Crunchyroll Spring 2016 Lineup part 5


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Big Order

I’ll be honest at first i didn’t know if I was going to like this show or not. However I will admit that I really like it. Basically you follow a guy called Eiji Hoshimiya who caused the great destruction 10 years before the beginning of the anime. There are entities who go around granting wishes for people but in turn they turn the people into a entity called orders. Orders have their own unique abilities and they can control their abilities to fight people or enhance themselves. Eiji’s wish was to rule the world so her can control people within his territory.

The graphics are awesome, and I love the visual effects that are used to depict orders. I’m excited to watch the rest of this show.


Source: Crunchyroll


So this is another military school anime where the main character has the highest compatibility score out of everyone at the academy making him an instant celebrity at school. Hayato joins little garden so get trained to use his hundred rating but he ends up getting into a fight with the student council president trying to protect the girls who had come to pick him up at the airport from being expelled from little garden.

It’s military action adventure mixed with a school anime. I’m not terribly excited for this anime sadly.


Source: Crunchyroll

Joker Game

This anime is based in 1937 during the second sino war. The japanese set up a spy training facility called the D-agency.  Lieutenant Colonel Yuuki is the trainer and leader of this elite facility. The applicants are trained hard and diligently under Yuuki’s watchful eye.

Similar to the above, I’ll probably not be watching this one. I don’t like historical dramas, and I don’t like historical animes.


Source: Crunchyroll

Twin Star Exorcists

My first impression was Akame Ga Kill meets D.Gray-man. The opening sequence is very bloody, and the drawing style reminds me heavily of Akame ga Kill. The story follows mainly 2 exorcists Rokuro Enmado, the male lead who experienced such a strong tragedy 2 years prior he swore off becoming an exorcist, and Benio Adashino, who swears to become an exorcist to honour her parents.

They meet and are forced together by being the Twin Star Exorcists who will join together and make the ultimate exorcist…i.e. They will marry and have a kid together while trying not to kill one another.

I’m actually really looking forward to this anime I just hope it’s as good all the way through as it’s first 2 episodes.

Crunchyroll Spring 2016 Lineup Part 4


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