My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 10 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Zhang Xuan Xuan (Shen Meng Chen) is suspicious of Ling Qiao and asks Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) to look into his background. Meanwhile Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi and Feng Dong Dong (Yang Aro) continue attempting to track down Ling Qiao’s enemy, whom they now have proof is alive. However Yan Zhi and Ye Chen are getting closer and closer to the truth behind the dormant body.

We’re back to the park where Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao are having their photoshoot. Ling Qiao mentions that the longer he lives the less curiosity and passion he feels. Jing Zhi tells him not to worry as long as he lives he will come across something good. He promises to take her to see something and brings him to the south garden. He starts counting out his steps until he finds the place that he wants and starts to dig. He pulls out a circular container holding a jade bracelet. Jing Zhi is in shocked and asks him how much he’s stowed away and he admits that he could open his own museum.

Ye starts thinking about the dormant body and how since he’s 100 years old he would be disconnected from today’s society so he is certain that he is hiding out. The female lab tech comes in and asks if the dormant body was found which Chen answers that it was not. The lab tech wanted to know if Professor Li was in because he had left his ID card to get the funding for the department. Chen tells her to leave it with him and he’ll give it to the Professor. Chen starts wondering why the Professor would go on a business trip without his Id.

Ling Qiao takes Jing Zhi to the ocean to introduce her. He explains that she is a little slow but he needs her since he doesn’t want to use violence to obtain his goals. He also is confident that his enemy is the one who sold the Jade Plaque 100 years prior. While Jing Zhi waits for Ling Qiao she starts digging saying to herself that if she finds gold it’s hers, however she digs up a shell and is super happy.

Chen goes to Professor Li’s house and the door is open and unlocked. Pan to another room in the house and a burglar is trying to get something off of or put something on the Professor’s computer. Chen start’s calling for the Professor and walks into the lab, the bad guy is about to stab Chen when the security guard shows up and Chen goes back to the foyer. The security guard recognizes Chen and he explains that the door was open when he arrived but the professor doesn’t seem to be there. The security guard explains that it is not uncommon for the Professor to forget to lock his door.

Jing Zhi goes onto an anonymous message board as to what to do about the jade bracelet and she gets either trolled or given really bad advice. She goes downstairs and gives the bracelet back to Ling Qiao and tells him that she can’t accept it because honorable men get their wealth honorably. Ling Qiao tells her that’s alright, instead he’ll cash it out and support her well digging team in Africa. Jing Zhi gets super excited and hugs Ling Qiao and kisses him on the cheek. While she’s leaving she tells Ling Qiao that she heard that Yan Zhi is on vacation so it is their chance to get the information from his home computer. Ling Qiao remains on the couch as she leaves a little flustered from the kiss.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 14.43.32

Yan Zhi is on the phone with Doctor Zhang telling him that he doesn’t want to have chemotherapy. Since he doesn’t have long to live, he would rather not spend the rest of his life focused on his illness. He also stresses that he doesn’t want anyone to find out. I’m currently having a flashback to Ling Qiao’s and Hong Shi Guang’s (Lin Xi Liang) at the dojang. Just then Jing Zhi shows up with pickled vegetables for him, and he’s in shock to say the least. She starts plating the vegetables when she asks if he is so happy that he can’t breath since he hasn’t moved and all he can say that he is.

Can’t breath turns out to be the code words that they had selected, and Ling Qiao breaks in through the open window in the office. Dong Dong is the tech guy so he walks Ling Qiao through getting on the computer since he is wearing video glasses.

Yan Zhi suddenly hugs Jing Zhi from behind and she asks if he’s been drinking and he tells her to pretend that he has. He seems to draw strength from holding her. She questions him about not really being on vacation but actually got fired from his job which he declines. He tells her that since he’s on vacation and she there they should share a bottle of wine.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 14.45.34

When Dong Dong and Ling Qiao start talking about trying to figure out Yan Zhi’s password Ling Zhi chokes and excuses herself to the bathroom. She tells them that her birthday used to be the password for everything. Ling Qiao sees a picture of them together next to his computer and asks for her birth date, which turns out to be the password. Yan Zhi seems to hear something from his office and when he’s going to check Jing Zhi pretends to have slipped and screams.

They go to plan b once Ling Qiao got the information and Dong Dong knocks on the door. He acts all mad at Jing Zhi reminding her that they have a photo shoot and she was just suppose to drop of the pickled vegetables. She blames seeing the wine and forgetting about the shoot. Yan Zhi laughs to himself about her being so forgetful, and goes to check his office. He sees that the window is open and his picture frame has fallen and brushes off the sound and nothing.

