My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 14 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Zhang Xuan Xuan (Shen Meng Chen) is suspicious of Ling Qiao and asks Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) to look into his background. Meanwhile Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi and Feng Dong Dong (Yang Aro) continue attempting to track down Ling Qiao’s enemy, whom they now have proof is alive. However Yan Zhi and Ye Chen are getting closer and closer to the truth behind the dormant body, while Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi’s relationship gets closer and emotions are starting to affect their relationship.

We re watch the entire scene of Ling Jing crying over Ling Qiao, and then she asks Xuan Xuan about the wedding. Xuan Xuan tells her about the charity event being an auction and she and Ling Qiao needs to attend, she also tells her that she needs to bring something for the auction. Xuan Xuan tells her not to donate a costume she’s worn in a drama as the crowd is the wrong one for that. Jing Zhi asks to borrow a dress and check out her wardrobe.

Chen meets with Yan Zhi next to the football (Soccer) field and teases him that having a date in the rain is something couples will do, and Yan Zhi tells him that he really just wanted to see the kids play and have energy. He also admits that he suddenly wanted to walk around campus, and Chen suggest he gets a new girlfriend. Yan Zhi ask Chen why he wants to get back the dormant body so badly. Chen tells him that it’s an important research specimen and he is doing what he dreamed of as a researcher. He also stipulates that catching the culprit should be important to him since it’s his dream to be a cop. The football comes flying towards Chen and Yan Zhi, Chen protects him but he starts having a coughing fit and starts coughing up blood. He tries to get away from Chen who follows and sees the tissue covered in blood.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 21.28.48

They move into Chen’s lab where he gives him water so he can take his pills. Chen probes to find out what happened and Yan Zhi tells him that while he was in the drug unit he was exposed to plutonium and had since been diagnosed with lung cancer. He hasn’t told his family and has decided not to go through chemo because it can’t help. He doesn’t want to be in bed with all of his loved ones hurting and being sad as he withers away. Chen asks if Jing Zhi knows and figures out that Yan Zhi actually rejected her because of his cancer. Yan Zhi asks him to keep it a secret since only his doctor and his boss knows.

Ling Qiao asks to speak with Jing Zhi and pours some red wine. He apologizes for the store incident, he claims he has no right to blame her for anything and he regrets getting her involved. She asks if he regrets knowing her, which he agrees to. He tells her that saved each other and neither of them own each other anything. No that he has put her in danger and apologizes but also promises to keep her safe. He mentions though that she needs to also learn to protect herself until he can arrive to save her. He heart starts racing and he tell her her possessive instinct is kicking in again.

Jing Zhi chugs 2 glasses of wine and tells him he’s wrong it’s love not a possessive desire. She tells him that she complains about him but never about the things that she does for him. That yes, she wants to posses him but she’s also willing to sacrifice, help and contribute to what he’s doing and tells him that’s what love is. She sit on his lap and tells him that though he is rich, and good looking he’s not up to her standard and she doesn’t want this type of love. She drinks his glass of wine, and Ling Qiao agrees that they should stop the relationship before it starts because he can’t love a normal woman, nor does he plan on spending his life with one. Jing Zhi passes out from the alcohol and Jing Liao hugs her mussing that if she can’t drink she shouldn’t have drank that much.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 21.29.55

Detective Zhang calls Liao Boa and tells him that he won’t be able to come for a little while since Ling Qiao is following him.

Dong Dong is driving Jing Zhi home as mentions that he notices that  Jing Zhi doesn’t have much energy lately. Jing Zhi tells him that she and Ling Qiao have put all their card on the table, and when Dong Dong is obviously confused she tells him that Jing Zhi told Ling Qiao that she’s in love with him but he’s not in love with her. Jing Zhi tells him that her confidence is broken and she doesn’t find herself attractive. Dong Dong tells her that she is the most attractive woman that she’s seen but she tells him that because he hasn’t seen that many woman. She starts comparing herself to the 500 years worth of woman that Ling Qiao has seen.

Dong Dong starts talking about the auction the following day, and he reminds her not to let the press take Ling Qiao’s pictures and to tell her that he is her escort for the party. She assures him not to work she’ll protect him, and then it clicks that she hasn’t prepared something for the auction. She tells Dong Dong to drive to her parent’s house so she can pick something up.

