My Dream!


So normally on Monday, I make a post containing a book review. Sadly it is taking me longer then I would like to admit to get through “Me, Earl and the Dying Girl”. So I’m  going to go off topic for today.

So on this blog I have discussed who I am, and what my short term  goals are. I have not, however, discussed my future goals. Since I started a blog some most assume I want to be a writer, but as you can all tell my writing skills are fairly weak and I enjoy a short format, so no I don’t want to be a writer. Since I’m also a cosplayer some think I want to turn that into a profession, but again it’s not for me. I have tried vlogging and making videos but I don’t like being in front of the camera. How ever I am addicted to make up and transforming people from ordinary to extra-ordinary, and I would love to become a makeup artist.

I  can track down when I fell in love with make up. It was Halloween 2014, I decided to do Fem- Jack Skellington. Thankfully I have a brilliant photographer who took a picture of my Halloween costume.


This was my first ever attempt at make up, and I also found out with this that I dislike cream make up.  I have wanted to go to makeup school for theatrical makeup but sadly I do not have 10k – 15k lying around to thrust towards school. Most have told be to suck it up and get a student loan. Sadly here in Quebec I can not get a loan for the make up school I want. I would need to get a student line of credit which I sadly didn’t have the available room in my credit to sign up. So until then I shall continue doing my make up and doing it fantastically.


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