Ojisan and Marshmallow


So the winter season is over, so let’s see if the animes that I did a first impression on a few months ago hold up against my original opinion of them.

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source: crunchyroll


So this anime is very much as slice of life romance comedy anime, the main character loves marshmallows and a woman who’s in this office loves him. The anime’s episodes are very short, only three and a half minutes long, but they are very funny.

The art style reminds me of the anime I can’t understand what my husband is saying. I quite like how the anime is fast paced but at the same time only circles around the two main characters interactions. I will definitely be watching this anime again.


This anime is based off of a webtoon that started in 2014b by the same name. There are 12 episodes in the first season and each episode only runs about 5 minutes a piece.

The story follows Habahiro Kusaka (Hige), a man who is obsessed with marshmallows, and Iori Wakabayashi, a woman who is in love with Hige-san and knows how much he obsesses over marshmallows. Since they work in the same office, a lot of their interactions occur during work hours. There are some very funny moments between the two of them, though I wouldn’t really call it lovey-dovey.

Part way through the series we’re introduced to Mio, another office worker, in the same office as Hige and Wakabayashi, who also wants to Hige to fall in love with her. Wakabayashi and Mio “battle” it out for Hige’s love.

This is a very cute anime, Wakabayashi and Hige do get closer as the first season of the anime draws to a close. They manage to clear up some misunderstandings between them. Since this anime is very short (1hours in total), not much happens but it is very fun to watch. The colours are bright and the story is a little out there but well worth the time.


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