Never Die


Since there are a few short dramas I’ve decided to add a temporary post on Tuesday with Drama’s that you can sit and watch easily with in one sitting.


source: Dramafever

Never die is a cut romantic comedy with a very short run time. There are 5 episodes and they have an average run time of 10 minutes. You follow Lee Jung Hoon (Ji Eun Sung), a government worker, who is saved by a mysterious girl, Min Se Yeon (Nam Ji Hyun), who dies before she gets to the hospital. The thing is, Se Yeon can’t die, so she comes back to life at 5 am. Jung Hoon convinces Se Yeon to tell him her story since she did freak him out when she woke up, he also convinces her to be him friends, but they soon fall in love.

I found the story very cute, the best way I can describe is is as a modern day fairy tale. The immortal woman wanders the world through the ages to find her soulmate. I also felt like Ji Eun Sung’s acting was a little forced, now I don’t if that was just how he was directed to act, or if he’s just a bad actor. I will need to watch more of his work before making an opinion of his acting ability.

Overall it’s a very cutesy series that Is worth the one hour of your time if you don’t mind a story going really quickly. Talk about a whirlwind romance.




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