Th1rteen R3asons Why



Quick Review :

This book isn’t something I thought I would like. As someone who deals with depression on a daily basis this book isn’t completely accurate with its depiction of suicide, but it is a good way of bringing the issue forward. I loved how the book walks through Hannah Baker’s life up to that point and how these acts could cause someone to want to kill themselves. Though I don’t believe that many people would go through to create such an elaborate suicide note, which these tapes are. Though this is not a book that will match with everyone I really did enjoy it.


Ok, I really didn’t think I would like this due to me losing my uncle last week, however this book totally engrossed me. The book follows Clay Jensen while he listens to Hannah Baker’s suicide note in the form of 7 double-sided cassette. Hannah had killed herself and left behind a set of tapes telling her story and what brought her to the point of wanting to kill herself.

While listening to Hannah’s narrative, we also get to follow Clay through him trying to figure out why he received these tape that described her very painful existence. Though he didn’t want to have to deal with knowing her story he keeps going back to the tapes and listening to them. The entire novel happens over one evening of Clay’s life, but also through the last 6ish months of Hannah’s life.

Though I don’t know how accurate a 7 tape long suicide note would be, it still sheds a light on what could lead someone to killing themselves. As a person who struggles with depression on a regular basis, I understand that sometime suicide is just a whim with no rhyme or reason. However this book shows that how people act can also push some one who wouldn’t otherwise want to kill themselves. Though they are both ways that people can end up committing suicide I feel like this book really sheds light on the serious issue that bullying really is, and even little things could be seen as bullying and make people questions themselves even if other people would just brush it off.

Overall I really like this book, however I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who is very sensitive to the topic of suicide.



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