Witch’s Romance


Source: Dramafever

Witch’s Romance:

Yes, this is another romantic comedy. Witch’s Romance doesn’t have the same amount of tropes as Bromance, but it’s still really funny. This Korean series has 16 episodes that run an hour each.

The series follows  Ban Ji-Yeon’s (Uhm Jung-Hwa) and Yoon Dong-Ha’s (Park Soe-Joon) budding romance. Dong-Ha is 14 years Ji-Yeon’s junior which causes much of the tension between the couple.The two main character’s meet in the first scene and keep bumping into each other throughout the first episode. How ever like every other TV show, things escalate quickly.

Ji-Yeon is known as the witch at Trouble Maker, the magazine that she works for, which gives the show it’s title.  She is not well liked in the office because she is very competitive, and is always getting the main article in the tabloid, mainly due to her hard work.

Dong-Ha is the professional part timer you works for a company, called Masters of Part-time, ran by him and his best friend Yong Soo-Cheol (Yoon Hyun-Min). He is very kind and hard working. He is loved by most of the people at the magazine office because of his ability to work hard and to put up with  Ji-Yeon.

Of course no drama would be complete without baggage and these two characters are definitely walking into the series with plenty. The drama does a very good job outlining and fleshing out that part of the characters lives before the start of the series. This is definitely a good romantic  series to watch if you’re in the mood for a heart wrenching series with some comedy sprinkled in.



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