My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 15 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Zhang Xuan Xuan (Shen Meng Chen) is suspicious of Ling Qiao and asks Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) to look into his background. Meanwhile Ling Qiao, Jing Zhi and Feng Dong Dong (Yang Aro) continue attempting to track down Ling Qiao’s enemy, whom they now have proof is alive. However Yan Zhi and Ye Chen are getting closer and closer to the truth behind the dormant body, while Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi’s relationship gets closer and emotions are starting to affect their relationship.

Back to the auction, Ling Qiao tells Jing Zhi that he will bid if she promises something. They introduce her item, but the item that really draws the attention is the painting from her teacher. At the end her item sold for 800,000 yuan. Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao started having a lively conversation on how he had just nudged up the price a little since the person was already interested. Xuan Xuan sits at Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi’s table and tells her that her acting has improved. Ling Qiao starts looking sick, thanks to the food he at, and excuses himself.

Shi Guang appears at the table and asks Xuan Xuan if it’s ok if he and Jing Zhi have a dance. Xuan Xuan agrees, but while they are walking to the dance floor a waiter bumps into Jing Zhi and spills wine on her dress. She excuses herself to the bathroom to clean up, she keeps an eye out of Ling Qiao and starts complaining that she told him not to wander and even a 3 years old could understand that. She jumps a little after hearing the bathroom door close loudly, and when she starts noticing the smell, she turns to find smoke bellowing into the bathroom. The gas knocks her out and someone comes and picks her up.

Ling Qiao is being sick behind a car in the parking lot when he notices a father trying to leave however a car is blocking his way. His daughter has a fever, and as Ling Qiao loves helping people, he pushes the car out of the way so that he could leave. When he arrives back at the party Shi Guang notices him and offers him some wine. He mentions that Jing Zhi was looking for him, when he asks where she was, Shi Guang tells him about the waiter and how she went looking for him. Ling Qiao notices a notable change in his heart rate and excuses himself and goes looking for Jing Zhi.

Jing Zhi wakes up in a storage room that is currently on fire. She tries breaking the window but it doesn’t help, and she curls up into a ball and starts crying out for someone to save her. Ling Qiao searches for her and hears her from behind the door. He kick the door open and the fire flares.

The guest notice the fire and report it to the staff. Shi Guang notices and run towards the parking lot, and when Xuan Xuan comes out she is confused as to why he ran that way. When she inquires about Jing Zhi, she finds out that she went in the direction of the fire.

:Ling Qiao runs into the warehouse, and moves burning beams to get to Jing Zhi. A beam fell onto his back and he pushes it aside. When he gets to her he kneels down to pick her up but he places his forehead against her’s. He admits that he was terrified that she was dead. He picks her up and takes her outside.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 12.42.23

Shi Guang notices that arson and runs after him. The arson gets into the car that Jing Qiao had recently moved, and we saw that someone had changed that air freshener. The Arson drives off and Shi Guang jumps into his car following close behind. The chase scene is heavily reminiscent of the previous one, however Shi Guang is doing the chasing. The air freshener that was switched seems to be filled with a chemical that makes him drowsy and allows him to drive his car into some road work. Shi Guang slows his car and parks, and the moment he gets out of his car, the culprits card explodes into a ball of flames.

Ling Qiao motions to give Jing Zhi a treatment of blood and she stops him. People come around the corner, and Jing Zhi tells him that he can’t do that or else he could expose himself. He agree and he tells her at home he’ll give her treatment. She tells him that he was never in that room and he met with her in at the door, to which he agrees.

Jing Zhi  i s being brought to the ambulance while Ling Qiao is talking with the police. He watched her to make sure that she’s ok. He explains to the police officer that he broke the lock off the door and Jing Zhi came running out.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 12.43.22

Jing Zhi is stuck at the hospital and Xuan Xuan is visiting while painting her nails, which she mentions that she has to pass the time somehow in her bad luck seems to be soaring. Jing Zhi mentions she should at least pretend to care or else the rumors about them being on bad terms will come back. Xuan Xuan tells her that the press will never catch her, which makes Ling Qiao chuckle before he shows her a picture of her ugly crying in the news paper. Jing Zhi teases her about it, then Xuan Xuan asks Jing Zhi to stay away from Shi Guang as too not affect him.

Shi Guang comes to visit Jing Zhi and asks how she is. She assures him she’s fine and asks him how he’s doing. Shi Guang tells her he has a mild concussion and some scraps but that’s all. Shi Guang is apologetic that she got injured at his even and when he mentions the bandage around her head and she takes it off saying it was Ling Qiao’s joke and really he only had smoke inhalation. Ling Qiao looks over his newspaper and asks him to stay away from Jing Zhi. This causes an awkward environment in the room.

Calamary ask Crystal if she finds that all of the accidents surrounding odd and illogical. Crystal tells Calamary the story of Jing Zhi’s bad luck to him, and then tells him about all of the rich people who surrounds her and if he finds that logical. He admits it’s a little odd, but then he mentions that he though her family were normal people. Crystal tells him that that’s only because he doesn’t know who her grandfather is and she won’t tell him who it is or else he would start questioning how the world works.

Yan Zhi storms in to the police station and asks why Calamary didn’t tells him about the arson that Jing Zhi was involved in. He tells him that they didn’t know when they were calls to the car accident that it was connected to the arson until just now. Yan Zhi tells him he’ll take lead on the case, and when Calamary asks him if he isn’t on vacation , he tells him he’s cutting it short.

Screenshot 2016-05-11 11.53.56.png

Yan Zhi goes into the Chief’s office to ask him to cancel his leave, and when the chief agrees readily Yan Zhi is thrown. The Chief explains that even if he gives him mandatory time off he won’t go to the hospital for chemo and he’ll investigate anyways. Since he doesn’t have long the Chief suggests doing something that will make him happy. Before he leave however the Chief asks when he was going to tell his family about his cancer.

