Aoharu x Machinegun


source: crunchyroll

Aoharu x Machinegun

Also known as Aoharu x Kikanjū in Japanese. The first season of the anime has aired and contains 13 episodes and the manga series currently has 8 volumes. Sadly I have not read the manga, but from what I can see, I believe it to be on-going. The most recent volume was released on 2015-10-27 with a release spacing of 4-5 months. As for the anime, there is no news of a second series that I could find. This makes me really sad.

I loved this anime. I will preface this that I don’t normally like game based animes, but this was an exception. The 3 main characters play survival games, with toy guns, against other players. This anime though is not without it’s trope, and in this case is the main character Hotaru Tachibana was mistaken for a boy, due to her way of dressing, and thus begins the story.

A quick synopsis of the story is a survival game team needs a third player. Hotaru being hot headed threatens Masamune Matsuoka, who is a host by night and survival game expert by day, to a duel due to some extenuating circumstances. Masamune is so impressed by her ferocity invites her to play a game with him and his partner Tōru Yukimura, an ero mangaka. Thus the story begins.

The anime looks both into the past of Masamune and Yukimura, as well as who they currently are. All the while Hotaru tries to balance her secret with her love for the survival game. The anime definitely plays with the characters dynamics and they fact that they don’t know she’s a girl. I find this anime to be funny and well animated.  This is definitely an anime for those who like seeing people strive to over come their past and become better friends… as well as seeing people shoot other people.


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