She goes into her old room and starts looking for her childhood drawing when her father comes in. She tells him what she’s looking for and he tells her that they are really bad and she shouldn’t take them incase they embarrass her. She tells him he has a plan and to not worry. Her father tells her that they are under the bed because that is where he mother hides all her bad memories. When she goes under the bed she finds the box of condoms and the lingerie which she takes home.

When she’s home Ling Qiao is just finishing his shower and Jing Zhi is waiting for him on the couch in the lingerie. Ling Qiao walks right by her and starts watching television while asking about her parents. She tells him that only her father was home but they’re fine. He is so focused on the television that she shuts it off asks if he notices anything different about her. He admits that he doesn’t and she mentions she is wearing the nightgown he bought her. He admits that he had bought those to get them into a relationship.

She gets angry and takes a shower, she starts thinking about how she isn’t as angry as she should be however is hurt that he thought of that plan all by himself. She is angry that she fell for it. She suddenly starts wondering why he didn’t find her attractive in the lingerie and then she thinks of something. Could he be gay?

Enter Dong Dong, she calls him over and promises a raise if he tries to seduce Ling Qiao, while she watches through a security camera. He tries everything, rather ridiculously, but Ling Qiao looks more disturbed than anything else. I’m not going to  go into too much detail about this scene I would suggest you watch it for yourself to get the most out of the scene, I was laughing so hard during the scene. Dong Dong burns himself with the iron and Ling Qiao takes him to the bathroom to take care of it. Obvious Jing Zhi starts imagining Ling Qiao kissing Dong Dong to give him blood, however when she arrived Dong Dong tells her he applied cold water and is going to the store to buy burn medicine. Also She happens to forget about the raise promised.

Screenshot 2016-05-06 21.32.03

The next morning Jing Zhi tries to act all cute around Ling Qiao and he starts putting 2 and 2 together. He tells her that he finds her very attractive it’s just that he is so use to the food in front of him and living alone that he doesn’t feel the pull to be with someone. She gets angry and he leaves.

Shi Guang comes to pick up Xuan Xuan for the charity event. When she arrived he tells her that she will be the prettiest person at the party, and she cautions him not to say that in front of Jing Zhi since she calls herself the beauty of the universe. She tells him that he’s very busy and didn’t need to come all this way to pick, but he tells her this is his way of apologizing. He admits that he shouldn’t have lost his temper and yelled at her the last time they were together, and she tells him not to worry because his words were grounded and she broke their agreement first.

Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao get to the party and when Jing Zhi is signing the entrance poster Ling Qiao wanders off. She tells him not to wander off without her. They are greeted by Xuan Xuan and he compliments her appearance. Xuan Xuan excuses herself and tells her to go get some food. While Ling Qiao is picking up her food Jing Zhi expresses her confusion, he tells her that at times like these he needs to act normally and assures her that he will find a place to throw up later.

Xuan Xuan reappears and she and Ling Qiao discuss the even and Xuan Xuan mentions that Shi Guang is very talented with these types of things. Jing Zhi asked her if she has changed her mind yet, in reference to Chen, and she told her she has and she should give her Ling Qiao. Jing Zhi grabs his arm and tells her she can’t have him

Screenshot 2016-05-06 21.35.44

Meanwhile, Shi Guang goes to see Professor Li, who is attending instead of the department head, and says it’s so good to see him. The discuss nothing important but you can tell the Professor Li is uncomfortable, were my suspicions right is he Liao Boa?

The auction starts and Shi Guang is hosting it. The first item up is Xuan Xuan’s jade bracelet and it sells for 1.5 million yuan, and suddenly Jing Zhi regrets bringing the drawing. She mutters to Ling Qiao that she should have brought one of his antiques. He asks her what she brought but she won’t tell, however she tries to beg Ling Qiao into bidding on her item if no one else bids. Ling Qiao states that he might have the money but he doesn’t want to been seen as having bad taste in auction items. She promises to not make him eat anymore cake, and he tells her that he’ll do it for a price.

What will the price be? Who knows, but we’ll find out tomorrow.

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