Podcasts: I need to find a Title for these posts



source: Itunes

Surprisingly Awesome:

Category: Education

This is a fine podcast, but it is formatted similar to a documentary. It has several clips through out the episodes with guests which makes it very choppy. The podcasts look into the surprising information of everyday items.

I feel like this podcast is very dry, and it bored me. Sadly this podcast is not for me, but if you want to listen to a documentary type podcast about things like adhesive, broccoli, interest rate, ect… this podcast might be for you.


source : Itunes


Category: Art > Literature

If you like original short stories that are read out loud to you, this may be the podcast for you.  Prompted take short stories, surrounding a central theme, from the reddit prompted writing forum. There isn’t a conversation around the stories solely reading the stories themselves. At the end of each episode there is a little contest for the following week where you can submit your own creative writing.

I quite like this podcast. The podcast episodes are always about 30 minutes long, they advise you which user wrote the piece, and they read it in an interesting way. I’m a fan of literature as a whole, so I’m very happy that this podcast shines a light on amateur writers. I would say, if you like stories being read to you, this is the podcast for you.

tales from the tavern

Source: Itunes

Tales from the Tavern

Category : Comedy

This podcast is by far the funniest podcast that I’ve every listened too. I was laughing in the streets while listening to this podcast. The basic format of this podcast is that the host and the guests write a story, that they are telling in a tavern, that incorporate the same prompts. The guests are normally comedians, and writers. They then proceed in reading their stories aloud for the audience.

The comedy level depends on the prompts and the guests, but on a whole it is very funny. The episodes are normally about 1 hour long, with 2 stories per episode. If you like silly stories, and a good fictional tavern this is probably the podcast for you. I normally like shorter podcasts, but this one is an exception to my rule.


The Alpha Female Podcast

Category : Self Help

As stated previously I am not a fan of self help, nor am I a fan of unstructured podcasts, sadly this is both. The conversation has good topics but there didn’t seem to be a plan of attack, it just wandered. Sadly I couldn’t sit through this podcast no matter how many times I tried. If you enjoy wandering conversations that last near an hour, this podcast might be for you.

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