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Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio were hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of an illegal organization. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Yo Na calls San after a case and asks for a meeting to which he agrees to. Now on to this episode!

San goes to see Yo Na as planned and her guards attack him. he manages to beat a few of them off before they catch him and force him to his knees. Yo Na comes over to him and tells him that she is sure that he has a lot of questions for him, however, she simply wanted to meet to clarify their relationship. She tells him that he will never be her match and he will soon see who the owner and who the hunting dog is.

The team is at a school briefly and San says that the culprit is Goo Hyung, however, we pop back in time before the situation. Gyeo Wool sees the highschool reunion invitation on Goo Hyung’s desk and he tells her to not poke around people’s things. She tells him that is was on his desk. She asks him is he’s going to go, and he told her that he wasn’t planning on it because all they would be doing is reminiscing and he doesn’t feel like going. She teases him about being nervous of  going and he tells her that she wouldn’t understand but he was a heartbreaker back then. She asked if there was a female version, which he confirms that there was. Gyeo Wool wants to go to see how pretty she is but Goo Hyung tells her she can’t come, and goes outside.

San is worried about him and asks him what he’s looking at. He shows him the only picture he has of everyone from his class. He points out himself and the prettiest girl Lee Soo Yeon. San asks him if he keeps in contact with her, which he says that he doesn’t. Right then Kim Ji Hyun walks right past their office and calls to him, he recognises her right away.

She is sure that she is certain he’s surprised she came to look for him. She asks if he is coming to the class reunion which he tells her that he’s busy so she can’t come. She understands, and tells him that the school building being torn down this year. He reminds her that he didn’t really graduate, and she remembers that he dropped out and got his GED instead. She asks him to help her with something personally.

Screenshot 2016-05-08 18.56.14.png

Goo Hyung and San meet up with Detective Park at a restaurant, and Detective Park is preaching about the benefits of eating pig skin. Goo Hyung is drinking in his little corner and San tries to get him to stop. Goo Hyung asks Detective Park why he became a police Officer which he fires right back, however Goo Hyung tells him that he’s a coward and continues to drink. Detective Park tells San to leave him alone and let him drink.

The next day San, Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung head to his home town for the reunion. Gyeo Wool is over the moon looking at the ocean and Goo Hyung tells him that she needs to stop it, and she complains that he is a buzz kill.

When they arrive they are greeted by the teacher and escorted to the room where everyone is congregated. They are all surprised to see him and he introduces his colleagues to the group. They all started comparing their professions and Im Mi Ra asks if Goo Hyung is good at what he does. Gyeo Wool mentions that he isn’t swimming in money but he is good.

They continue their party and drink on school grounds, and they mention that it feels weird that they were drinking on school property and Ji Hyun mentioned that they had drank that night when they were supposed to be star gazing. A bunch of started remembering that is ended up being cloudy that night and they couldn’t see anything so instead the drank and played games. At one point Gyeo Wool asks about the pretty girl and everyone fell silent and San tells her to stop talking about it.

San follows Goo Hyung outside and he tells him that there was comet who was supposed to come close to earth that evening and everyone was excited. However, the night was cloudy just like this evening. When San asks about the girl, Goo Hyung tells him that that night she had died.

Screenshot 2016-05-08 16.19.58

Ji Hyun suggests that they play the same game that they played the night of the accident. Mi Ra, Jae Wook and Mi Sook don’t really want to play however since San, Gyeo Wool and Goo Hyung agrees on majority rules and they end up playing. The 1st round happens and Mi Sook has to slap Goo Hyung who tells her not to worry about it and instead she lightly punches his face. 2nd round Gyeo Wool needs to kiss San however she refuses so she chugs a bottle of soju. The 3rd round happens and Goo Hyung refuses to read the card and San read it instead 3 must kill 5.

Ji Hyun admits to wanting to know what happened to Soo Yeon 20 years earlier, and she doesn’t believe that she committed suicide. She wants to cover this story for her first broadcast. Mi Ra thinks that Ji Hyun is nuts and Goo Hyung admits it is a little odd that the case was swept under the rug like it was nothing. Goo Hyung mentions that he believes that tonight might be the last time they can find out truth. Mi Ra accused Goo Hyung that the real reason that he showed up for the first time in years and that’s why he brought his colleagues. San admits that he didn’t know what was going and Gyeo Wool seconds that.

Ji Hyun mentioned that it was curious that Soo Yeon’s body was found with the card number 5 next to her. After the odd mission was read they took the break  from the game and Mi Ra and Ji Hyun stayed in the classroom, and they mentioned that it was a while since they saw Soo Yeon. They ran to investigate after they heard a scream and they found Soo Yeon’s body.

Screenshot 2016-05-08 17.00.10

San reads the police report that ruled her death a suicide. That night everyone had been drinking and playing games. He mentions that the card with number 5 was found next to the body, however when the mission was read Soo Yeon wasn’t in the room. He wondered why the police deemed it a suicide, and Goo Hyung mentions that since one of the witnesses said she was depressed they ruled it that way. No one told the police about the game at the time because since they were drinking in the school building they were all in trouble anyways. San questions why not just ask the person who drew #3 in the game and he assures him that the person who drew #3 didn’t commit the murder since he pulled it.

