Zac and Mia




source: Goodreads


This was a hard book for me to get thru. The book follows two cancer patients through treatment and recovery, and because it’s a young adult fiction there is the mandatory romance. The book has 3 parts and It only starts getting good in the last third of the book. The characters were not developed equally I feel and I would have loved to have found out more about Zac. It’s an ok book but not something I would recommend.


So this is not a book I enjoyed, and it’s the reason I needed to read book off of the book list. I feel like I’m just not getting much luck while reading from this list, but I will complete it, if it kills me.

The book is separated into 3 different parts: Zac, Zac and Mia, and Mia. The last part is the only section I didn’t feel like throwing my Kobo. Even though the parts are geared towards one character and to expand their character I felt like this book was all about Mia and Zac was just a place filler. His story was not fleshed out the way I would have liked it to be.

I will say that Mia’s struggles of getting over her problems when confronted with Zac reality did hit home, however I felt like she was just trying to run away from herself more than anything. I did like her change of heart in the end but I felt it was a little forced.

The number of coincidences in this books is off the chart. The chance that they would be in hospital rooms next to each other, the chance that should would talk the right bus and get stranded at the right spot, the chance that she would go to his farm and he would let her in…. Yeah just too many to be even slightly plausible.

This is going to be a short review because sadly I didn’t like the book, and I feel like that’s the truth with books you don’t like you never have a lot to say about them .



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