You’re Beautiful


Source: Dramafever

You’re Beautiful

No, the rabbit hole has not stopped yet and I sadly (or thankfully depending on how you look at it) don’t see it ending anytime soon. This is an older show that ran in 2009 but I just picked it up now. There are 16 episodes that run an hour each. This show stole my heart with in the first episode because one of the main character is very tsundere character.

The quick summary of the drama is Go Mi-nyeo (Park Shin-Hye) must replace her twin brother Go Mi-nam in A.N.Jell, an all male idol group, while he goes to america to have a corrective eye surgery. Not only does Mi-nyeo have to work with the other three members of the group, but she must also live with them, until her brother’s return.

So let’s met the group! The leader of the group is Hwang Tae-kyung (Jang Keun-suk), he is mean and uncaring towards Mi-nyeo at the beginning but warms up to her. He has his own baggage which has caused him to become who he is. Next is Jeremy (Lee Hong-gi), he’s the playful one of the group. He loves a good party, and tries to find any reason to celebrate. Finally Kang Shin-woo (Jung Yong-hwa), he’s the sweetest of them all to Mi-nyeo. He loves his tea, and he is always looking after her, even without her knowing.

Since Tae-kyung was the “first” (in the audience’s eyes) to find out she’s a female, he does his best to protect her. Though at first he tries to get her to quit the band, even going as far as to threaten to reveal her secret, but that quickly changes. Keun-suk’s acting in this drama was on point, and you quickly have a love hate relationship with his character.

This drama is a epitome of a reverse harem, where one girl is in the middle of multiple men and they all fall for her. Except in this drama, Mi-nyeo makes her choice of which of them she falls for quickly and the other two have to deal with their heart being broken.

Similar to many shows that have cross-dressing, most of hijinx comes from the fact that no one can find out that she a woman until her brother comes back. This show is really funny, and it has fantastic music. It’s definitely worth the time.



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