Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour


Source: Goodreads

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour


This book is following a journey of discovery and healing. After the lose of her father Amy must come to terms with his death and learn to move forward. While Roger is searching for answers about his own failed romantic relationship. They embark on a road trip to heal each other’s broken hearts as well as having one hell of a time crossing the country. It’s very good and really should be added to everyone’s reading lists.


So we have another winner on this book list, though I will be happy when I’m finished, only 9 more books… well 8.5 because I’m 1/2 through The spectacular now. Well on to the review.

This book really  follows a journey to find oneself, and of healing. Having lost my own father within the last 7 months, I found myself really relating to Amy, and since we have all had heartbreak and the ending of a relationship, relating to Roger was easy. This mismatch couple must drive across country together, but they take a small detour from the route planned by Amy’s mother… Okay, a large detour. While Amy is trying to heal emotionally from the car accident that took her father’s life, they go in search of Roger’s ex-girlfriend to find the reason behind their break up.

The character growth is this book is fantastic, and you really get to know both of the characters even though the book is written from Amy’s point of view. You can even watch how their love grows without Amy even realizing it. You get the subtle hints from Roger through the books and their relationship does not jump out at you. The descriptions of the places that they go together and how they make Amy remember certain aspects of her past is quite touching.

The description of the open road really called back some of my memories of past road trips, and instills the yearning for another journey. The use of the road trip as a physical manifestation of their own journey’s is used excellently, and helps flesh out the characters even more.

Overall this is an excellent book, and a very good Audio book as well, definitely a must read.



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