Vampire Detective Episode 1 Recap


Due to my dislike for historical dramas, even those with Jang Guen Suk in them, and Soju night’s busy schedule, I’m switching to Vampire Detective. Soju Night will continue with the recaps of Daebak, and I will start Vampire Detective (Which I’m really enjoying)


source: Viki

The episode starts while the main character, Yoon San (Lee Joon) is at the police academy with Kang Tae- Woo (Jo Bok-Rae) and Jung Yoo-Jin (Kim Yoon-Hye). The three of them get an assignment to go undercover in a criminal organisation to take them down. However, Yoo-Jin and Tae-Woo betray San. Yoo-Jin shoots San and leaves him to die on the side of the road, however as they drive away their car explodes. This will be important later!

With the 10 minutes that you get, you see Jo Bok-Rae and Kim Yoon-Hye I couldn’t really get a feel of their acting styles or abilities. Yoon-Hye did manage to show off some nervous energy when the trio is standing in front of the office, and you could see a little sadness in her features when she shoots Lee Joon. However, it’s hard to really size up their acting abilities.

Fast-forward to 5 years later, San is living with Yong Goo-Hyung (Oh Jung-Se) after he recovered from his wounds. They run a private detective business. They get called in to consult on a case by Detective Park. You get to see that San is a very good detective, and solves the case within minutes of entering the scene.  This is unrealistic however I’ll let it slide since this drama does have vampires in it, so let us all forgive the mini-Sherlock Holmes action here.

While they’re out, Han Gyeo-Wool (Lee Se-Young) breaks into their house. She asks them to follow Han Gyo-Min (Jae Hee) because she is worried that he might be doing something illegal. She introduces him to San and Goo-Hyung as her boyfriend, though the quickly find out he’s actually her brother.

Their investigation brings them, twice, to a vampire night club. Though they don’t know what it is, they think that it’s an illegal organisation who’s selling blood on the black market… They aren’t far off, but they’re using it for a different reason than most. As the viewer, you find out that both Han Gyo-Min and Yeon Joo (Han Soo-Yeon) became a vampire because Yeon Joo was bitten by a patient and in turn bit Gyo-Min when she was low on blood. Gyo-Min had attempted to make a blood serum that even if you’re dying would bring you back to life and succeeded.

The vampire bar seems to be run by a woman, and you never really see her face. You do see her necklace which matches the necklace that Yoo-Jin would wear, but she was apparently killed in the car explosion… Or was she… The framing of the scene made it appear that the unknown woman knew San.  The cinematography of that scene is very pretty, and I was impressed that even without the female saying a thing you could tell what she was thinking.

Since there needs to be death in any good show, the vampire owner of the club Goatee come’s to Yeon Joo’s house and tries to kill San. Yeon Joo sacrifices herself to catch the owner on fire, but while he burns he manages to shoot San in the chest. Since Gyo-Min had succeeded in making the blood serum, he injects San with it which heals him and then commits suicide.

This drama is fast-paced and the episode was filled with action. The cinematography in this drama is fluid. I love this show so far. Lee Joon is perfect in his role. He advised reporters that he took the role to push

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