Personal Taste


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Personal Taste:

Yes it is another romance, I’m sorry if there are any men who read my blog, but this is the current mood that I’m in. I promise I will soon make an in depth blog post about death note and all of it’s incarnations. This series has 16 episodes and is a quirky romance filled with backstabbing and heartbreak.

The story follows Park Gae-In (Son Ye-Jin), a budding furniture designer, and Jeon Jin-Ho (Lee Min-Ho), a driven architect, through a very hard part of their lives. In the first episode you meet Gae-In who is 10,000,00 yon in debt because of one of her friends and is at the risk of losing her family’s home to the loan shark. Enter Jin-Ho, his architect firm is at risk of closing if he doesn’t get a high end contract to build an art gallery. Jin-Ho finds out that Gae-in is leasing a room in her house and since she is the daughter of a well established architect who designed their home he sees this as a perfect opportunity to get in the house to get an idea of it’s design.

The main plot point for most of the season is that fact that Gae In and her friend Lee Young-Sun (Jo Eun-Ji) believe that Jin Ho is gay and in a relationship with his co-worker No Sang-Jun (Jung Sung-Hwa). This assumption puts Jin-Ho into so very uncomfortable positions throughout the series.

The heart ache also starts with in the first 2 episodes. This is a relatively fast paced drama so you have to pay attention to the jokes and the character’s relationship with the supporting cast. This is a good drama but not as excellent as the first to so sadly it will not be getting such a high score.



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