Jing Zhi and Dong Dong are celebrating in the car. Jing Zhi was happy that her plan b works and Dong Dong reminds her that her plan B was to burn down the apartment and pull the fire alarm. She tells her it doesn’t matter, they got the address. During this Ling Qiao is still trying to figure out why a man who broke up with Jing Zhi would still use her birthday as his password. He then offers to buy them a midnight snack. When Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao get home she asks him when he’s planning on going to see the sellers and he tells her tomorrow. She asks if she can come and he tells her she can’t

Jing Zhi being Jing Zhi she follows Ling Qiao, who has obviously noticed. She reminds him that when she puts her mind on something she gets sit done. Ling Qiao notices something is off and goes into the house before Jing Zhi. He finds the couple that they were visiting were dead and when Jing Zhi comes in she sees them briefly before Ling Qiao pulls her into his arms and hides her face in his shoulder.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 14.48.47

Yan Zhi is are home when he sees the news coverage of the double murder. He goes to the crime scene and asked what was going on and Calamary tells him that the milkman came to deliver the milk like always and found the door open and the couple dead. When Yan Zhi asks about the cameras Calamary tells him that the couples cameras had been compromised, and Yan Zhi asks him to pull the cameras of the neighbours in hopes of catching the killer on one of them.

Jing Zhi goes home and starts worrying that the couple was murdered because of hier. Ling Qiao tries to comfort her telling her that he will always be there to protect her. Jing Zhi starts telling him just how unlucky she is, and she included the car accident that has brought them together, but she tells him that her bad luck has never killed anyone before. She goes up to her room while Ling Qiao steps outside. On the porch he tries to figure out why his heart is aching. He ends up going up to get room and finds her tossing and turning still worrying about the couple even in her sleep. He cuddles up with her telling her that he will protect her, she cuddles into him and seems to quiet down.

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Ok so we’re calling the enemy Liao Boa because it was his little name 100 years ago. Liao Boa gets a phone call from Mr Zhang confirming that the spyware has been added to Professor Li’s however Chen nearly caught him. Liao Boa comments how it’s too bad that Chen is hard to control since he is so intelligent. My Zhang tell Liao Boa that Professor Li has been looking for the monster himself.

Professor Li gets a video from his daughter telling him that she’s doing well and she’s heard that he is working really hard to find a cure for her illness. In the background however he see’s Liao Boa’s goons with his wife and daughter. The Professor gets a call from Liao Boa threatening his family and he promises to not go looking for the monster anymore.

The next morning Ling Zhi wakes up and comes down stairs to find Ling Qiao making juice. When he offers her some she tries to run away. He tells her that he has followed the recipe and she can’t get food poisoning. Jing Zhi quickly chugs the juice and when she’s done Ling Qiao wipes the remnants of the juice off of her face and her heart starts to race.

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Yan Zhi goes to pay his respects to Miss Kan, the daughter of the murdered couple. She explains to him that her parents died when she was young so her brother and sister-in-law raises her. She had been telling them that she was planing on taking some time off to come and see them.

After Yan Zhi leaves Ling Qiao comes and talks with Miss Kan about the jade plaque that her brother had sold. She tells him that he that her great grandfather owned a pawn shop 100 years ago and a  man came in one rainy day to pawn the plaque. He had found a photo in the box housing the plaque that matched the man who pawned the jade. When no one came to collect the plaque, he couldn’t bring himself to sell it so he passed it down to his children. She explains that a few years ago he sister needed a surgery so her brother had to sell the jade plaque to get money for it, however he kept the photo of the man that was in the box.

She tells him that had it not been due to extreme circumstances her brother wouldn’t have sold the plaque. Ling Qiao tells her that her great grandfather saw value in the plaque and he passed it down so that when his family needed it they would have the funds. Miss Kan thanked him and tells him that she felt calmer after talking with him.

Chen meets with Professor Li and he tells him that he won’t be at the lab for the next little while. When Chen asks if he is keeping something from him and that he’s worried, Professor Li admits that he needs to rest and his body can’t keep up with working anymore. He hands Chen and report print out, and tells him that he believes in him and that if he and find the dormant body and if he can figure out the enzymes then it could save his daughter’s life. Chen promises to keep him in the loop.

Dong Dong is driving Jing Zhi home while she is daydreaming about the occurrences that morning between her and Ling Qiao. Jing Zhi starts touching up her makeup when Dong Dong reminds her that she’ll be taking it off as soon as she’s at home so there isn’t a point touching it up. She asks him if she has always been a mess at home and he admits that she has been. Dong Dong tells her not to obsess over  Ling Qiao because he’ll never fall for her and then drives away angrily.

Chen meets with Yan Zhi for coffee and Yan Zhi is working on the murder case. Chen asks Yan Zhi if there are any new developments on the dormant body case and he admits that there isn’t and he tells him that he won’t be working on that case until after the murder case. Yan Zhi now has confirmation that Jing Zhi’s car was near the villas on the day of the murders.

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