Crunchyroll Winter 2016 Lineup Part 1


As a cosplayer I watch a lot of anime and cartoons, but I’ve found that as I get older I’m having difficulty finding new animes that I really enjoy. Since I have this week off for my birthday I thought that I should watch at least the first few episodes of all the new series on CrunchyRoll.

I find that I rely too much on the anime’s summary, that doesn’t always do the anime justice. I will be throwing out a lot of terms but don’t worry I’ll make a post about them at a later date, or google is a thing.

It is going to be very long to go through all of the animes in one shot, being that 44 anime series are in the current season on CrunchyRoll. So I am going to put down some ground rules before I start watching them. I will only be watching animes on their first season, which leaves only 17. I will write a brief note about the summary and one for the few episodes that I watched. I will be also spreading these recaps over a few of week as to not make the posts too long, I’ll be aiming for 4-5 animes per post. So Let’s begin!

Source: CrunchyRoll

Active Raid

This anime is being sold as an action, mech, police, sci-fi anime. Just from the synopsis I couldn’t judge if it suppose to be a shonen or a seinen anime so with the summary we can assume it’s going to be pg-13.

After after watching the first 2 episodes I can say it seems to be a typical mech anime. Though this one includes a self important female character who has yet to figure out that justice is not black and white, nor does it come from the manual. The anime series does seem to have a main enemy though as of the second episode the characters doesn’t seem to know about them as of yet.

The anime style is very clean and fluid. The character are well designed and makes me want to file the mechs away as a cosplay idea. It falls under the category seinen or mildly fan service-y. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to watch it after watching the first 2 episodes that were available at the current time but it is a fun anime with quirky characters, good action scenes and ok writing. If you like mechanical exoskeletons fighting each other, then this is the show for you. You’ll just need to get over your hatred for Kazari Asami.


Source: CrunchyRoll

Aokana : Four Rythm Across the Blue

Ok, so this seems to be another sci-fi anime with parts of sports and slice of life thrown in. Sadly the summary is very vague, and normally I wouldn’t click on this anime, but basically everyone can fly thanks to a new invention and there is some sort of tournament. Like I said, the synopsis is lacking but lets look at the actual anime.

After watching the one episode I have available to me it seems to be a pretty standard slice of  life. There is a new transfer student, this time around is a female who is a little flaky and obsessed with flying, and the story begins. The classmates that are shown have very distinct personalities and we’re introduced to a new type of sport which the main character has an innate skill for. I can only expect that this first episode was a build up towards the rest of the anime, but sadly this anime has not gripped my interest.

The anime style is very shojo, and all the character are very cute and the colours are very bright. The high speed visuals are very good and I do like the sport wear. I couldn’t tell if there were some 3d scenes with how short the sport section of this episode was, but that animation style might add in at parts of this anime. Sadly this anime is not for me.

Source: CrunchyRoll


The name of this anime gives nothing away, similar to the summary. My best guess to what this anime type is shonen, action and maybe either sci-fi or fantasy. It’s hard to tell from the summary. It seems like it’s based in the real world but the term ‘living weapon’ is throwing me through a loop. I’m not sure what this anime wants to marketed as.

After watching the anime it reminds me a lot of Vision of Escaflowne. People control mechs but instead of one person controlling one mech, it takes 5 people. Also similar to Escaflowne (the mech) the mechs are alive. The anime is fast pace and similar to Active Raid, has a lot of good battle scenes. Each character has very distinct personality that some times clashes but over all it is a good anime.

I like how this anime seamlessly switches between 3d and 2d animation. The characters, as well as the animation style, reminds me a lot of Akame ga Kill minus the horror aspect. All in all, I’m not sure that I’ll continue watching this anime but there is a good chance, if solely for the weapon designs.


Source: CrunchyRoll


This one is  different from the last 3, this anime is definitely a fantasy, slice of life anime. The summary explains that the main character is a manga ka who lives with this ability that he calls revival. Revival is an ability that transports him back in time a few minutes to stop bad this from happening. That, however, is all that’s written.

After watching the first 2 episodes I can say that I really like this anime. It is different and interesting. The characters are still a little flat but I am intrigued by the story. It turns out that the revival doesn’t just take him back a few minutes it takes him back to the point in time where the threat no longer exists, whether it be a few minutes or 18 years. The plot is dark, but it makes it interesting. This anime is something that I will watch till the end and encourage anyone who likes dark anime to do so as well.

Crunchyroll Winter 2016 Lineup Part 2


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