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So normally on Monday, I make a post containing a book review. Sadly it is taking me longer then I would like to admit to get through “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl”. So I’m  going to go off topic for today.

So on this blog I have discussed who I am, and what my short term  goals are. I have not, however, discussed my future goals. Since I started a blog some most assume I want to be a writer, but as you can all tell my writing skills are fairly weak and I enjoy a short format, so no I don’t want to be a writer. Since I’m also a cosplayer some think I want to turn that into a profession, but again it’s not for me. I have tried vlogging and making videos but I don’t like being in front of the camera. How ever I am addicted to make up and transforming people from ordinary to extra-ordinary, and I would love to become a makeup artist.

I  can track down when I fell in love with make up. It was Halloween 2014, I decided to do Fem- Jack Skellington. Thankfully I have a brilliant photographer who took a picture of my Halloween costume.


This was my first ever attempt at make up, and I also found out with this that I dislike cream make up.  I have wanted to go to makeup school for theatrical makeup but sadly I do not have 10k – 15k lying around to thrust towards school. Most have told be to suck it up and get a student loan. Sadly here in Quebec I can not get a loan for the make up school I want. I would need to get a student line of credit which I sadly didn’t have the available room in my credit to sign up. So until then I shall continue doing my make up and doing it fantastically.




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Another, also known as…. Another in Japanese, really there is no other title. The manga and anime series are both complete. There are 4 mangas and 12 anime episodes. This anime does in fact reflect 90% of the manga, it is rare that an anime is so close to the manga.

This anime is a lovely horror anime that follows a cursed class through their year. The best way I can describe it is final destination meets anime. If you watch the censored version, which is what you get when you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll, you get a toned down version where you don’t see the deaths. However, if you manage to find the uncensored version you are, apparently, able to see the deaths.

I say that it follows the entire class but in reality it focuses mainly on Misaki Mei, a girl who is segregated from the group and Sakakibara Kouichi, a new kid who is oblivious to the curse. The anime follows them trying to figure out how to break the curse and survive their 3rd year of middle-school.

I will warn you, some of the deaths do come out of left fields, and it gets very “Lord of the flies”-y near the end. If you’re looking for a creepy anime to give you chills while watching it, this is the anime for you.



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So I needed to watch this movie twice to make sure that I had something else to say other than “OMG this is so awesome and everything that I was hoping for.” While that is still true I wanted to at least have a better way of articulating my thoughts and watching it again helped with that. I will be writing this is such a way to try not to spoil any of the story for anyone who has not seen it, but lets be fair, this is a super hero movie so the plot is not really what people go for.

So this movie is a general origin story, that truly encapsulates Deadpool’s essence. For people who have read the comic book, you will not be disappointed with Ryan Renold’s delivered. Deadpool’s personality and humor were dead on, which contributed to the R-rating that it received. I was pleasantly surprised how little they actually diluted the anti-hero down. Through out the comics he is very  obscene, crude and very much aware of the fact that he is a character in a comic book, so when these aspects popped up in the movie I was very happy. They didn’t touch on the voices in his head, however in this time line I’m not sure if the first voice was “born” (yes i know it the wrong term but I can’t think of a better way to describe it) yet.

The CGI was used well and not over done. The opening sequence was breathtaking and filled with little references, and I’m pretty sure that entire scene must have been CGI’d. The death scenes were very realistic, to the point that you could see brains fly when the bad guys were shot in the head. So I do not suggest watching that movie if you have a weak stomach.

My  only gripe really is that Colossus didn’t have a human form. It made me feel as if they were just cutting corners as to not cast an actor for the role. I do understand that their budget was cut short, but i would have still loved to have seen an actor in that role.

All in all I am very impressed with the movie and I am looking forward to the next movie.

P.S. Though I’ve treated this movie as an R-rated film, but where I live in Quebec, Canada it was rated pg-13.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

the perks of being a wall flower.jpg

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Quick Summary:

“The Perk of Being a Wallflower” is a short novel written in first person through the form of letters. The book follows the main character, Charlie, through his difficulty getting through the lost of two people he was really close with, as well as his first love. The book is written in such a way that you only know a very small part of what is going on in the main character’s life. I find it an OK book, I feel like if you like following a teen and seeing how they deal with their life, this would be the book for you.


“The Perk of Being a Wallflower” has an interesting format when it comes to books. I haven’t read many books, if any, that are written in letter form. This format doesn’t allow to much insight into the character’s life. The restrictive view defiantly leaves the reader the ability to imagine more of the story then the author might want.

I feel like the main character in this story doesn’t evolve much, and remains very similar to the be beginning of the book until the very last letter. Now this may be due to the limitations of the format, but none of the characters seem to change much, except they go off to college. I’m certain that the limited change is due to the entire book being written in Charlie’s view point, but I would have like there to have been much more character development.