Jae Wook mentioned that if it wasn’t a suicide then there was only one person who could have killed her. Mi Ra agrees and said that even Ji Hyun agreed back in the day that Goo hyung must have done it since he dropped out of school right after it happened. Ji Hyun tells him that back then they were scared and young and their opinion should change. Mi Ra mentions how Ji Hyun and Mi Sook were jealous of Soo Yeon’s beauty and she spoke with her the most. How ever Ji Hyun reminds her that she was jealous of Soo Yeon’s marks.

San mentions that they all think that Goo Hyung killed Soo Yeon however he doesn’t believe that this is the case. So he wants them all to go step by step through their day that day.

The first mission was that Mi Ra and Mi Sook had to go get something from the supply closet that was outside. The discussed amongst themselves about the rumour of Soo Yeon and the teacher being in a romantic relationship. The rumour says that she was pursuing him even after he had rejected her feeling. They assumed that she and the teacher had sex in the nurse’s office and Mi Sook called her a wench. She also adds that as long as she didn’t take Goo Hyung away from her then she was fine, however lately Goo Hyung has changed how he looks at her and she was worried. Mi Ra mentions that Soo Yeon was the time of the person who flirted with everyone.

The next mission was for Goo Hyung and Soo Yeon to the nurse’s office to get the red medicine. While there Soo Yeon asks if he had heard the rumours which he denies badly and she calls him out on it. He tells her that once he trusts someone he trust them for life, and she feels really happy that Goo Hyung trusts her. She mentions that people have said that she’s done it, but she hasn’t because she has someone she likes. She stresses that it’s someone other than the teacher that she likes.

Screenshot 2016-05-08 17.23.41

Everyone is shocked that Soo Yeon had someone else she liked, and they didn’t know who. Mi Ra remembers the time they returned because she was out taking her medication at that time. She was certain she heard Goo Hyung call for Soo Yeon just moments after they returned. San seems to understand what happened that night.

Ji Hyun admits to making up the rumour of Soo Yeon and the teacher being together because she was jealous of her beauty, so she just made everyone hate her.

Goo Hyung tells San that he knew who Soo Yeon liked, himself. Back then Soo Yeon was picked on a lot and it became a habit to take care of her. When he found out that she liked him, even though he liked her he held his tongue because he didn’t want other people making fun of her because of it. San tells Goo Hyung that he should forgive himself because he is certain that’s what Soo Yeon would want.

San returns to the building and asks Gyeo Wool if she has found anything about the group and she says she hasn’t found anything. She asks if it even helps to do that and he says that it does and it helps them understand what they are thinking. Gyeo Wool admits that she didn’t expect Goo Hyung to have such a painful past.

San inquires where everyone was during the break from the game. Mi Ra and Ji Hyun stayed in the classroom, Mi Sook went to get some water, Goo Hyung went to the bathroom and Jae Wook went to have a smoke. They go to the roof to see where Soo Yeon was during the break, and as per the cop’s report, this is where she would have been before throwing herself off the roof.

There left only one thing left, the #5 card was awfully suspicious. San concludes that everyone received the #3 card except for Mi Ra. They were already drunk and it wasn’t hard to trick them. She pretended to pull a mission from the box but actually had it tucked away in her hand. San congratulates her on her excellent acting skills. Mi Ra tells him that it’s great speculation but she didn’t kill Soo Yeon. San tells her that she was a good actress not that she killed Soo Yeon. The culprit needed help so they made sure that everyone got drunk, and when they were Mi Ra was to send Soo Yeon to the roof. Mi Ra is trying to make San look crazy when the teacher stopped her and told her she did enough.

The teacher admits that he premeditated everything and killed Soo Yeon. Goo Hyung punches him multiple times while asking him why. Everyone realises that they were just part of his trick. Ji Hyun knows why he killed her after she had started the rumour of Soo Yeon and the teacher, Soo Yeon had bought her to see the Teacher and Mi Ra having relations. She screams and ran away so the teacher only ever saw Soo Yeon. Gyeo Wool tells him that he has an excellent resume and wondered why he would hide away at this school. He admits that See Yeon wouldn’t tell him who she was with so he devised the plan to make sure that the other person would keep quiet. He couldn’t be disciplined for the same thing again.

They left the next morning and though the statute of limitations was up Ji Hyun was going to run the story and make sure he paid for the hell he put them through. Goo Hyung tells San that Ji Hyun had made the request but she planned the game, cards and asked him to make the mission. Revisiting this hurt him but he looks back and remembers Soo Yeon’s smiling face.

Screenshot 2016-05-08 17.49.59

Once San gets home, he gets a text message from Yo Na to meet her at the bar at 11 PM that Saturday.

Will he go? I’m sure he will but I can’t wait till tomorrow episode.

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