Gugure! Kokkuri-san


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Gugure! Kokkuri-san

There is not other title for this anime. There are 12 episodes and 9 manga volumes. There is not news if a second season will be coming out, but I doubt it, and it seems that the manga has run it’s course. This is a quirky slice-of-life comedy involving the supernatural.

This anime follows Ichimatsu Kohina, a grade school girl who acts like a doll, who summons Kokkuri-san , a lower-ranking ghost from japanese folklore. At first Kokkuri is planning just to haunt her, but ends up turning into the caring father like figure in her life. He makes her meals and cleans up after her. Though followed closely behind are two other constant companions, also from the spirit world.

Inugami is the ghost of a dog that was abandoned and came back to haunt Kohina, the only person who ever took pity on them. Inugami is basically her stalkers, and because they are a new spirit they can easily flip between a male and female body. Shigaraki is a tanuki spirit who is the epitome of an old perverted man. He smokes, drinks and ongles women. There is also some references that Kokkuri and he have a past when they were good friends.

The all live in the same house, and thus the hijinks occurs from the clashing of their  personalities and the spirit world being close to the living world in the house. You never really get an answer to where Kohina’s parents are, but that is true in most animes. This is a lighter anime that will make you laugh and basically say WTF multiple times. I would recommend picking this one up on a weekend when you want a bit of fun.


Zac and Mia




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This was a hard book for me to get thru. The book follows two cancer patients through treatment and recovery, and because it’s a young adult fiction there is the mandatory romance. The book has 3 parts and It only starts getting good in the last third of the book. The characters were not developed equally I feel and I would have loved to have found out more about Zac. It’s an ok book but not something I would recommend.


So this is not a book I enjoyed, and it’s the reason I needed to read book off of the book list. I feel like I’m just not getting much luck while reading from this list, but I will complete it, if it kills me.

The book is separated into 3 different parts: Zac, Zac and Mia, and Mia. The last part is the only section I didn’t feel like throwing my Kobo. Even though the parts are geared towards one character and to expand their character I felt like this book was all about Mia and Zac was just a place filler. His story was not fleshed out the way I would have liked it to be.

I will say that Mia’s struggles of getting over her problems when confronted with Zac reality did hit home, however I felt like she was just trying to run away from herself more than anything. I did like her change of heart in the end but I felt it was a little forced.

The number of coincidences in this books is off the chart. The chance that they would be in hospital rooms next to each other, the chance that should would talk the right bus and get stranded at the right spot, the chance that she would go to his farm and he would let her in…. Yeah just too many to be even slightly plausible.

This is going to be a short review because sadly I didn’t like the book, and I feel like that’s the truth with books you don’t like you never have a lot to say about them .


New Post Add to the Schedule!


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With a few shows that I’ve been waiting for starting, I wanted to write a spoiler rich post about them weekly. So basically I want to recap the episode so that if you don’t have time to watch the episode, or just want to read my opinion, you can simply read my post.

Starting on 03-29-16 there are 2 new shows that will be starting that I really want to watch, Vampire Detective and Daebak. Since I already have 3 posts a week that I need to keep up-to-date and I also work 40 hours a week, I was trying to find a way to easily do a weekly recap of the two shows. Enter me friend’s blog called Soju Nights. They are focused solely on Dramas that can easily be accessed on Dramafever. Once a week they review a drama, similar to me, as well as write about either drama news or share a video.

So we’re going to be watching the shows in tandem, however, I’m going to write an in depth spoiler filled post about Daebak, and their going to write an in depth post about Vampire Detective.

At the end of my weekly posts, I will put a few lines about my thoughts on Vampire Detective, I’m not going to throw it by the wayside completely. I will, however, be linking to my friends posts so that you can get the in depth look at that show as well. So give them some love over on their blog, and happy watching!

Personal Taste


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Personal Taste:

Yes it is another romance, I’m sorry if there are any men who read my blog, but this is the current mood that I’m in. I promise I will soon make an in depth blog post about death note and all of it’s incarnations. This series has 16 episodes and is a quirky romance filled with backstabbing and heartbreak.

The story follows Park Gae-In (Son Ye-Jin), a budding furniture designer, and Jeon Jin-Ho (Lee Min-Ho), a driven architect, through a very hard part of their lives. In the first episode you meet Gae-In who is 10,000,00 yon in debt because of one of her friends and is at the risk of losing her family’s home to the loan shark. Enter Jin-Ho, his architect firm is at risk of closing if he doesn’t get a high end contract to build an art gallery. Jin-Ho finds out that Gae-in is leasing a room in her house and since she is the daughter of a well established architect who designed their home he sees this as a perfect opportunity to get in the house to get an idea of it’s design.