Jing Zhi starts reading gossip about her online, and she has been names the unluckiest person in the ERA. She starts reading people’s comments and they start blaming her bad luck for their misfortune. One comment read that he as changing from her fan group to Xuan Xuan’s and wasn’t giving any explanation. She screams at her computer about giving her an explanation and Ling Qiao thought she was talking to him.

He comes out of the bathroom with his hair still wet and without a shirt and asks what explanation she wants. She is frozen staring at him until he snaps his fingers to break her trance. She asks why he told Shi Guang to stay away from her and he tells her it’s because he is worried for his safety if he is near her. Jing Zhi seems hurt but she tells Ling Qiao that he is not allowed wearing so little clothes in that house since she is weak against his beauty. The door rings and Ling Qiao tells her that it’s the police and she looks shocked saying she didn’t harass him and that makes him chuckle.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 13.03.34

Shi Guang tells Calamary and Crystal that he had noticed someone running from afar and decided to follow. Calamary pulled out a photo of the suspect and asks him to identify it, which Shi Guang tells him it looks similar but he can’t be certain. Shi Guang asks if he’s offended anyone lately, which he responds that he hadn’t.

Yan Zhi comes over and shows Jing Zhi the photo which she reminds her that she woke up with the warehouse already on fire and she didn’t see anyone. Yan Zhi tells her that the number of accidents involving her has increased lately and he’s worried.  Jing Zhi is mad at him and he apologises for placing the tracker on her car but ever since the car accident he’s been worried about her. Jing Zhi reminds him that he rejected her feelings, but he’s still acting this way, worried and protective, and she asks if he’s hiding anything.  Just then he receives a phone call telling him that the identified the arsonist. He notes the address which Ling Qiao over hears.

Yan Zhi and his team go to the apartment and find out that the arsonist was actually a killer for hire and Jing Zhi was the target. Ling Qiao stood outside of the window while holding a file, probably the one on Jing Zhi.

Professor Li watches the newscast about the fire and remembers the night of the party. He watched Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi, and when Ling Qiao left his glass he took it. When he did the DNA test it confirms that he is the person that the blood belongs to.

Ling Qiao pick Jing Zhi up rom set and she asks about the arsonist. Ling Qiao inquires to when she became so brave, because even in the fire she wasn’t freaking out that much. She admits that because she has him next to her she believes she’ll be fine. Ling Qiao suddenly has something to do and he tells her to get Dong Dong to bring her home.

Ling Qiao goes to the ocean and talks about the person in the file he took from the assassin’s house. He believes this man is the one who he is looking for and once he finds him he will get his revenge. He is tired of live as a dependant of someone, and though he will not be able to say goodbye to Jing Zhi because her blood runs through his veins, he believes it would be for the best if he keeps his distance from her. Though he mentions that it feels like her blood is making it impossible for him to refuse her.

Detective Zhang ask Liao Boa why he acted when he did. He responds that any plan is 99% about hard work ad 1% about luck and some time luck is the most important aspect of any plan.

Ling Qiao is lying on the balcony the next morning when Jing Zhi comes out. She stretches and smells the laundry before stretching again. She falls backwards onto Ling Qiao’s lap. She’s caught in the sheet so Ling Qiao takes it off and she looks like a deer caught in the head lights. He ask if she’s getting off which causes her to cuddle into his chest and call him a human sofa. She tells him he has two options, to hug her or push her off. It looks like he was going to hug her for a split second and then pushes her off. He walks away and she inspects her skinned elbow.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 13.29.11

Jing Zhi meets with Chen and he cleans her elbow and tells her she should have treated it when it happened. She tells him that it’s not that bad and he didn’t have to worry about it. He agrees that it isn’t as bad as surviving a car accident or a fire but it’s still important, and that’s why Xiao Yan is worried about her. Jing Zhi asks when he and Yan Zhi became so close that he started calling him by his nickname. Chen admits that while working the dormant body case he realised that Yan Zhi is actually a really nice person that he enjoys being with. She inquires about the dormant body and Chen mentions that it’s like the body just got up and walked away but he tells her she should worry more about Yan Zhi than the dormant body. Jing Zhi reminds him that they are no longer together. Chen tries to hints that Yan Zhi is hiding something from her, however she takes the vague advice to heart for Ling Qiao instead.

Dong Dong is having lunch with Jing Zhi’s parents when they ask about Jing Zhi. Her father admits to being worried but her mother reminds him that she told them she was fine. She reminds him that he’s the one who told her to let Jing Zhi be more independant. Her mother asks Dong Dong about the relationship between Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao, which he knows is going nowhere, but he tells them that they are doing great.

Jing Zhi gets home and Ling Qiao automatically moves from the couch to his room. She gets angry and follows him, she asks if he can’t smell blood because she was hurt when he pushed her off the chair. Ling Qiao tells her it will heal quickly, but she tells him it still hurts. Ling Qiao tells her that she doesn’t need treatment, which is obviously not what she came in there for. He tells her that pain is good because it creates fears and she’s been living to recklessly for a normal human. He tells her that she should make it a habit to bring Dong Dong around with her everywhere, or even better to hire a bodyguard. Jing Zhi asks why bother when she has him, and he tells her that he won’t be there forever and will be leaving soon. Jing Zhi storms out however Ling Qiao seems a little hurt by his own words.

Screenshot 2016-05-09 13.43.16

Ling Qiao goes to the dojang to teach his class and while he’s fixing the tunics of his class Jing Zhi comes in and asks him for a match. We can all imagine how bad this is going to turn out.

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