CrunchyRoll Spring 2016 Lineup Part 1


It’s that time again, when new animes come out and I watch the first 2 episodes and tell you my first impressions, because let’s be honest the first 2 episodes can make or break a series.


source: crunchyroll

Space Patrol Luluco

This anime is a short anime, each episode has a run time of 7.5 minutes. It follows a girl, Luluco, who just strives to be a normal girl even though she leaves in a town that is filled with aliens. She gets roped into working for the space patrol after her father got frozen after he took a pill, so she must work to save money to unfreeze him.

The anime style is very choppy except for in the transformation scenes. The colours are very bright and which contrasts nicely with the story, which has an alien get killed in the second episode.

I will definitely be watching more of this anime.


source: CrunchyRoll

Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

This is another classic main character gets pulled into a parallel world and has to survive. Within the first episode the main character, Subaru Natsuki, gets dragged into the new world (which he accepts readily). He gets mistaken for a thief, beat up, and meets a half elf which I’m assuming there is a stigma in this world about 1/2 elves since she’s surprised that he doesn’t care.

The animation style is fantastic, and they sneak in a couple of 3d animation in on the larger sweeping scenes. If it wasn’t for the fact that this is just a revamp of a really old plot this might have been something that I would be looking forward to. However unless this series does something fantastic, it’ll just be beating an already dead horse, in my opinion.


source: Crunchyroll

The Lost Village

So at the time of writing this only the first episode is out. The anime follows a group of people as they travel to Nanaki village to give themselves a fresh start. There are rumor that the people that live in Nanaki Village live in with an utopian existence. The animation style makes me think that this is going to turn into a horror anime. The first episode is pretty basic and is really just an introduction to the many characters who are taking the journey.

I really don’t have an opinion leaning either way for this anime at the current time, I will watch it to see what is going to happen.


source: crunchyroll


This anime follows a group of girls who are part of the tennis club through their days. The first this that comes to mind when watching this show is that it’s just a slower version of Teekyu that actually contains tennis.

The characters are fun and whacky. They’re a little off the wall, and the logic in the anime makes no sense. However I think this anime will just be a short anime just for the jokes and not for the story.

Crunchyroll Spring 2016 Lineup Part 2


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