Shadowhunters Mortal Instrument Review

Source: 0ps / Constantin Film

There has only been one other re-imagining of this book series, and I must say that the movie was pretty bad. The casting choices for the movie were not the best and the writing could have been better. That being said, it made me very skeptical when I saw that Netflix has just launched they’re own show based on the book series.  Currently only one episode is available to stream with the next available on Jan 20, and I will be watching it. Netflix has a good reputation with their original series. Not all of them have been great but over all they’re quite good.

I am very happy with how the first episode has turned out so far. The book series is one of the better series that I have gotten my hands on in the recent past. The characters are likable, there is not a clear line between good and evil, and magic is really. It sounds like the perfect combination of everything fantastic in the world of literature.

I don’t want to give a definitive decision on whether or not I like the series until a few more episodes in, but I can say it has potential. I will try and give an honest review with out divulging any spoilers.

The choice of actors, based on appearance, is quite good. They line up well with the books, obviously not perfectly but I can forgive Isaiah Mustafa for being Luke. So far the acting isn’t horrible, but I don’t like judging on the first 30 minutes of anything, we haven’t really gotten to see much of any one character as of yet.  The story is currently following the novels better than the movie currently.

So far, the series has good potential. I will continue to watch the series to see if it does justice to my favorite series.


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