Gugure! Kokkuri-san


source: Crunchyroll

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

There is not other title for this anime. There are 12 episodes and 9 manga volumes. There is not news if a second season will be coming out, but I doubt it, and it seems that the manga has run it’s course. This is a quirky slice-of-life comedy involving the supernatural.

This anime follows Ichimatsu Kohina, a grade school girl who acts like a doll, who summons Kokkuri-san , a lower-ranking ghost from japanese folklore. At first Kokkuri is planning just to haunt her, but ends up turning into the caring father like figure in her life. He makes her meals and cleans up after her. Though followed closely behind are two other constant companions, also from the spirit world.

Inugami is the ghost of a dog that was abandoned and came back to haunt Kohina, the only person who ever took pity on them. Inugami is basically her stalkers, and because they are a new spirit they can easily flip between a male and female body. Shigaraki is a tanuki spirit who is the epitome of an old perverted man. He smokes, drinks and ongles women. There is also some references that Kokkuri and he have a past when they were good friends.

The all live in the same house, and thus the hijinks occurs from the clashing of their  personalities and the spirit world being close to the living world in the house. You never really get an answer to where Kohina’s parents are, but that is true in most animes. This is a lighter anime that will make you laugh and basically say WTF multiple times. I would recommend picking this one up on a weekend when you want a bit of fun.


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