Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

Please Tell Me! Galko-chan

source: crunchyroll


This is another funny slice-of-life anime. Again it’s fairly short, about 7.5 minutes per episode, but it’s broken down in to 30 seconds to a minute segments that focuses around one conversation. The 3 main characters are all highschool girls. They get introduced every episode right after the introduction. They show them wearing their uniform differently to depict their personalities more. The are mirrored with 3 boys who make their appearance multiple times.

Similar to the previous anime, this is not made for younger viewers due to some of the joke in the anime. All in all I like this anime.


Please tell me! Galko-chan A.K.A Oshiete! Galko-chan in japanese. Is an anime adapted from a manga by the same name. There are 12 short anime episodes and only 2 volumes. The release dates for the manga are really far apart, so I’m hoping there will be more.

The above description is still accurate. The story revolves around Galko (a girly girl), Otako (an otaku) and Oojo (a proper girl) and their friendship. Each episode is fast paced, and a lot of things can happen in each one. There is no real continuity required throughout the anime. Some episodes do have one fact that continues throughout that episodes, but it’s forgotten by the next one.

This is not an anime that you’ll want to watch for a story, but rather the jokes that are in the episodes.


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