated. We primarily follow Kyougami Shinya, who do to a trauma in his past he can no longer pass the test so he is to be monitored by his partner, Tsunemori Akane, who is very special as well. Akane can never fail the test. She always scores near perfect on the test no matter what happens. These two are sent head on into trouble that stems from Shinya’s past.

I love the animation style of this anime. The cyberpunk designs and the thought that even when into the guns that they use. I dislike that the society stigmatises mental health issues, however, it does go perfectly with the dystopian environment that they are going for. The thriller aspect is fantastic and even the villain is clever. Though he does remind me of a saner version of Muraki Kazutaka from Descendents of Darkness. All-in-all I really love this show and if you’re into psychological thrillers this is probably for you.


Eleventh Grave in Moonlight (Charley Davidson #11)



The most recent book in this series, and I’m so happy that I got to read this. I will warn all who start this book that it has a killer of a cliffhanger ending. The release date of the next book is already marked on my calendar, which is perfectly Oct 31.

A standard day for Charley, involves all the normal things that PI’s deal with. Missing people, stalkers, death threats, manically religious people, ghosts, hell hounds, and a seriously pissed evil God. While still trying to come to grips with the idea that she is a Goddess and finding more and more about her past in the other dimension. She must figure out how to keep herself alive, while also keeping her daughter safe.

This book is so good. Charley and the team have grown a lot over the past few books. In this book, Osh gets a bit more of a role, as does Amber. We get to see more of her seer powers and her fighting spirit. Amber’s sub plot brings all of the gang together to protect her and allows her to grow as a character. Osh acts more like a kid in this book then he did in others, but you can feel like he’s really bonded with the gang. The hell dimension doesn’t have much of a spot in this book, except for at the end, which leads into the cliffhanger. I want to read the next book so bad because of where she ended. This is an excellent continuation of the series, and I’m glad that the pace picked up a bit in this book, as I felt that was lacking in the previous books.

The Curse of Tenth Grave (Charley Davidson #10)

Desire Series



Bailey is stuck and unable to reach orgasm anymore. She just can’t figure out what is wrong with her and as she’s working with one of the hottest men in Atlanta. Griff, the clubs owner, knows exactly what he’s going through as he’s already been there himself. Changing from mortal to immortal for incubi and succubi are practically the same. With the thought that he’s saving her life in mind, he sets off to help her complete her change.

This isn’t my favourite novelette. If you like a very erotic book with not much else. This story only covers a week, but most of the story is over in a day. The characters aren’t developed past the need of the story. Since there isn’t really one it ends at their very shallow relationship. The sex scenes are good, so if you’re looking for that it’s fine. I feel like even smut needs a little more of a story. This isn’t a book I’d recommend sadly… on to the second one!


Rhyan is an angel who’s been sent to Earth as punishment. She has been given the task of collecting information on Dominic, a fallen angel that has still retained all of his powers.  As Dominic works at Desire, he has not problem picking up ladies when he wants a little one on one time. However, once Rhyan walks into the club he is hit with a desire that is unknown to him. Now, both Rhyan and Dominic have to decide what

This is actually quite good in comparison to the 1st book. The story is interesting and the characters are well developed. Tompkins got the balance between smut and story down in this book. The sub plot behind Rhyan’s arrival is nice and interesting. It’s refreshing to see a plot about Fallen angels. I guess it only makes sense that he’s friends with a incubus and a djinn. I do like the interactions between the 3 friends.


Seth is a fire djinn, and the most dominant of the doms on the Atlanta scene. Thanks to his gig as manager of Desire, he doesn’t have any trouble getting a woman. Eden is a witch priestess who has been force to into great power with out really wanting it. The night before she takes the place as the Elemental Guardian, she seeks out Seth in order to let go. However, though they simply wanted some good sex they both get more than what they bargained for.

This book is about 1/2 between the 2nd and the 3rd book. I loved the accurate depiction of BDSM that is displayed at the beginning of the story. When they roles switch it was a little less willing. There was a story but it simply fuel the sex. Similar to the first book, it is all sex all the time, however, this book we do get more character development then the first book. I still prefer the 2nd book though out of all of them.