Bubuki / Buranki




The name of this anime gives nothing away, similar to the summary. My best guess to what this anime type is shonen, action and maybe either sci-fi or fantasy. It’s hard to tell from the summary. It seems like it’s based in the real world but the term ‘living weapon’ is throwing me through a loop. I’m not sure what this anime ants to marketed as.

After watching the anime it reminds me a lot of Vision of Escaflowne. People control mechs but instead of one person controlling one mech, it takes 5 people. Also similar to Escaflowne (the mech) the mechs are alive. The anime is fast pace and similar to Active Raid, has a lot of good battle scenes. Each character has very distinct personality that some times clashes but over all it is a good anime.

I like how this anime seamlessly switches between 3d and 2d animation. The characters, as well as the animation style, reminds me a lot of Akame ga Kill minus the horror aspect. All in all, I’m not sure that I’ll continue watching this anime but there is a good chance, if solely for the weapon designs.


BBK/BRNK is an anime that is 12 episodes long, with each episode running the standard 23 minutes. it’s known in Japanese as Bubuki Buranki. This is one of the few animes that aren’t based on a game or an anime. After doing a little research I found out that this anime was created by Sanzigan to celebrate their 10th anniversary, also for anyone who enjoys this anime a sequel is announced at the end of this anime.

This is a mecha anime that surround 5 teens trying to get to the Buranki’s nest island, or as Kasuki Azuma calls it Treasure island. These 5 teens are all linked together due to them all wielding pieces to oubu, in which Azuma carries the heart. Unlike most mecha animes instead of 1 person with 1 mecha, 5 people all controlling different limbs control 1 mecha. In this anime we have Azuma wielding Oubu’s heart, Kogane wielding Oubu’s right arm, Hiiragi wielding Oubu’s left leg, Kinoa wielding Oubu’s left arm and Shizuru wielding Oubu’s right leg.

This series follows them trying to bring Oubu back into one piece, while working together and learning how to be a team. They have to face other Buranki teams from across world who are all trying to get to the buranki’s nest.

This anime is ok but it’s not my cup of tea just because I am not a fan of mecha animes, but if you like mecha animes you should definetly pick this up.


2 thoughts on “Bubuki / Buranki

  1. This anime didn’t do much for me. It wasn’t the mechs that were the problem, it was the plot. By halfway through the anime they still haven’t bothered to explain anything so the motivation of the characters is completely unfathomable and because of that you just don’t care if they succeed. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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