The Beginning of Everything



Quick Review

This story follows Ezra Faulkner who believes everyone is living life waiting for their own personal tragedy to happen. Each character in the book has an event, or series of events, that lead up to them becoming who they are and adding to their struggles of day to day life. At the very beginning of the book, Ezra has his car accident causing people to treat him differently, and several years before his best friend, Toby, had caught a severed head at Disneyland causing the exact same thing to happen to him.

This book really focuses on how events during ones life can change your out look on things, other people’s opinion of you and the course that your life will take in the future. And, since this is a book about tragedy we can not forget about the tragedy of loving someone and loosing them to events outside of your control.


Similar to Th1rteen R3asons why, this book will not be for everyone. It was really hard for me to get into the book but about 1/2 through it started to hold my interest. This long burn at the beginning is what’s stopping it from getting full points, however I did actually like the book and it’s writing style.

The book surrounds different type of tragedies that can happen through out ones life and they link you to people as well as push them away. Right at the beginning of the book Ezra Faulkner was originally a jock and popular, however due to a car accident making him unable to play tennis ever again he lost his title. Through the book he reconnects with his best friend who they became estranged after an incident involving a roller coaster and a sever head. During his senior year, Ezra must find himself again and figure out what makes him happy. His catalyst to change was his chance meeting with Cassidy Thrope a girl with her own tragedy which she doesn’t share lightly and her own tragedy ends up alienating them from each other much to Ezra’s dismay.

The book does a good job exploring how one thing that happens to you doesn’t define you if you don’t let it, and you can’t let people’s opinion of you control you. You can see the stark differences between Cassidy and Ezra and how they get over their own circumstance. Now don’t go into the book expecting to love Ezra, though he grows on you he can come across as very whiny by to be fair if you lost your promising future and had to figure out your new plan you might be whiny too. Over all I absolutely love this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.



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