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So I needed to watch this movie twice to make sure that I had something else to say other than “OMG this is so awesome and everything that I was hoping for.” While that is still true I wanted to at least have a better way of articulating my thoughts and watching it again helped with that. I will be writing this is such a way to try not to spoil any of the story for anyone who has not seen it, but lets be fair, this is a super hero movie so the plot is not really what people go for.

So this movie is a general origin story, that truly encapsulates Deadpool’s essence. For people who have read the comic book, you will not be disappointed with Ryan Renold’s delivered. Deadpool’s personality and humor were dead on, which contributed to the R-rating that it received. I was pleasantly surprised how little they actually diluted the anti-hero down. Through out the comics he is very  obscene, crude and very much aware of the fact that he is a character in a comic book, so when these aspects popped up in the movie I was very happy. They didn’t touch on the voices in his head, however in this time line I’m not sure if the first voice was “born” (yes i know it the wrong term but I can’t think of a better way to describe it) yet.

The CGI was used well and not over done. The opening sequence was breathtaking and filled with little references, and I’m pretty sure that entire scene must have been CGI’d. The death scenes were very realistic, to the point that you could see brains fly when the bad guys were shot in the head. So I do not suggest watching that movie if you have a weak stomach.

My  only gripe really is that Colossus didn’t have a human form. It made me feel as if they were just cutting corners as to not cast an actor for the role. I do understand that their budget was cut short, but i would have still loved to have seen an actor in that role.

All in all I am very impressed with the movie and I am looking forward to the next movie.

P.S. Though I’ve treated this movie as an R-rated film, but where I live in Quebec, Canada it was rated pg-13.


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