Sekko Boys

Sekko Boys

source: Crunchyroll

Sekko Boys


This anime is odd, I must admit. It centers around a young professional who just graduated from art school and is tired of dealing with statues. She gets a job at a talent agency to deal with idol groups, thinking that she is finally going to deal with humans. The twist is that her idol group is made up of 4 stone busts. I believe this anime is suppose to be a parody of idol animes, though I don’t find it very funny. It is marketed as a comedy anime, and the saving grace is that the episodes are only 7.5 minutes long.

The animation style is also a little odd. Everything in the world is animated in the normal 2d style but the busts are drawn in a realistic style. Sadly I didn’t enjoy this anime at all.


This anime currently only has 1 season with 12 episodes with a run time on 7.5 minutes.

This is an anime surrounding Harmes, Mars, Medic and St Giorgio, who are all sculpted busts and trying to become an idol group. Their manager Miki Ishimoto graduated from art school and can’t stand the sight of statues, so she gets a job with a talent agency and becomes the Sekko boys manager. The rest of the anime follows the formula of

This anime is pretty boring, and there are some scene that just don’t make sense due to basic  logic, like when it’s implied that St Giorgio has sex with a reporter to keep a story from being leaked.

Overall I didn’t enjoy it but if you feel like taking it for a spin it’ll only take you about 90 minutes to complete the entire season.


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