Before I Fall


source: Amazon

Quick Summary:

I’m not completely sold on this book, but it’s not a horrible book. This book follows Samantha Kingston through the last day of her life, seven different times. The first chapter goes through the first time that she passes away, though it is written as an ominous first person narrator, which makes it sound like it is written after the first days occurrence, but the rest of the book follows a normal first person narration. The narration in the first chapter is a little odd.

The book does showcase how a few different decisions can change the course of your life, and how easy it is to change how people’s opinions can change so quickly. The story is very good, following her through many different choices and how it changes you as a person.


Even after reading this book I’m still on the fence about this book. The premise is quite simple; you follow Samantha Kingston through 7 different variations of the last day of her life. The first chapter walks you through the day how it originally happened, before Samantha knows what was about to happen. However it is written with an omniscient first person narrator, who seems to be writing about the happenings from the past.  I don’t mind that use that voice, just the rest of the story is written in normal first person. This discontinuity with the narrator’s voice is a little jarring while you are reading the book.

What I did like about the book, that it shows how easily your life can change based on the choices that you make. Since Sam was reliving the same day over and over,  you real get to see the initial reactions and how quickly people’s opinions change.

The writing style is simple and straight forward. Lauren Oliver really got into the voice of a young teenager who is looking death in the eye. Over all, I would say it’s an ok book, not great but not horrible.  It has some good points and some not so good points. Being that this is Oliver’s debut, I have high hopes for her future novels, and her growth as a writer.



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