2016 Goals for Myself


Source: Unsplash / Photo by Kasuend

Over the last 2  years I have felt like my life has been in a rut. I work at a job I dislike, I am single, and this past September I have lost my father to cancer after his 18 month battle. Since I am not happy with where I am in my life I have decided to make some changes. Sadly I can’t change my job so easily because I do have to make end meet, but I have decided to make 2016 the year of my self-improvement. This blog I feel is going to help me with that.

They say writing things down holds you accountable, but only if you don’t loose the paper. So instead of writing something down on a piece of paper that can be lost I will write in on the internet. I know that almost no one will see this or care but I will write these little goals down for my self.

Goals :

  1. Go the gym with regularity. (I’m not saying 7 days a week… but 6 would be nice.)
  2. Say goodbye to fast foods…. at least 6 days a week.
  3. Learn a new piece of music a month. (this month I learned I Started a Joke)
  4. Write something everyday. (whether it be a few chapters of fanfiction or a blog post)
  5. Take myself out to the movies once a month. (my next movie is deed pool)
  6. Push myself further in my cosplay.
  7. Read more. (At least 30 books)
  8. Experience new things. (new books, new podcasts, new events)

These aren’t resolutions, but goals that I want to place on myself. I want to find my happy and my life again. I want to better myself because I do not feel like if I met Mr. Right with in the next few days that I would be in a good place to be with them. If I were to become pregnant, I don’t think I would be in the right mindset to be a mother. Also, I don’t think that my brain is in the right emotional state to get me that job that I really want to get in my future. I want to build my life up one step at a time. So I’m going to start pushing myself to get better and do more things with my time so that I can move forward in my life.


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