Akame ga Kill


Source : CrunchyRoll

Akame Ga Kill:

Alright let’s get away from the romance for a hot minute and look at a great horror anime. I always have a very hard time trying to describe this anime to anyone but let me try one more time. This is a very graphic and dark anime. I call it horror but I’m not sure if it really fits that description but I feel like it work perfectly. There is a lot of blood guts and gore in this anime, so if you’re squeamish this is probably not the anime for you. There are 24 episodes in the anime series and 9 volumes, how ever I can only find release dates for 5 and the rest have very vague release dates in 2016.

So this story follows Tatsumi’s journey from the countryside and his introduction to the cruel reality of city life. Within the first episode he joins a team of assassins called Night Raid whose mission is to try and clean up the city by killing all of the corrupt people who are in power.

The fight scenes are well drawn, but they are very bloody. Some of the death scenes are also very graphic, to the point that I had to look away. The anime series does follow the manga fairly well but I sadly am not up to date with the mangas, but from what I read it is quite good.

If you want to scare your pants off one night this is the anime for you. The entire series only takes 8 hrs to go through if you want to binge watch it. This anime can’t be recommended enough by me.



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