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I’m going to preemptively apologize to all those who are subscribed to have my posts emailed to you… I have discovered My Amazing boyfriend and it’s coming out 7 episodes a week for 28 days, and I’m going to recap them. Due to me starting late, over the next few days you will be getting 2 posts about this a day and then it’ll drop down to one in the evening about the previous days drama because lets be honest I need some time to type them up. So let’s begin!

The series starts with a real promising opening Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) is lying in the middle of the road after an apparent car crash. Due to her extensive wounds, her blood seeps out onto the road and makes it’s way to a mummified hand. Due to the blood Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) comes back to like. A truck driver stops and asks Ling Qiao if Jing Zhi is still alive, he answer that she is but not for much longer. The emergency services come and take Jing Zhi to the hospital while Ling Qiao watched from the shadows.

We have a little quick flash into Ling Qiao’s background and the audience finds out that he is 400 years old he never get sick, hurt, he never ages or dies. So he is effectively immortal. We also find out that someone, whom Ling Qiao can’t remember, drained his blood, placed him in a sealed coffin and threw him to the bottom of the ocean in the hopes of killing him. Luck has it that the assailant failed.

The episode then back ups to before accident happens. Ling Qiao, still in his mummified state, is on display at a museum with the cause of his death being exsanguination due to his throat being slashed. His body is later being transported to a research facility that he was being lent to by the museum.

At the same time, Jing Zhi was standing on the edge of the roof thinking about jumping however the building security guard comes and talks with her. He comes to ask her if she’s really going to jump this time because she comes to do this often. She tell him how she proposed to her boyfriend and he rejected her because he fell in love with her childhood friend. She then tells him that her childhood friend has stolen all 7 of her boyfriends. At this point the security guard is agreeing that she should jump because she has such back luck. She flips out on him and decides not to jump, yet again.

On the way home Ling Zhi gets into the accident because while throwing her roses into the back seat her car crept into the intersection and the other truck t-boned her car.

The show jumps the Ling Qiao’s inner monologue of trying to find out who ‘killed’ him. He steals a poor farmer’s clothes from the clothesline and goes to the city. Once he arrives he sees the new covering of Jing Zhi’s accident and with clues around him, he finds out that he’s been asleep for about 100 years.

Jing Zhi extended her hospital stay for a month even though she had only sustained a minor wound. He mother comes to visit her and agrees that she should leave the hospital. Jing Zhi states that since the picture in the newspaper was so bad that she should stay at the hospital for at least 3 months. Her mother then reminds her of all of the negative omens that she got before Jing Zhi was born that predicted her terrible luck.

That night Ling Qiao visits Jing Zhi in the hospital to try and figure out why their heart beats match, and why her can feel her heart beat. Jing Zhi wakes up with a start and the nurses just brush her seeing him as a nightmare and tell her not to worry. The next day however she sneaks out of the hospital to try and get some cake. Since all of her fans are waiting for her at the entrance of the hospital she sneaks out the back however she falls into a sewer right before she can climb up that wall.

Jing Zhi starts calling for help and Ling Qiao answers, while she’s begging him to help her out, he agrees if she answers a few simple questions. 1: “Does she believe in immortality?” Which she gives a non-answer to, and 2: “Would she want to be immortal?” which she answers no. During this conversation she thinks that he’s a patient from the psych-ward. He tell her to close her eyes and count down from 5. he jumps down and gets her out of the sewer and she then freaks out.

Out of this entire season I have 2 questions: What is with her fashion sense and why was he hanging out in a tree?

Screenshot 2016-04-28 14.57.30Screenshot 2016-04-28 15.13.25

Ling Qiao goes to a temple, sadly I don’t know which one, and jumps onto the roof to get his hidden gold.

Jing Zhi is discharged from the hospital and while trying to make a quiet exit she is ambushed with a press conference, where she finds out that there was a weirdo that kissed her at the scene of the accident. Since she was never told this tim bit of information she kinda flipped out. She then gets home from the hospital and asks her mother why she wasn’t told about the kiss, which she answered, “It was in the newspaper but you refused to read it.”

Ling Qiao starts going to the library and started researching stem cells and the research facility that his body was being transported to. He goes to the laboratory to try and find out the reason behind the research that they are doing and why they needed him. He didn’t find out but he did find a picture of him while he was asleep and he compares it to himself to find out he is quite good looking.

After her bath, Jing Zhi looks at her credit card bill and finds out that she paid not only for the hospital bill but also the repairs to her car since the insurance wouldn’t pay, and instead of taking time off work like she had planned she went back to her house to plan for work. He ex-boyfriend, Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jai) came to her home to wait for her to ask for her forgiveness. They have a fight where he asked her to hit him which she refuses. She does however close the door on him which breaks his nose. Though due to him being a police officer he also needed to speak with her about the accident since they are still trying to track down the missing body.

Later that evening her doorbell rang for no apparent reason, so she goes to investigate. However while she is outside her heart starts to pound loudly again and she goes out in front of her house where she sees Ling Qiao standing under a street lamp. He has his hand over his heart because of the beating and she also places her hand over her heart. She realizes how handsome he is but as soon as a car drives past him he’s gone.

Ye Chan, Ex-boyfriend number 6, gets out of the car and Jing Zhi tells him about the man and how he disappeared after he drove past him. Ya Chan starts asking Jing Zhi about her accident and if she can remember anything. He tells her about the missing body and how his research facility is in trouble if they can’t find the body. He passed her a picture of the body that was taken while still at the museum, and while looking at the picture she sees it’s eyes open. She freaks out and tell him to leave and if he has any other question to go to the police because she refuses to get caught up his problem.

After Chan leaves he calls Yan Zhi and tells him about how he is worried about Jing Zhi’s safety and even though she knows nothing about the missing body, if any other research facility finds out how unique the body was she could be in some serious trouble. Ling Qiao over hears the phone conversations for the trees he hid himself in when Ye Chan arrived.

So that is the first episode. I will warn you, the special effects are crappy. The show feels very campy. I love it, however it may annoy people so I just want to warn you peeps about it before you start watching it to find out you can’t stand campy effects.

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