My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 8 recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. The police, as well as the research facility that Ling Qiao was supposed to be brought to, are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi is desperate to change her luck so she tries to rent a room which Ling Qiao takes, she tries to get rid of him with no success so they are now living together, much to Jing Zhi’s dismay. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and will be acting in her drama as the main villain. Zhang Xuan Xuan (Shen Meng Chen) is suspicious of Ling Qiao and asks Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) to look into his background. Meanwhile Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi and Feng Dong Dong (Yang Aro) continue attempting to find Ling Qiao’s enemy.

We’re back at the restaurant, Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi just sat down and he places the napkin on her lap. Xuan Xuan asks Ling Qiao about why he was living with Jing Zhi, and he mentions that he is just waiting of a villa of his to be built. Hong Shi Guang (Lin Xin Liang) tell Ling Qiao the living together strengthens a relationship. Shi Guang mentions to Xuan Xuan that maybe they should move in together which she refuses. Shi Guang compliments Ling Qiao for having a good eye due to the location of his villa, but also because he got together with Jing Zhi, since she is funding african communities build wells.

Meanwhile, Professor Li gets a phone call from Mr Zhang for him to meet his boss. He picks up and he goes to the location that Mr Zhang gave. Ye Chen waits for Professor Li to leave and followed him, however at an intersection he gets distracted by an ad for Xuan Xuan’s show and lose the Professor’s car. Professor Li arrives at the location to meet the main bad guy and is shocked.

Jing Zhi’s is at the studio when the video’s views hits 50 million and time suddenly rewinds to when the video’s view 16.9 million and Jing Zhi is yelling at Ling Qiao to think about what to do about the video. She wanders into his room to find him watching Xuan Xuan’s show. She questions him about Xuan Xuan being his favorite actress which he responds that Audrey Hepburn is his favourite. Jing Zhi offers to let Ling Qiao come with her to see Xuan Xuan when they go visit Shi Guang the next day and he refuses because he’s busy.

Mr Zheng calls the ceo of the company to get the information about photographer so they can negotiate the price for the high definition video. When they chat with them the photographer wants 500 million yuan and the enemy agrees right away. Unfortunately the photographer starts asking about why they don’t want the video going public because he could get in trouble if anything happens to the monster. The enemy figures that the seller is trying to track them and closes the computer.

Ling Qiao and Dong Dong lean back in their seats because they nearly had him but the connection was cut too quickly. Ling Qiao is happy to confirm that his enemy is still alive and has access to a large about of money. Dong Dong suggests that they go to the CEO of the web company to beat the information about the buyer out of him, however Ling Qiao refuses because it is immoral.

Jing Zhi tries to escape the studio as soon as the HD video became live and the director pulls her aside to show her the video which turns out to be a promo for their drama. The deo of the web video company contacted them telling them there wasn’t a HD version of the video and they hurriedly produces a video to match it for a promo.

Jing Zhi goes home super happy that there wasn’t an HD video and Ling Qiao tells her that he knew all along, and she finds out that he and Dong Dong were responsible for everything. Jing Zhi asked if Ling Qiao enjoyed watching her worry these past 2 days, and he admitted that he had. Ling Qiao had filed the video himself with the dash came of her car and uploaded it. He then asked Dong Dong for his help to track the bad guy. With this stunt they managed to confirm his enemy is still alive and has access to a lot of money. The entire situation pisses Jing Zhi off royally.

Chen goes to the lab to see Professor Li because they were invited to a seminar. Professor Li tells him to go himself because he will be away on a business trip.

The next day Jing Zhi is still pissed off at Ling Qiao and gets out of the car when he’s parking. She doesn’t want to deal with him at the moment and he promises that if there is a next time then he will tell her. He tells her to calm down because they are dating, and Ling Zhi mentions that couples have fights all the time. A driver comes up and tells him that if he isn’t taking the parking spot then to move which Ling Qiao answers by pushing the car into it’s spot.

Chen goes to the seminar and meets with Xuan Xuan in the elevator, she asks why he’s there and he confirms that he is going to a meeting. He retorts that she must be here for a date with her fiancé which she responds that she’s actually here for an audit. Chen offhandedly mentions that since her family is so rich it makes little sense to him why she is entering into a convenient marriage which she replies everything including the zero malfunctions elevator they are in needs money. Just to spite her the elevator malfunctions causing her to hurt her ankle. Xuan Xuan refuses to take off her heels even if she is injured. But who wouldn’t want to be caught by this guy.

Screenshot 2016-05-03 14.06.08.png

When Chen gets off of the elevator he meet with an old friend Shi right in front of the conference hall. They discuss cryogenics and  how temperature is the on button for humans that are placed in cryogenic stasis. This gives Chen an idea about the dormant body, and how the car accident which caused Jing Zhi to bleed so much is what triggered the body to wake up. He believes it’s a crazy idea but it matches with the cell activity in the dormant body’s hair.

