My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 3 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. The police, as well as the research facility that Ling Qiao was supposed to be brought to, are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi is desperate to change her luck so she tries to rent a room which Ling Qiao takes, she tries to get ride of him with no success so they are now living together.

We open this episode with Jing Zhi heading home late from a shoot, when Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) shows up and offers her his car since it’s dangerous to be driving around on a scooter. She lends him her scooter to get himself home. When she gets into the car she sees the good luck charm that she gave him for his new car and we see that Jing Zhi still has feelings for Yan Zhi.

The next morning Feng Dong Dong (Yang Aro) comes by the house with Jing Zhi’s breakfast and meets Ling Qiao. Dong Dong is instantly enthralled with Jing Qiao and you can tell that he finds him very attractive. Jing Zhi comes down stairs in her pjs and he assumes that they had spent the night together. Though she introduces Jing Zhi as her cousin. After staring at him for a while Dong Dong remembers where he’s seen him before and show them the pictures of Jing Zhi in the library and he is known as the library idol.

Dong Dong tells Ling Qiao that if he needs anything just to let him know, though Jing Zhi start to get jealous of the attention that he is receiving. Ling Qiao searches himself online and is disturbed by some of the comments left online.

That day Jing Zhi had a photo shoot and an audition for a drama. She completely messed up her audition for the drama and she knows it, but is greeted by Dong Dong outside who had gone out to buy her a box of cherries. When he asks what they are for she simply said that they were for juicing.

Ling Qiao goes back to the ocean to mull things over and to regroup. He goes to the research lab to find out if Professor Li recognized him, but due to his reaction he deemed it unlikely that he was his killed 100 years prior. On his way back he picked up some KFC for Jing Zhi, which prompted her to ask if he had gone out. He said he was going to meet an old friend but he found out it wasn’t him. Jing Zhi teases him, but Ling Qiao tells her that he has lost about 10 – 20 years of his memory.

Jing Zhi notices that he was looking through her photo album that she made with Yan Zhi, which she flips out about. Ling Qiao mentions that while he was looking through the images he could really tell that Yan Zhi really loved her. She takes the album and thanks him for taking it out or else she would have forgotten to throw it out. Jing Qiao, in all of his awkwardness, mentions that if nothing was left she wouldn’t be so angry. In response she leave the room.

A few moments later, Jing Zhi takes the trash out and it spills out on the ground. When she bends down to pick it up she starts looking for the album that she threw out. Ling Qiao squats beside her and hands her back the album that he had gotten out of the trash for her. She hugs the album to her chest and admits to him that she is still in love with Yan Zhi which is what’s making this break up harder than most. Jing Qiao offers to take her flying to cheer her up. He picks her up bridal style and off they go. I don’t know a single woman who would mind that. Well, at the very least I know I wouldn’t mind.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 14.08.55.png

Meanwhile, at the police station Yan Zhi is still looking for clues about the missing body. His partner, Calamary, managed to get Jing Zhi’s medical records and it states That she was barely injured. There is no way that she could have bled enough to produce all of the blood that was covering her. So they decide to go to the hospital to try to retrieve the dress that she was taken to the hospital with.

Dong Dong become infatuated with Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi becomes annoyed and when she asks why Ling Qiao isn’t going to the library anymore Dong Dong chimes in that he has too many fan waiting for him there. Dong Dong then makes an off-handed comment that if Ling Qiao were to enter the entertainment world he would probably be more popular that Jin Zhi, she started chasing him around.

Yan Zhi visits Ye Chen at work and tell him about the discrepancy in the blood pattern. They both come to the conclusion that the rest of the blood must belong to the their, however the dress that Jing Zhi had been wearing has gone missing

That evening Jing Zhi was at home tying to figure out her lines, and when she asks Ling Qiao for his opinion he states that he doesn’t like any of her renditions. She states that he doesn’t know anything since she is an actress and he isn’t, he simply states that she has no talent for it. Jing Zhi notices that Ling Qiao is on his fan website, and he tells her that he’s trying to contact someone who says that he looks a lot like a man in a painting  and he’s hoping that maybe he knew that person’s great-grandfather a 100 years ago.

Jing Zhi finally asks Ling Qiao how he became immortal so he tells her. 400 years ago he was bitten by a leopard and even though the local healer had said that if they keep the wound clean and dry that it’ll heal without any problems, the wound became badly infected. Ling Qiao’s parents called the divine healer to heal him, and when he initially saw the wound her said that there was no way to heal him. Due to the leopard’s bite being venomous and how long Ling Qiao had been in the coma for, the venom has certainly already entered into his organ.

Ling Qiao’s father begs for his help and the divine healer offers only on other thing that they can try. He prescribed arsenic to counter act the leopard’s venom, and a strict diet of ginseng soup to keep him a live. His parents agreed to try their last hope, and ordered their servants to get the ingredient.

For the next 3 days the devine healer bleed Ling Qiao of 1 pot of blood a day. On day 2 Ling Qiao wakes up and can only stomach gensing soup and not any normal food. Though after the 3 days he his back up and walking again, however rumors start to circulate around town that he has turned into a monster. He notices his augmented hearing when he goes in town for a walk when he can over hear peoples conversation that his servant can’t.

The define healer comes to check on his wounds, and when he asks him how he’s feeling his mother tells the healer that he hasn’t eaten anything since the treatment. He tells her there is nothing to worry about and everything will even it’s self out given some time. However once he unwraps Ling Qiao’s arms he notices that the wound is completely healed, which is odd because it’s only been 3 days. The divine healer takes up a knife and cuts his arm, but it heals right away. (REALLY bad effects right here, just a warning) Every body is shocked at this. Ling Qiao then spends a good length of time repeatedly cut himself and watching it heal.

A mob of villagers came to their home to run him out and he hears them coming. He goes to his parents and apologizes about having to leave them, but he swears to find a cure for his illness. His mother gives him the jade plaque and he leaves.

We bounce back to present day where Jing Zhi has fallen asleep while Ling Qiao told his story. He leaves her be and heads to bed.

Even with all of the cheesy special effects I absolutely love this drama still. *gives it huge thumbs up*

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