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Useful Science

source: soundcloud UsefulSci

Useful Science

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Catagory : Science & Medicine > Social Sciences

So this podcast is interesting for me. I do have a background in biochemistry so that makes this podcast right up my alley. The host brings on 4 different scientist and they talk about different sciences articles that were in the news that week. They break down the articles, discuss the science behind them and debate about whether or not the science is sound. The episodes are not as focused as I would like them to be, however it does take me back to my university days when my friends and I had these type of conversations. This podcast is definitely not for everyone but I would suggest it for people who enjoy scientific debates between colleges.


Source : Itunes Fearless and Healthy

Fearless and Healthy

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Catagory : Health > Self help

I will say that I was very skeptical about this podcast, I don’t find that I am a person in much need for self-help, but maybe everyone who really needs it thinks this way. I listened to this podcast and it shed light on a few aspects of my own life. I will not say it changed my life, but it peaked my interest. This is a very good pod cast, the episodes are short but are uploaded regularly. They’re focused and well organized. The host is a personal trainer, and he invites on other trainers. They discuss the topics about working out as well as mental and emotional healthy. Now this isn’t some quack telling you to use such and such product, it really is just a guy basically telling you to let go of the negativity, surround yourself with positive people, eat healthy and work out. This is a podcast I will continue listening to.

Piano with willie

Source : itunes piano with willie

Piano with Willie

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Catagory : Music

I must say that this is not a very good podcast. I’m not saying that the information of the show is bad, it’s just the wrong medium. It is obviously audio taken from a video. It references seeing things, and work sheets that you need to buy. I had really high hopes for the podcast but sadly it was poorly produced. I don’t have anything else to say about it.

The Noir Factory.jpg

The Noir Factory

Not on listed on soundcloud
Catagory : Society & Coulture > History

I like this podcast, it is focused on the crime world as it explains in it’s summary. It makes the history fun to listen to. The host has the perfect voice for this type of podcast. Each episode explains a very interesting history in the Noir tone, making it an enjoyable learning conduit. However, the fact that they advertise their website 3 times in 30 mintues drives me up to wall. It takes you out of the story that they’re telling and tries to sell you something; whether it be their book or to get you to visit their website. Other then that gripe, I like this podcast quite a lot.


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