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Another, also known as…. Another in Japanese, really there is no other title. The manga and anime series are both complete. There are 4 mangas and 12 anime episodes. This anime does in fact reflect 90% of the manga, it is rare that an anime is so close to the manga.

This anime is a lovely horror anime that follows a cursed class through their year. The best way I can describe it is final destination meets anime. If you watch the censored version, which is what you get when you watch it on Netflix or Crunchyroll, you get a toned down version where you don’t see the deaths. However, if you manage to find the uncensored version you are, apparently, able to see the deaths.

I say that it follows the entire class but in reality it focuses mainly on Misaki Mei, a girl who is segregated from the group and Sakakibara Kouichi, a new kid who is oblivious to the curse. The anime follows them trying to figure out how to break the curse and survive their 3rd year of middle-school.

I will warn you, some of the deaths do come out of left fields, and it gets very “Lord of the flies”-y near the end. If you’re looking for a creepy anime to give you chills while watching it, this is the anime for you.


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