Had this been an anime I would have referenced it as a slice-of-life and left it at that, but since this is a book review I feel the need to expand this thought. This book really just follows Charlie around through his life and what happens in his life. Similar to a slice-of-life, it is focused on one specific time and group of friends. The entire book is finished within a year, but there are gaps between the letters as time passes. Charlie’s love story doesn’t really play much of a role in this book, but that is probably due to him being a wallflower and analyzing everybody else.

This is really all that I have to say about this book. I may just be too old for this book but this book just wasn’t for me.


Quick  thought on the movie:

I feel like the movie, though it cut a lot of parts of the book out, actually managed to expand on the story a little bit more. Since the book is written as a set of letters, the movie allow you to actually see what is going on around Charlie, other then what is written in the letter. Especially during the flash backs and the end of the book/movie. I much prefer the movie over the book, which is sad to say.

A Thing That I Have Noticed About Myself


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I have noticed that there is one stipulation that I must adhere to when I am writing, I must not be angry or annoyed while writing. I had wanted to write a nice preppy blog post about my plans to go to Anime north in May and my potential costume line up, but I can’t make myself write it. Over the last few weeks, I threw out my back, my depression has decided to hit me harder then it has in years, and someone decided to hit my parked car and flee the scene. So trying to get myself in the mindset required to make a happy post or working on the costume required for the convention.

I am well aware that these are all first world problems, and I should be grateful that I have a roof over my head, food on my table and clothes on my back. And I really am but right now I feel like a black cloud is hovering just over my head and I want to just never leave my bed again.

Thankfully I have my day job that is forcing me out to work, I have my friends forcing me to try and be social (it doesn’t always work) and I have my self discipline with this blog to keep me writing something at least 3 times a week. With my schedule it at least allows me to force myself to work and keep busy even when I feel like doing nothing. Though it does mean that every once in a while a post like this will come out when I’m feeling off and when my mental state isn’t at it’s best.

So life has turned a little bit on it’s side but at least I am still writing, even if I kinda want to run away.

My Little Monster


Since the winter season of anime hasn’t added any new anime, I thought that I would give my opinion on a few animes that I have watched in the past and really enjoyed. I will try and talk about both the anime and the manga if I seen both. I will warn you that most of these are shoujo and romance. Though I will try and make sure that my selection are found on either crunchyroll or netflix.

my little monster.jpg

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My Little Monster

Also known as Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun in Japanese. Both the manga series and the anime are complete. There are 13 anime episodes and 12 mangas. Similar to all animes that are based off of mangas, it does end fairly early into the series but still covers a good section of the character’s relationships.

The anime series spans the first, and most interesting, part of the 2 characters’ budding relationship. The 2 main characters are exact opposites. Shizuku Mizutani is a super serious girl, who only wants to focus on her studies and doesn’t real care about making friends. Haru Yoshida is seen as a delinquent, but really he’s super trusting and just wants to make friends, so much so that it can sometimes get him in trouble. Part of their dynamic comes from Haru being so intelligent even though he never studies and Shizuku who is intelligent but studies all the time.

The characters, as well as their relationship, are explored nicely in both the anime and the manga. What I prefer in the manga over the anime is the continuation of the story and the addition of secondary characters. For most of the series they are just trying to understand each other and to figure out how to treat one another.

I would recommend this anime who likes a romantic comdey with a tsundere female lead. I quite enjoyed this  anime and plan on watching it again.

If I Stay


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Quick Summary:

“If I stay” is a well written, short young adult novel that follows a young women, Mia Hall, right after a life altering car accident. This book is a short ya novel that is told in the voice of the main character. It discusses the difficulties of making very hard decisions, and living with the consequences. It is not just a sad story however it is interlaced with a touching young love, and the demonstration of family love. It’s  a good book and an easy reader for someone looking for a quick book to read.


I’m finding it very hard to review this book, I feel like it really isn’t over. This book follows a girl, Mia Hall, directly after a life altering car accident. This is the first book in a pair, however I do not feel like it can stand alone. This book focuses on her in the hospital with all of her family and friends coming to check up on her.

The title “If I stay” is foreshadowing her choice between fighting for her life or to just letting go. Sadly after this first book I can’t really say that the story has ended and really gives you the answer you would want. I would recommend just reading the two books together. (Which I have yet to do.)

Through out the book you get to find out about Mia’s friends through her eyes, and her opinions of them. It is told in Mia’s voice so there are plenty of things that are left untouched and incomplete. This actually didn’t bother me since it is only one person’s point of view. The character’s are completely fleshed out and relatable, which I was surprised at since 90% of this novel is based in a hospital.

I would say over all it is a good book, but not complete and the second book should be read right after reading the first book because the first book does not feel complete.


Quick thought on the movie:

I decided to watch the movie and I must say that it follows the book very well. It is very emotional and tear wrenching. Similar to the book I feel like the movie doesn’t end the entire story, but then again it is following the book and i had the same feeling.

I feel like the casting was spot on, I didn’t feel like any of the actors were forced into the characters. The got the right feeling in the scenes, and the cut scenes to and from present and past were fluid. For the the source material that it was given, this film was very well made.