Love Stage!!


Source: Crunchyroll

Love Stage!! :

I felt the need to throw a shonen-ai into the mix, since no good anime line up is complete without a good shonen-ai. There are 10 episodes to the anime series and 5 volumes of the manga. The last manga came out in Jan 2016 so there may still be more to come.

The series follows Sena Izumi, a son of 2 prominent actors, and Ryōma Ichijō, a well known actor, and their odd relationship. The series starts with Ichijō already being madly in love with Izumi, how ever he is under the impression that he is in fact a girl. (And the tropes begin) Izumi, who has no interest in acting, gets forced into acting in an ad with his parents to recreate an advert that they had shot when he was a child. Thus the story begins.

The anime follows the manga closely, about 75% of the time, but since there is more story in the manga than there as time for in the anime it is understandable. They capture the important parts of the story in the anime, to the point that the manga was out at the time of filming.

This anime is perfect for the people who love to watch the struggle of people falling in love despite their gender and figuring out who they want to be. This anime is filled with tropes and some really cheesy scenes, but it is done with perfect timing. Over all, this is a definite watch if you enjoy Shonen-ai animes.


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