MY love STORY!!


Source: Crunchyroll

Shoujo lovers rejoice! MY love STORY!! is the next anime on my chopping block. Warning this anime might make you want to bake sweets. It is also known as Ore Monogatari!! in Japanese. This series has not only a manga and anime but a live action film as well.  There are 24 episodes in the anime series, the manga has 7 volumes with 2 more that have release dates. Sadly, My love story live action film only came out in theatres on 2/25/16 in Japan and due to my limitations, I am stuck in Canada without a way to watch it until it comes out on DVD or Blu Ray. In the future, I will make a post talking about my favourite live action movie/tv shows.

The anime follows a pair of friends, Gouda Takeo and Sunakawa Makoto and the budding relationship between Takeo and Yamato Rinko. Gouda Takeo is a 6’5″ (195 cm) high school freshman, and his best friend Suna is the ice prince (not what he’s calling in the anime), he is pretty but treats anyone who bad mouths Takeo indifferently. Thus the story begins!

You watch the unfolding of Takeo and Rinko’s relationship, and how Takeo starts finding himself as a person. It’s a very sweet romance that contains a cast of characters who are good hearted, potentially to a fault. I love the anime, as well as the manga. They do have similar storylines, but not 100% exact. I am excited to watch the movie when I can get my hands on it. Until then hopefully, you will all watch this as well.

My Love Story!! (Live action Movie)


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