The main plot point for most of the season is that fact that Gae In and her friend Lee Young-Sun (Jo Eun-Ji) believe that Jin Ho is gay and in a relationship with his co-worker No Sang-Jun (Jung Sung-Hwa). This assumption puts Jin-Ho into so very uncomfortable positions throughout the series.

The heart ache also starts with in the first 2 episodes. This is a relatively fast paced drama so you have to pay attention to the jokes and the character’s relationship with the supporting cast. This is a good drama but not as excellent as the first to so sadly it will not be getting such a high score.


Love Stage!!


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Love Stage!! :

I felt the need to throw a shonen-ai into the mix, since no good anime line up is complete without a good shonen-ai. There are 10 episodes to the anime series and 5 volumes of the manga. The last manga came out in Jan 2016 so there may still be more to come.

The series follows Sena Izumi, a son of 2 prominent actors, and Ryōma Ichijō, a well known actor, and their odd relationship. The series starts with Ichijō already being madly in love with Izumi, how ever he is under the impression that he is in fact a girl. (And the tropes begin) Izumi, who has no interest in acting, gets forced into acting in an ad with his parents to recreate an advert that they had shot when he was a child. Thus the story begins.

The anime follows the manga closely, about 75% of the time, but since there is more story in the manga than there as time for in the anime it is understandable. They capture the important parts of the story in the anime, to the point that the manga was out at the time of filming.

This anime is perfect for the people who love to watch the struggle of people falling in love despite their gender and figuring out who they want to be. This anime is filled with tropes and some really cheesy scenes, but it is done with perfect timing. Over all, this is a definite watch if you enjoy Shonen-ai animes.

The 3 Body Problem


I needed to take a small break away from young adult fiction so I picked up this lovely science fiction.


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Quick Summary:

This is a chinese science fiction with the backdrop of the cultural revolution of 1966 – 1976. The storey follows multiple story lines that covers many decades. This is the first book in a trilogy that follows earth’s first contact with an alien species as well as the advancement of technology and science. The mix of science, history, technology, war-like tactics and  imagination has the reader on the edge of their sit through the entire book. My only issue is that I don’t feel like the characters were fleshed out very well but that could just be the difference between English and Chinese literature. I will be picking up the rest of this series in the future.



As you can probably tell from the above, I really love this book. While reading it I almost felt sad that my father is no longer alive and we couldn’t enjoy this book together like we did “The Martian”. This book is a very good science fiction book, and I’m embarrassed to say that Liu Cixin is my first Chinese author to read. Over all this is a very good book. Now my physics has never been very good (since I went into Bio-chemistry) but this story made the explanation of the basic concepts very clear. Though some of the science-fiction part seems a little farfetched, I could understand how it could be leaped to through quantum theory.

This book will have you stopping to look things up, not only in physics but also about the Chinese cultural revolution from 1966 – 1976. This book brought to life a lot of the atrocities that we hear about in the history books, even though it only ended 40 years ago. The background and science are very well founded and interesting to read. Even while you follow Wang Miao and Ye Wenjie through the story through their respective points of view.

All that being said I am sad to say that I didn’t really feel like the characters, whether human or alien, were well fleshed out. Now since this is my first time reading a chinese writer, I do not know if it’s because that is the style of literature there or just this specific story lacked the human element.  The cultural niceties and standards were shown throughout the novel, but I would have liked a little more character growth through it. Though I am well aware that there was a lot of information to cover within the 302 pages.

I will be picking up the rest of the books of this series once I have the time to read them.

4 / 5


Witch’s Romance


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Witch’s Romance:

Yes, this is another romantic comedy. Witch’s Romance doesn’t have the same amount of tropes as Bromance, but it’s still really funny. This Korean series has 16 episodes that run an hour each.

The series follows  Ban Ji-Yeon’s (Uhm Jung-Hwa) and Yoon Dong-Ha’s (Park Soe-Joon) budding romance. Dong-Ha is 14 years Ji-Yeon’s junior which causes much of the tension between the couple.The two main character’s meet in the first scene and keep bumping into each other throughout the first episode. How ever like every other TV show, things escalate quickly.

Ji-Yeon is known as the witch at Trouble Maker, the magazine that she works for, which gives the show it’s title.  She is not well liked in the office because she is very competitive, and is always getting the main article in the tabloid, mainly due to her hard work.

Dong-Ha is the professional part timer you works for a company, called Masters of Part-time, ran by him and his best friend Yong Soo-Cheol (Yoon Hyun-Min). He is very kind and hard working. He is loved by most of the people at the magazine office because of his ability to work hard and to put up with  Ji-Yeon.

Of course no drama would be complete without baggage and these two characters are definitely walking into the series with plenty. The drama does a very good job outlining and fleshing out that part of the characters lives before the start of the series. This is definitely a good romantic  series to watch if you’re in the mood for a heart wrenching series with some comedy sprinkled in.