My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 6 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. The police, as well as the research facility that Ling Qiao was supposed to be brought to, are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi is desperate to change her luck so she tries to rent a room which Ling Qiao takes, she tries to get rid of him with no success so they are now living together, much to Jing Zhi’s dismay. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money.

We open the episode with Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao arriving back home from the taekwondo dojang when she begs him to take her ‘flying’, i.e. jump on to the roof from the driveway. He refuses multiple times but she keeps insisting saying that this would be the last time. He finally agrees after stressing that this is the last time and he won’t do it again. He picks her up and jumps and don’t they land right in front of Dong Song (Yang Aro), who goes into shock.

They move inside and Jing Zhi tells Ling Qiao that she will take care of it. She proceeds to try to threaten Dong Dong, however he is still unresponsive. After a few beats Dong Dong turns to them and starts to ask about what he saw but he can’t really formates the question. Ling Qiao confirms that what he saw was corrects and he and Jing Zhi start fighting, like they do. Ling Qiao told Jing Zhi that he had warned her it would be a bad idea but she wanted to play. She fires back that she was the one who was tricked into having her blood drained a hundred years ago by her enemy. He confirms that, however he reminds her that he isn’t the one that is so unlucky that he got into a car accident and brought a dormant body back to life. They both stop after realizing what they said and turn to Dong Dong who is suddenly very excited about the entire situation. He tries to hug Ling Qiao but he steps aside and Dong Dong goes flying over the couch.

Meanwhile, Professor Li gets an email back confirming that the enemy knows that Ling Qiao is away. Professor Li then requests to meet with them.

Dong Dong finds footage of Ling Qiao jumping around a cliff face, which has blown up all over the web. He rushes over to Jing Zhi’s to show them the video, she starts freaking out while Ling Qiao just finds it interesting. She asks Dong Dong is he could wipe the servers which he admits that he could be not the original footage. Ling Qiao tells her not to worry because it’s not a crime harbouring a 500 years old person.

Professor Li and Ye Chen have lunch in the cafeteria, and Chen admits that he’s surprised that the funding for the next year came in without any issues. He was certain that after them losing the body that there would have been some complications. Professor Li admits that he doesn’t know anything about the sponsor, but he believes that the two of them could make important breakthroughs. Chen tells him to be careful with his health so that he doesn’t have a break down.

Ling Qiao is watching one of Xuan Xuan’s new shows when Jing Zhi comes in. She complains on how the plot of the show makes no sense. She starting going on about the second female lead and how there is never a story for her, and she mentions that Ling Qiao wouldn’t even make it into the script. After her rant, he mentions that the doorbell has been ringing for a while. Dong Dong comes in and tells her to get ready because they need to get to the studio. He brings Ling Qiao a fresh lychee drinks and acts as if he will never see him again.

We finds out that one of the enemy’s henchmen is a private investigator by the name of Mr. Zhang. He goes to the company who is in possession of the original video to try to buy their copy from them. The CEO tries to negotiate with the photographer with a price of 50 million yuan but he wants to talk with the buyer himself.

Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan are shooting the pivotal scene where they are on the top of a building and Jing Zhi’s character tries to push Xuan Xuan’s character off the building but the leading man comes and saves the day. There is only one hitch though, Jing Zhi is afraid of heights. While Ling Qiao is at the taekwondo dojang he starts feeling Jing Zhi’s heart rate become erratic and he doesn’t know about the scene they are shooting. Obviously at this point Ling Qiao shows up and ruins the shoot and also pushes the male lead out-of-the-way.

Jing Zhi tells Ling Qiao to just follow her lead and not say anything. Jing Zhi tells Xuan Xuan that they had met at the hospital and he had kept her company. She also tells her that Ling Qiao is a taekwondo teacher and does parkour as a hobby. Xuan Xuan is not impressed and tells her to keep Ling Qiao in check because no matter how jealous he is he could have hurt their male lead. Once Xuan Xuan is gone Ling Qiao asks if he can speak and he reveals that he find Xuan Xuan to be prettier in person.

Screenshot 2016-05-01 16.27.09.png

Mr. Zhang calls his boss and asks if he is sure that it’s Ling Qiao in the video. He confirms that he is certain that it is, and he tells him to arrange a meeting with Professor Li.

Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao apologizes to the director and he told her that any future scenes entailing heights she can use a stunt double. He pulls her aside and asks what Ling Qiao asked he does and she gave him the same response she had given the same answer she gave Xuan Xuan. The director tells Jing Zhi that he was looking for the actor of the main bad guy for the show and asks if he could play the part because he’s perfect for the role.

Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) get’s told by his superior that he is being awarded with the merit award for the work he did for the drug unit and is being rewarded with some time off.

A supporting actor tells Xuan Xuan that Jing Zhi is lucky to have a boyfriend who is so cute. She also passes on the information that Ling Qiao will be acting alongside them as the show’s final villain. This makes Xuan Xuan worried because she already doesn’t like him. Hong Shi Guang (Lin Xin Liang) comes to visit Xuan Xuan on set, he admits that he always wanted to come see her work but was afraid that he would be in the way. While walking around set, Ling Qiao was helping the crew get the harness he would require for shooting ready, however they messed up and he came flying towards the ground. He lands right in front of Shi Guang which shocks him and he starts having trouble breathing.

Yan Zhi and his colleague go out to eat to celebrate him winning the merit award, and they start talking about Xuan Xuan’s new show. This triggers Yan Zhi to remember the night where he and Jing Zhi been at home and she complained about him having to write the report. He reminds her that it’s part of his job, but he promises her that once he wins the merit award he would take her out to eat where ever she wanted.

Ling Qiao was driving them to a restaurant and kept telling Jing Zhi to stop blaming him for scaring Shi Guang, and it wasn’t his fault that he has a weak constitution. When Jing Zhi enters the restaurant, while Ling Qiao parks she gets irritated that the other table was talking so loudly. She turns around and comes face to face with Yan Zhi, she turns away and hide herself from the group.

Yan Zhi’s colleagues turn the conversation to Jing Zhi and how he had rejected her not to long ago. They mention that it is sad that in the dramas she is always casted as the second lead and she’s even the second lead in her own life. Yan Zhi tries to get them to stop talking about it because only he knows that she’s right there.

Jing Zhi tries to leave without them noticing but she bumps into a waitress on the way out who points out who she is. Yan Zhi’s colleagues are in shock to see her there and that she overheard their conversation. Ling Qiao comes in right as Jing Zhi tries to leave, and due to his hearing we can assume that he’s heard everything. He drags her to the table, introduces himself as her boyfriend and assures Yan Zhi that he will take care of her. Yan Zhi, of course, gets jealous as they leave, but he can’t say anything since they’ve broken up.

Jing Zhi’s parents gets a package to their house that the assume is Jing Zhi’s, and the box is filled with a negligee and a ton of condoms. They call Dong Dong about the package and tell him that they will be going over to her house right away. We, the audience, find out that it’s actually Dong Dong who ordered the package not Jing Zhi. Dong Dong tries to get a hold of Jing Zhi however he can’t because her phone isn’t with her.

When Jing Zhi and Ling Aiao get home she locks herself in the bathroom and starts crying loudly. He tries to get her out of the bathroom, but she won’t listen. Ling Qiao forcefully removes that bathroom door and tells her that Yan Zhi doesn’t deserve her tears since he left her. She starts throwing things at him and he picks her up and pins her to the couch. (This only make sense because of who Ling Qiao is)

Screenshot 2016-05-01 17.27.07.png

He starts telling her that he is tired of her not picking herself back up, if you fall you get up and start moving forward again and she isn’t doing that. She yells at him and tells him that she would rather die than live in the same house as him. He tells her that if that is how she feels then  he will leave. AND… Just then her parents arrive.

Because she’s pinned on the couch under him her parents get the wrong idea (Or the right idea if you hear what I’m saying) and start beating him with pillows. Ling Qiao protects her from being hit but she screams to stop hitting him she’s pregnant.

Jing Zhi tells her parents that the fight that they were having was due to her wanting an abortion and Ling Qiao being against it. She tell them that they could break up but they don’t want to hear about it. Jing Zhi’s mom sends her to her room so they can talk with Ling Qiao alone.

Dong Dong’s call finally gets through and Jing Zhi tells him that she wished she had gotten his message 30 minutes before. She admits that she wasn’t sure why she had said that she was pregnant, but she knew she had to get her parents to stop hitting Ling Qiao for fear he might snap and break their necks. Dong Dong mentions that since it’s been 20 minutes is she sure that he isn’t breaking their necks, which causes her to run to the stairwell and she tells Dong Dong what she’s seeing is much scarier than him breaking their necks.

I’m still loving this show even though it’s adding more work daily for me. I hope you guys are watching along!

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