My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 2 Recap



I did warn you guys. Don’t worry this in only for the next few days, I’m just glad I have speech to text or else my tennis elbow would really be acting up.

Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. The police, as well as the research facility that Ling Qiao was suppose to be brought to, are looking for the now missing body.

We open the show with Jing Zhi waiting for her show to start when the show’s assistant Feng Dong Dong (Aro Yang) comes in with her ice coffee and tells her that there is still 20 minutes until the show starts. She tells him about her dream about zombies knocking on her door every night, which he then tell her not to worry since dead people can’t knock. Also since she’s the second leading lady something like that would never happen to her. 

There is a knock on the door and Zhang Xuan Xuan (Shen Meng Chen) comes to see Jing Zhi in the dressing room. Dong Dong gets kicked out of the room and while he is trying to get back into the room, worried the the two actresses would be getting into a fight, you find out that they have a reputation of hating each other, but the opposite is true, they’re actually friends.

Xuan Xuan starts yelling at Jing Zhi about how she stole her rose a month ago for her proposal that blew up spectacularly in her face. She had warned Jing Zhi that she doesn’t have the marriage line on her hand and she shouldn’t try and get married. Jing Zhi pushes back stating that she doesn’t believe in those type of things and she won’t stop trying. Xuan Xuan told her that she will take her to see her fortune teller after the show is finished filming.

Even though she doesn’t want to go Xuan Xuan takes Jing Zhi anyways. The fortune teller tells her that she was born with doom and horrible lucky, and though everything should be perfect she struggles constantly in her life. She points out that nothing but good things have happened since her accident and he points out that it’s probably just the eye of the storm and things are about to get a lot worse. The fortune teller tells her that she must find someone tougher than her to share her bad luck if there is any chance to change her destiny. Jing Zhi glares at him causing him to fall backward and one of his vases falls on his head. Before he passes out however her tells her that she is dooms.

Jing Zhi tries to take his advice and in hopes to try and find a person that meets his requirements she puts a room in her house up for rent, with the stipulation that she wants to see the renter’s horoscope.

Ling Qiao goes to visit his home, a late Qing Dynasty mansion that has since turned into an exhibit. He goes to the sea looking for something which he finds however it is just described as “an unknown object”. He starts to talk to it and explains how he lost about 10 – 20 years of his memory and he’s been looking for clues. He has found some clues with the people Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chan who are both linked to Jing Zhi. He is determined to form an alliance with her so that he can get close to the two men, and since she has such bad luck he is worried that if something happens to her that something will then happen to him.

Jing Zhi gets a lot of phone calls about her room for rent but Xuan Xuan refuses all of the applications, and since Ling Qiao was keeping tabs on her he finds her ad so he goes to visit her. Jing Zhi refuses to let him enter, and when she gets to her bedroom she finds him already there watching One Piece on her Ipad. While she looks at him she recognizes him from the previous night before Ye Chan showed up. She tries to run but she trips on the stairs and thanks to his speed he catches her. He mentions that if he wanted to kill her she wouldn’t be able to run. He tells her, that he is simply looking for a place to stay, and she places him at the crash site and links him with being the missing body that the police are looking for.

We are then graced with another flashback, I’m start to sense a theme here. Ling Qiao stands over her as she is dying and he kneels next to her and begins to talk with her. He confesses that he is uncertain if he should save her even though she had resurrected her. The truck driver came across the crash and asked if she was still alive, Ling Qiao admitted that she was however she wouldn’t last long. He decided to save her in that instant and bit his lip and fed her some of his blood to help her heal. Let use all be honest though who wouldn’t want to kiss this man.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 23.44.28.png

Back to present day, Jing Zhi asks Ling Qiao “What are you?” and he responds that he is the devil, and of course she doesn’t believe him. He admits that he is human but due to an incident 400 years prior he became immortal. She does more linking, and places him at the hospital with the sewer incident.

We get to the ‘see’ the bad guys for the first time. The ‘head’ bad guy gets his employee to look into Jing Zhi’s hospital stay and found out that no medical treatment was given to get. They also found Ling Qiao’s fake id due to him being unable to give up his original name. The main bad guy is the person who killed him 100 years ago.

Jing Zhi shows Ling Qiao to his room and he requests for her to get him an apple laptop. She questions him on how he knows how to use the computer, and he tells her that a month is plenty of time to become accustomed to the modern times. In the middle of their conversation she remember that Chan and Yan Zhi are both running around trying to find a body that was currently lodging in her house and she started laughing hysterically.

She still treats Ling Qiao like a monster and tries to get rid of him using Garlic, a wooden sword and water, all of which obviously fail.

We get to briefly meets Xuan Xuan’s fiancé Hong Shi Guan ( Lin Xin Liang) and we, the audience, find out that their engagement is a lie. Shi Guan admits that he has always wanted to meet Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan invites him to the studio to meet her.

While Ling Qiao is at the library he finds out that the computers and the video surveillance systems have been hacked.

Jing Zhi goes to record her show and gets an odd caller on the air. After the show she starts tearing into Dong Dong however since he just lost his job he doesn’t have the energy to explain his mistake to her. Since he just lost his job he begs her to become her assistant for only 2000$ a month, and she agrees.

The last scene of the show is that of the head of the research lab writing down that Jing Zhi’s wounds were completely healed and that sleeping beauty (Ling Qiao) is alive.

I’m just going to throw this out there but I believe Shi Guang is the bad guy from 100 years ago, but it’s just a guess at this point. I’m still loving this show!

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