On the Jellicoe Road


source: amazon

Quick Summary

I personally couldn’t get into the paper version of the book, however I did quite enjoy the audio book. The book follows two time lines. One time line follows a group of 5 friends that were linked together through the death of Tate’s, Webb’s and Hana’s families. Fast forward 17 years later, the story follows a group of friends who attend the same school that the 5 friends attended in the past.

I enjoyed trying to link the past to the future and piecing together the story along with Taylor, the main character. I really enjoys the audio book and would recommend the audiobook over the paper version. Though whichever you want to get your hands on the story I definitely suggest reading it.


I tried to read the book however I couldn’t get into the print version, instead I picked up the audiobook from audibles. I enjoyed the performance of Rebecca Macauley, and how she brought the story alive.

The book primarily follows Taylor as she pieces the past while also trying to navigate her current relationships while dealing with her abandonment issues.  Sporadically throughout the book you get pieces of the past and the history of the school and a group of troublemaking teens who are all linked together because of a tragic past. Throughout the book you get to put the puzzle pieces together connecting the past to the present.

I absolutely love the story and the enjoyed piecing the puzzle together along with the characters.


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