So I recently fell down the rabbit hole of Asian dramas. Now, I have had a Dramafever account for a few months, but I hadn’t really used it. Now I am addicted to the dramas, but I can say that it is not good for my social life. Last week I had a lot of time off due to scheduling at my job (which leaves me working 49.5 hrs this weeks), so I managed to binge watch a few series… I will not be doing that again for a while but I did end up watching a few fantastic Dramas. I’d thought I’d give the rundown of the few dramas that I’ve completed.


source: Dramafever


Brief warning, this drama is a romantic comedy that is filled with all of the tropes including, but not limited to, amnesia, gender bending, a tsundere character, and so much more. Now on to the review!

So this drama follows Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai)  during her last 100 before she can ‘switch’ back to her birth gender and stop living as a man. She meets Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen) and becomes his sworn brother under the context of her being a man, and Hi jinx ensues. Throughout the drama you meet Zi Feng’s childhood friend Wei Qing Yang (Bii) who is always looking out for Zi Feng. As stated above, the tropes in this are plentiful but well used.

Ya Nuo, even though the audience knows she’s a woman, is a very attractive male that has Zi Feng’s sister Du Zi Han (Mandy Tao) in love with her. Ya Nuo tries everything to persuade her to forget about her, with little success. You also meet Ya Nuo’s parents, who have also kept her gender a secret the  past 25 years.

Qing Yang is the tsundere character that I alluded to before, and he has his own story arch in the show that is closely linked with Ya Nuo’s and Zi Feng’s. He is quite a loner, and is quite doubtful of pretty much everyone he meets, but once he warms up to them he is loyal. He also has his own romantic story line in the show that just makes you want to hung the character a lot, though that just might be because I love the tsundere character type.

The group of friends get put through a lot of trials and tribulations which makes them closer. For anyone who would like to watch a light romantic comedy, and you don’t mind the use of tropes. This is probably the show for you.



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