Reading Through Must Read Lists


So there are so many lists telling everyone that you should read this or read that. 30 books you must read in your 30s, 14 must reads for women, 17 books you must read if you liked this other book. So I decided, screw it I’ll read through one of these lists. I looked on pinterest and selected the first list that was offered to me on my feed.

So the book list that I will be reading through is *drum roll* 17 books to read if you like “The Fault in Our Stars“. Just click on the title if you want to read along.

Now on this list there is “Looking for Alaska”. I have already read this book so I will not be reading it again. It is a very good book, and I have listened to a video where John Green explains that “Looking for Alaska” was his first attempt at writing “The Fault in Our Stars”, but I am very happy he tried  again. “Looking for Alaska” is a good book, don’t get me wrong, but you can tell that it is the first book Green published. He’s writing style has evolved and gotten better.

I will be picking up my Kobo and start with Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.


Source: Unsplash / Photo by Glen Noble



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