Vampire Detective Episode 3 Recap


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And I’m back with the 3rd episode in time for the 4th episode coming out tomorrow on Viki and Tuesday on Dramafever.

Quick recap from the previous episode: San (Lee Joon) gets inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into a vampire but not really a vampire. San, Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) are hired to protect the news caster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun). While figuring out that case San finds more information out about the vampire bar and their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of the vampire organisation.

At the beginning of the show, San goes to see Jeong Ji Woong in prison to question him about the woman that she says in the video. Ji Woong warns San to stay away from her and that she is pure evil. Though the organisation that Ji Wong was working for provides him with a lawyer and he warns the lawyer that someone is going to have to take care of San.

San gets called by an old cop buddy,Choi Seon Yeong, to help decipher her father’s will. She is the daughter of Choi Tae Sik, the leader of the black  dragon’s gang. They show up at the funeral, and after a small altercation at the gate with a few gangster members, they are shown inside to see the will.

Inside you get to meet Seon Yeong’s two brothers, Chul Woo (Park Doo Shik) and Chul Yong (Park Hyo Jun), who are a little leary about having an outsider looking into their father’s life. Attorney Kang shows the will to the trio which is simply a drawing of 4 dragons. Tae Sik had an affinity of drawing a dragon at the time of birth of each of his children, yet there were only 3 children and 4 dragons in this picture.

They believe that the picture is a clue to the safe’s combination. Gyeo Wool tries to crack the safe but she very quickly finds out that the safe is bobby trapped. Normally they would have 10 tries to cracking the safe, but the children had tried and failed 7 times prior to calling them.

After taking their leave San and Seon Yeong talk outside and San inquired why Seon Yeong distanced herself from her father. She tells him it’s because once she found out that he was a gangster she couldn’t accept talking with him anymore, and it solidified her decision to become a police officer. While talking with Seon Yeong, San’s mind turns her into Yoo Jin after she told him that she felt sorry every time that she saw him.

They track down where Tae Sik was raised and it was in chinatown where he worked in a restaurant called the black dragon. They go to the restaurant but the owner is not happy that they are poking around, nor is the kitchen staff. The chef made a call and to get some people to try and steal the will from San. Of course, San gets hit across the back with a 2×4 while the 2 guys were driving by on a motorcycle. Though San is just defending himself he gets arrested but Detective Park (Ahn Se ha)gets him off the hook.

The all went out to eat and they discussed the attack and how the attacker had a word tattooed on his wrist which they initially thought that it was a prison tattoo. Detective Park tells them that illegal immigrants get the tattoos while they are crossing into Korea. San goes back to the restaurant with this piece of information and confronted the chef who has the same tattoo.

The owner of the restaurant tells San about Tae Sik talent with his hands and how he had started making fake ids and passport for people. Most of the illegal immigrants in Chinatown owned them being there to Tae Sik’s forgeries so they hold him in high regards.

San decided that there wasn’t anything else to find out about his past so he decided to start looking into the people who would be inheriting the money. They go back to talk with everyone. Gyeo Wool talks with Chul Woo who keeps trying to use his moves on her, Goo Hyung takes care of talking with Chul Yong while San talks with both Attorney Kang and Seon Yeong. While talking with Seon Yeong, she divulges to San about her father’s mistress and that was the real reason that she cut off all communications with her father. He brothers don’t believe that a woman like that existed in their father’s life.

When San goes back to the restaurant to look at the dragon painting there again he starts thinking about a new idea. However the lights go out and another vampire appears, they fight and San is knocked out (I’m seeing a recurring theme) and the vampire steals the will and brings it to the mysterious woman. Once they open it, though, they find out that San has switched the will out for a business card.

They reconvene at Tae Sik’s house and San reveals that Attorney Kang is Tae Sik eldest son. His original name was Choi Cheol Ho and he was born long before Tae Sik was a criminal. His criminal past started when Cheol Ho killed a man to protect his father from being beaten to death. before Tae Sik left him to go to prison, he gave him a new passport with a new identity, and Cheol Ho no longer existed.

At first, nobody believes him but he used the month that the 4 children were born in reverse order to open the safe and handed them the will. The will left everything to Seon Yeong so that she could disband the group and get rid of his business. However when she is going through the safe she finds pictures of Yoo Jin and  Tae Woo. She mentions that she believes that her father still made forgeries for his VIP clients due to his talent. We are left at the end of the rama with San’s shocked face.

I’m still really enjoying this drama. I’m really wondering though when San is going to find out that he is a vampire, and when we’re going to see Yoo Jin for the first time as a vampire. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode.

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