My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 4 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. The police, as well as the research facility that Ling Qiao was supposed to be brought to, are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi is desperate to change her luck so she tries to rent a room which Ling Qiao takes, she tries to get rid of him with no success so they are now living together, much to Jing Zhi’s discomfort.

So this episode starts right where we left off last episode with Jing Zhi sleeping on the couch and Ling Qiao leaving her there. We cut quickly to the bad guys ( I really need to find a better name for them) and the audience finds out that they are setting Ling Qiao up with painting so they can trap him.

The next morning Ling Qiao wakes up to find Jing Zhi laying her head on his chest, which he states is not open to the public. Jing Zhi mentions that she finally figures out where the additional heart rate is coming from and it’s his chest. Ling Qiao advises her that since she’s the one who brought him back to life that their hearts always beat at the same rate and he can always tell if her heart beat changes for any reason. They test how far it takes before they can’t feel eachother anymore which is about 1km. Jing Zhi tries to trick Ling Qiao as to get rid of him, however she forgets about his super speed.

Dong Dong get summoned to Jing Zhi’s parents house, and at first he is worried that she is being blackmailed since she is having a hard time with her money. Jing Zhi’s parents want him to spy on their daughter, which he is instant that he can’t because if she finds out he would be skinned alive, however he eventually agrees when they hand him a bunch of money.

Jing Zhi and Zhang Xuan Xuan (Shen Meng Chen) are on set when Xuan Xuan asks Jing Zhi about the roommate, which she says she’s given up on the idea. Xuan Xuan jokes about how she would have to have an immortal pet to make that work, and she thinks about Ling Qiao counted. Professor Li comes to visit Jing Zhi since she was shooting on campus and he tells her how he’s worried that she may experience some side effects from the car crash and wanted to take a blood sample to make sure she’s ok. She refuses stating that she needed to work.

Liao Zhi ease drops on Jing Zhi’s parents conversation about her love life and how they aren’t asking for much in the way of a husband for her. They also agree that the next boyfriend they will not let them break up no matter what.

Li Yan Zhi  (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen discusses how there is currently no evidence that sabotage caused the car accident the Jing Zhi was in.Yan Zhi asks Chen to find out which other research facilities might be interested in the body. Chen agrees to it but advises him that it will take some time, at this point Yan Zhi gets a nose bleed and goes a separate way from Chen.

Xuan Xuan was walking to her car when her heel gets stuck in the ground in front of her fan so she leans against the car while signing autographs for her fans while trying to discreetly remove her heels from the ground. Turns out that the car belongs too Chen and he asks her to move. She recognizes him right away and tells everyone that they have plans to go to dinner together. Chen makes it seem like they are more than friends and his students get the message and leave them alone. Xuan Xuan removes his arm from her waist and he asks her how she knew his name, which she reminds him that he used to pick up Jing Zhi from the studio.

Chen helps Xuan Xuan un-stick her heel right before Yan Zhi shows up. She calls Chen a pervert for touching her waist, however he fires back that he also touched her heels. Yan Zhi automatically assumes that she kicked him, which she obviously denies.

Ling Qiao tries to make rice porridge, but ends up making it way to salty much to Jing Zhi’s dismay. She gets mad at him because of how much salt he put in the porriage, but she stops half way through saying Yan Zhi’s name and he mood suddenly dropped and she just told him to remeber to washs the dishes.

Ling Qiao gets a picture of a painting of him from 400 years ago and they make a plan to meet the next day. Obviously they bad guys are planing to trap him in some way.

The next morning Jing Zhi finds Ling Qiao trying to cook again, and she teases him that he should be ashamed that he doesn’t know how to cook after being a live for 400 years. He retorts that it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know how to cook since he isn’t a chief, but instead she’s an actress who can’t act. Jing Zhi asks about his plans for the day, and he tells her that he is going to that meeting for the painting.

So the next little bit happens simultaneously so I’m going to focus on one arch at a time instead of jumping back and forth, starting with Ling Qiao.

ling Qiao goes to an obviously empty office building that seems to still be under construction, like you do while meeting with shady people. He walks through the construction zone and reaches the office section of the building, which is still empty. Ling Qiao calls for the elevator and gets in, however right when the doors close he feels that something is off with Jing Zhi because his heart starts beating erratically. He presses the doors open bottom and then find himself trapped in the elevator. A large heavy comes down and gas starts to pour into the elevator cooling the temperature. He tries to open the door but his powers fade when he gets to cold. He knows that the bad guys can see him through the camera so he breaks it before sitting down. I must say though even frozen he looks good.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 15.26.04.png

Meanwhile, Jing Zhi is on set when she feels Ling Qiao’s heart beat, she is terrified that he has come to ridicule her acting abilities on set she puts her all into it. However while they are filming the scene, the prop knife that was supposed to be used was swapped out for a real knife while cuts her. (Hence the irregular heart beat) Jing Zhi gets her hand taken care of a the nearest clinic, but thankfully it wasn’t a deep cut. She gets sent home to rest and while she’s leaving she feels Ling Qiao’s heart rate become erratic and she tries not to worry about and head straight home.

She sits at home and starts worrying about Ling Qiao since he didn’t come home. She stated making up situations in her head about what could have happened. Jing Zhi believes that due to is nivaty he fell into a trap and she wants to go and make fun of him.

Once Jing Zhi gets closer to Ling Qiao’s location she notices that his heart beat has become even more irregular and she really starts to worry.  She tries calling him but his phone is unavailable and she starts to believe that he is stuck in an elevator. (awfully accurate) She is worried that the enemy has trapped Ling Qiao in there. She can tell that the building is closed to the public but she ‘sneaks’ in the backdoor.

Once Jing Zhi gets to the elevator she calls out for him, but due to his semi frozen state it takes some time for him to answer. She grabs the fire axe and pries it under the door and even though it hurt, she managed to open the door a little which allowed the collant to start pooring out of the elevator. She finds out that Ling Qiao is terribly sensitive to the cold and he can’t use his powers when he’s cold. So she rounds up so fire and starts a fire in a plastic bucket, because that’ll totally not melt.

Other than the plastic bucket idea I likes this episode’s story arche, I am looking forward to when I’m caught up though so that I can only type one of these recaps a day. Well I’ll see you tomorrow for 2 more posts.

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