Jing Zhi sits at a table and watches Ling Qiao and Xuan Xuan talking on the stairs. The Director comes over and wants to add in scenes for Ling Qiao to act in. Jing Zhi guesses but the Director wants to add a kissing scene between Ling Qiao and Xuan Xuan. Jing Zhi is completely against the idea, but the Director reminds her that she is a professional and what is a little fake kiss in the larger scheme of things. She turns it around and tell him to ask Xuan Xuan and Ling Qiao which she is certain they will disagree. When they agree Jing Zing is angry and can’t believe they agreed.

While Xuan Xuan and Ling Qiao were talking, he asks if Jing Zhi takes angry long and she tells him just feed her something and she’ll forget it. So, he’s off to the supermarket to get ingredients. While looking at the pears he is uncertain which to pick, an older woman helps him and tells him that his wife won’t be happy if he comes home with the wrong pears. A little while later, a man tries to steal the woman’s purse and knocks her unconscious. Ling Qiao stop the guy and uses a tad too much force and hurts him. The thief point the finger at Ling Qiao and since the woman is unconscious it one’s words against the others.

Jing Zhi gets a call from Dong Dong telling her the Ling Qiao was arrested. When she arrives her tells her the Yan Zhi wouldn’t allow him to post bail for him. Jing Zhi questions him to why he was called and not her, and he mentions that Ling Qiao probably didn’t want to bother her. Yan Zhi questions Ling Qiao repeating what happened in the supermarket and Ling Qiao tells him that the most they have him on is using a little too much force. Jing Zhi gets to the station and Yan Zhi comes out, and she automatically asks about Jing Zhi and if he’s alright. He tells her about the ‘victim’ and how injured he is which She responds that Ling Qiao wouldn’t hit someone for no reason. Yan Zhi mentions that he is violent and Jing Zhi tells him that she loves him, even though he does some violent things like break down the bathroom door instead of trying to coax her out. Yan Zhi starts to yell at her and gets a nosebleed, he tells her to go and post bail. My drama senses are tingling… does he have cancer?

When they leave Jing Zhi tells Dong Dong to go and pick up her car at the studio since she came by taxi. Ling Qiao asks her if she’s mad and she responds that he should have called the police and not gotten caught up in it. He mentions that had he called the police when she was bleeding right after the car accident she wouldn’t be around to be giving him this lecture. She admits that she was terrified when she got the call that he had been arrested and then tries to hide her concern by berating him for embarrassing her in front of Yan Zhi. During the fight they both agree to call it quits and go their separate ways. What that actually means though is that Jing Zhi sits at home waiting for Ling Qiao and Ling Qiao goes back to the beach and stays the night.

Professor Li received a blood sample from Ling Qiao via the enemy and the bad guy tells Professor Li that he will receive this sample to do 2 things. 1- he must find a way to kill the monster, and 2- he must find the secret behind his immortality. The bad guy threatens Professor Li’s family.

Ling Zhi is spacing out all day when Dong Dong finally mentions it. He asks if she and Ling Qiao have yet to make up. He also happens to bring up the fact that they are shooting the kissing scene today which makes her run out of the dressing room. They are filming the scene and right before Xuan Xuan and Ling Qiao kiss she cries cut. In her mind she is going to rip into the director telling him that how could she possibly let her boyfriend and her best friend kiss but she just apologizes and leave.

Ling Qiao comes out after her reminding her that they need to go to her parents for supper this weekend. She asks him where he stayed and he tells her it’s none of her business, which she pushes back that he was her boyfriend so every move he makes is her business.

Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan went out to dinner where she is stuffing her face even with Xuan Xuan telling her not too. Jing Zhi tells Xuan Xuan about Ling Qiao being arrested and how she doesn’t even know why he was at the supermarket anyways. Xuan Xuan tells her that he was going to make her a meal as an apology and she had even made the menu for it. She starts teasing Jing Zhi about how perfect his lips are and how they are just asking to be kissed which Jing Zhi doesn’t want to hear about. Finally Xuan Xuan tells her the truth that Ling Qiao had asked, very sweetly for a fake kiss.

Ling Qiao waits with a student of his for his mother. When she finally arrives they all leave, and to thank him she gave him some sweets because she is always running late. This seems to trigger his memory and he thanks her. Dong Dong gets out of Jing Zhi’s car and questions him about the mother, and get mad at him for seducing other people when he had himself and Jing Zhi, which leaves Ling Qiao feeling confused.

I’m still loving this show. I’ll try and add more pictures but it’s hard to get some nice ones, SORRY!

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