Noble, My Love


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Noble, My Love

This series was based off of a webtoon that I couldn’t find to read :'(. It’s probably already licensed. This is a short korean drama that is only about 5 hours long. There are 20 episodes, each running about 15 mins each.

It follows the unlikely meeting of a cheabol son, Lee Kang Hoon (Sung Hoon), and a poor vet, Cha Yoon Seo (Kim Jae Kyung). Yoon Seo saved Sung Hoon’s life after he escaped from his kidnappers with a knife wound. He then proceeds in trying to force his way into her life while using his money.

Throughout the first half of the series, they are always at odds, and Kang Hoon is always trying to force Yoon Seo into doing what he wants. Though somehow we blink and they’re in love. Somewhere between her moving in, and getting really busy at the animal hospital they become a real couple while no one is looking. The continuity of it doesn’t really make much sense.

For the script that Hoon and Jae Kyung were given, they acted it perfectly. You can really feel the chemistry between them, and when they were matching up to the web toon, it was perfect.

I don’t know if this drama was just poorly written or if the web toon base actually escalate this quickly. I didn’t really feel the build up of their relationship, and how quickly they changed from a contractual relationship to a real one was jarring. It’s an ok watch but not the best. Though Sung Hoon gives you excellent eye candy.


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