High End Crush


Source : Dramafever

This is a more comprehensive and cuter show that follows the same lines of ‘Nobel: Me Love’ This short drama only have 20 episodes each running 15 minutes apiece, so it only takes 5 hours to watch it from start to finish.

The drama follows Choi Se-hoon (Jung Il Woo), a CEO of an entertainment company who is known to have the Midas touch when it comes to picking out talent, and Yoo Yi-ryung (Jin Se Yeon), a country girl who gets dragged to the agency after a she misunderstood a situation. Through this drama Se Hoon’s inability to understand basic human emotions, including his own, causes a lot of misunderstandings and a few rather funny situations.

Il Woo’s acting is spot on as is Se Yeon’s. Unlike Nobel: My love, their relationship progress normally and there isn’t the whiplash that you sometimes get in short dramas. Overall I really enjoyed it.



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