Every day


I know that this isn’t the next book on the list, but I needed something a bit more happy and the library happened to receive this last week.


Quick Summary:

This is going to be very hard to summarize better then the dust cover, but essentially the book follows an entity that skips body to body every day at midnight. They try to leave the body’s life as good as when he found it, or even better. They fall in love with a girl while in the body of the girl’s boyfriend. Thus the story begins and one of the odder romances begins. It’s a very good book, and does actually look into love in a deeper way than other books. Two thumbs up for me


Over all I like this book, it’s a nice quick read while still touching on deep topics. This is the first book in this list that I have truly enjoyed and wanted more. I was very happy to find out that there are 2 more books in the series. The story revolves around two main characters A, the body swapping entity, and Rhiannon, the girl A falls in love with. Their love story is not the typical but it is deep and loving.

This books breaks love down to it’s basics with out belittling the emotion. Most books (I want to say all but I’m sure I’m mistaken) look at love as a male or female falling for a male or female, while this book looks at a genderless entity falling in love with a girl. It explores the idea of how you can be attracted to anyone no matter their gender or your sexual preference.

I like how each chapter, no matter how short of long, depicted a day. You get introduced to the bodies at the beginning of each chapter, and you get to learn a little about them. Since the story is told by A you do miss  out a little about what is going on with Rhiannon, which does allow your imagination run wild. Though Levithan does a really good job utilizing A’s observation skills to fill in some of the blanks.

Over all I loved it, the flow was nice, and even though you are changing surroundings every chapter, it wasn’t jarring and you knew what was going on. This book has a strong recommendation from me

5 / 5



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