Vampire Detective Episode 2 Recap


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Ok! Back for the second episode, the 3rd post that will bring us up-to-date with the drama will be coming out on Sunday. So just a quick recap of the last episode : San should be dead from a gunshot wound to the chest, however, Han Gyo Min injected him with the blood serum that he invented for his girlfriend and it healed San.

San (Lee Joon) walks away from the gunshot and is completely fine, even his doctor agrees. He noticed that the scar that he had from the 1st gunshot from Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon Hye) is gone.

Han Gyeo Wool (Lee Se Young) barges into the office and states that she is moving in with them until they can uncover what happened to her brother. Which of course interests San, because of the woman in the picture that wears the same necklace as Yoo Jin.

Seo Seung Hee (Choi Song Hyun), a famous broadcaster, comes to the office to hire San and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung Se) to protect her through to the next broadcast. She found the corpse of her junior broadcaster, Park Bo Eun (I couldn’t find the actresses name),  in a locker in the changing room. However the corpse was gone when she returned with someone else, though in its place laid a letter threatening her to return something in 24 hours, and if she doesn’t she’ll be killed. There is only one problem, she doesn’t know what the person threatening her wants back.

San and Goo Hyung go and investigate the area where the corpse was last seen. Enter San’s new ability that he received from the blood serum that is now coursing through his veins. After seeing the little bit of blood that was left in the locker by the corpse, San’s eyes turned gold and he began to see a few moments of the past while the corpse was in the locker.

Of course, there is the mandatory scene where a bad guy is watching them in the room. San notices him and chases after him. However, there was more than one and San get’s knocked out by someone smashing a 2×4 across his head. While San was knocked out, he reminisces about the time the time that He and Yoo Jin stargazed together. Though when he came too, there was a lovely note reminding them of the time remaining.

Though Goo Hyung is a little apprehensive, they take the case. Goo Hyung makes a deal with Gyeo Wool, that if she can track down all of the information on Bo Eun she can move into the spare room. So obviously, she accepts the offer and begins to hack into Bo Eun’s background.

Meanwhile, San is shadowing Seung Hee at work and started talking with a radio staffer (Park Jin Joo) and he finds out that Seung Hee and Bo Eun didn’t have the best relationship. The staffer also advised him that there were rumours circulating about how Seung Hee slept her way to the top and that she was sleeping with her cameraman Kim Kyung Soo (Kim Young Jae)  before his death and her marriage to a Chaebol’s son. San also managed to see the last

Gyeo Wool found a link between Bo Eun and a Loan Shark who lent her some money to pay off her father’s debt, so they go and see Hi Mang Hi who was the person who lent Bo Eun the money. After a little discussion, they find out that Mang Hi was the one who was leaving the notes and potentially killed Bo Eun. He did, however, give up the name of his boss to save his skin.

Jeong Ji Woong is seen as a very good man who gives back to the society, however, he was under investigation by Seung Hee and Kyung Soo in the case of homeless people going missing. However right before the report was supposed to be filmed Hyeong Soo committed suicide but overdosing on medication.

They start looking into Kyung Soo’s last days to find a clue of what Ji Woong was looking for. They visit Kyung Soo’s sister so that they could look through his room, however, they didn’t find anything about the potential tape that Ji Woong wants back. However, they did find proof that Seung Hee and Kyung Soo were in a loving relationship, which Seung Hee later confirms.

While talking with Detective Park, San and Goo Hyung find out about the fake ambulances that are picking up the homeless, with the promise of taking them to the hospital, but they’ve never seen again. So San hatches a plan, and he pretends to be drunk and passed out to be picked up by one such ambulance.

They succeed and San is picked up and brought to the facility where the homeless are drained of their blood for the vampire bar’s blood supply. When San catches sight of all of the blood his powers turn on and he struggles to keep himself in control. He staggers through the facility and he finds Bo Eun dead in a body bag.

When San steps out of the facility, we find out about his increased strength. The best way to describe it is an epic fight scene with like 20-30 people against San, and thanks to San’s powers he beats them all. However when Goo Hyung shows up to stop San something clicks and his eyes turn back to normal, but he collapses since he was stabbed and sliced about 10-15 times. Thanks to his new blood he doesn’t die and it makes him even more confused about what happened to him.

San goes back to Kyung Soo’s house and found taps that were hidden and he gives them to Seung Hee and plays her his last video message for her. He tells her to keep broadcasting and that he loves her which makes her break down in tears. You find out in this scene as well that Seung Hee and Kyung Soo had known each other since they were young and you could tell that Seung Hee loved Kyung Soo much more than her husband.

At the end of the episode, San is reviewing the tapes one more time and he catches a glance of the woman again. The plot thickens.

I’m really enjoying this show, I found myself forgetting to write notes throughout the show. Lee Joon makes a very handsome leading man, and I’m a fan.


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